7 Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android

Have you been taking part in private chats on your smartphone? Or perhaps you’re saving very private data in your drafts. Whatever the reason might be, here and there you need to have a private chat/conversation via text. Messaging is incredible, however, not at all like a telephone call, it leaves a simple to peruse conversation afterward. There are such a large number of situations where you do not possess your mobile. Presently the time has come to secure and bolt your own private information, shroud your content or picture messages, call logs and records or any sort of secrets! You can keep some of your writings totally private by downloading one of the best private messaging and calling Android applications that we have listed below. There are numerous applications available on play store for this reason. However, we handpicked 7 of the best message/mixed media concealing applications for you. Here you go.

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1. Calculator

Now you might be wondering that what a calculator is doing in a rundown of text hiding app. The designers of this app appear to be really shrewd when offering name to the app. As the likelihood of somebody opening a calculator in your app is very less, this app appears to be ideal for security and hiding purposes. Open the app and press “123+=” catches, you will come into a private message space, if you set the phone numbers, your SMS, MMS and calls will be got security protection. Even you can hide app symbol, nobody can discover it but just you. At the point when app interface does not keep running in the frontal area or screen off, it will log out automatically; that`s for secure your private stuff with a specific end goal to maintain a strategic distance from other people using your mobile phone.

2. Message Locker

Message Locker can lock your instant messages, as well as other messaging apps you use. The setup of this app is like other app lockers; you will be supposed to set up a PIN-based secret key, which can likewise be changed to a pattern later. Messages, as well as permits you to hide different apps like Facebook, Snapchat and so forth. One PIN/pattern will lock all of them. Message locker guarantees to safe monitor your messages and messages from anybody utilizing or scanning your phone. Without the PIN/Pattern, nobody can see your private messages. It naturally recognizes messaging apps on your phone. Everything from Hangouts to Snapchat can be locked. Message locker locks and adds a secret word to all you’re informing, SMS, chat, messaging, email apps on your gadget.

3. Private SMS & Call

This app sets up an individual space on your phone where you can include any contacts in. The underlying setup procedure is extremely simple; the app will ask you to set up a PIN-based lock, which will be utilized to get to the app in future. While setting up the app, you can likewise hide the app from the app drawer. After that, approaching and cordial messages between private contacts will be kept in that personal space. They will not be appeared in the public messaging app. You can even hide the app symbol with the goal that no one will see the presence of the app on your phone.

4. Vault

Vault is another great app in the event that you need to hide or lock messages, call logs, contacts, and even Facebook messages. Not just this, it additionally gives you a chance to hide multimedia documents like videos, sounds, pictures and so forth. The app is available in free and a paid forms. The free or fundamental rendition has all essential elements that you may need to hide your private information. The paid rendition, in any case, gives you a chance to appreciate highlights like online cloud reinforcement, hide boundless instant messages, stealth mode that hides the Vault app symbol from the app drawer, and unapproved use alarm. With the free form, you can hide a greatest of 100 instant messages. You can move up to the premium adaptation from within the app itself if you wish.

5. Private Message Box

Private Message Box is a free app that gives you with security to your content messaging on your smartphone. The app works by keeping your content discussions locked by a PIN method. You can pick which messages you need to kept private that are put away in your customary content app. This implies if any other person gets hold of your smartphone, they won’t have the ability to get to these messages. Any new approaching messages in a discussion you have secured will likewise be ensured. At the point when messages come through, you won’t see a sneak peak of them however, will see a prudent message in your phone’s status bar.

6. Secure Text

Text Secure is available for free in the Android Market and guarantees that your instant messages will be ensured in transit and safe manner regardless of the possibility that your phone is lost or stolen. In Secure Text nobody can read your message. Everything is dependable end-to-end encrypted with a specific end goal to keep your correspondence safe. The app utilized RSA calculation for encoding and decoding. RSA is an unbalanced cryptographic calculation. Unbalanced implies that there are two diverse keys, one of them can be given to everybody. The other key must be kept private. As this app encodes the majority of your instant messages and stores them in a scrambled database inside your phone. Thus, every one of your information is secure from starting to the end.

7.  Hide SMS and Call Recorder

Here’s an app that permits you to keep people from keeping an eye on your own discussions while also permitting you to record private calls. The app makes private messaging simple and secure going about as an SMS content vault on your PDA. Users can likewise record their undercover discussion with the assistance of its mystery voice recorder that is incorporated into the app. This app goes about as your text messaging app. All your messages, calls logs, and contacts are ensured. In case you’re exceptionally paranoid about spies, this is the app for you.


So that was it friends, some of our handpicked best app to hide text messages and multimedia files. Do you know any other apps which you found cool? If yes, then please share it with us in the comment section.