5 Apps like Prisma For Android

Prisma is a unique photo editing app that has become a craze since its arrival. It is getting hundreds of thousands of downloads daily on iStore despite the fact that it is only available in only a few countries. What is so unique about this app? Well, it transforms your pictures into arts. It literally makes you feel like a Van Gaugh. Cool! Isn’t it? You can make use of this app to create wall posters, self-arts, etc. But, unfortunately, it’s not available for Android as of now. But you need not to worry; we have presented 5 awesome apps like Prisma for Android. Here you go..

1.  Pikazo

Pikazo   Make anything art   Android Apps on Google Play

Pikazo is another fascinating application which offers something fundamentally the same as Prisma. It accompanies some high-resolution, breath-taking styles to use. Pikazo lets you transform any photograph into convincing, enduring visual art. Utilizing cutting edge neural network theories, Pikazo works the way your mind does to tear apart and turn image’s subtle elements into something new and extraordinary. It also offers few other cool features which are not present in Prisma, and it was developed by the image researcher behind historic landmark visuals found in the Myst games, The Matrix movies, 300, and Second Life, and gives anybody a chance to make and share excellent work of art.

2. SuperPhoto

SuperPhoto   Effects   Filters   Android Apps on Google Play

If you are searching for an app like prisma, then you certainly not missout SuperPhoto. While Prisma offers various effects to keep you immersed, SuperPhoto truly trumps it with a huge amount of different amazing effects. The application is totally free and incorporates more than 200 effects. However, if you opt for premium version, then you will open more than 1500 effects, which ought to be more than enough granted the fact that all are amazing. Like Prisma, SuperPhoto is additionally about the effects and the application includes some extraordinary pictures from its community which might be useful to you.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt Photo Studio   Android Apps on Google Play

Without any doubt, PicsArt was king of its time! Period. It was loved by many and found almost in everyone’s mobile who were photo freaks. In the “Effects” area of the application, there’s a classification named “Artistic” that brings various cool channels, like what Prisma offers like the blurb, movement, shear, pastel, comic, gouache and significantly more. It additionally incorporate effects categories like pop art, paper, hues and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so you have a great deal of choices to browse. Without a doubt, these channels are not as point by point as Prisma’s putting forth but rather, in any event, they act as quick as or much speedier than Prisma. Not only these, but PicsArt also gives you some notable features like the ability to generate animated GIFs and videos, which is pretty cool.

4. Photo Lab

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX   Android Apps on Google Play

Photo Lab is more about different cool effects and montages yet it brings different Prisma like effects in its “Artistic Effects” category. It incorporates effects like pointillism drawing, charcoal drawing, antique oil painting, combination painting, pen and ink, plumbago and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It comes with so many filters and offers you a lot many options for editing any picture. It has few filters and effects very much similar to filters and effects available in Prisma. While the quantity of effects is incredible, the outcomes will depend a ton on the quality of your photos. Thus, while the application can’t contend with Prisma with regards to quality, you can give it a shot for its cool montages, collage producer and a plenty of other image effects.

5. Camera 360

Camera360   Android Apps on Google Play

We certainly don’t want to miss out one of the famous players in the mobile photography industry, which is Camera 360. It would be a plausible choice in the majority of the case. Indeed, if you are in a quest for Prisma for Android, then you can try it out. With the host of channels, effects, outlines, and different things out there, you’ll be honored with the inventiveness to explore. It empowers you to take the wonderful selfies or photos with no specialized knowledge.

All things considered, the Camera 360 is one of the trademarks to consider. With the master highlights and sufficient options to utilize, it stays as the epic decision. Further, it also comes with social media integration features, meaning you can easily share your creativity on social media from within the app itself.

Final Words

All in all, Prisma is a splendid application, with some astonishing effects, quick execution and a wonderful UI and its sudden craze for the whole world is merited, only disappointment is it is not available for Android users. Be that as it may, you can surely give any of these apps to get something similar to Prisma. Then what are you waiting for? Take your creativity to another level by trying any of these apps