Bath Towels Buying Guide- What to Look For?

After a hot shower, nothing can be better than the smooth feeling of the towel. But, the towel should be more than this, it should look good, it should make itself dry easily, and its touch should pamper you.

But when we go for the shopping for towels, we just pick up a smooth piece of cloth, and when we use it, we regret our decision. Yes, we make a mistake to pick the wrong towel not only once but again and again. Here, in this towel buying guide, we will tell you what to look in a towel while choosing a perfect one for you.

  1. The Fabric

 Of course, it’s the most important aspect of the towel. To choose the most suitable fabric for yourself, first, you will have to think about your preferences. Like I prefer my towel to dry my body quickly, so my choice of fabric for the towel is Egyptian or Pima cotton. This fabric absorbs the water from your body in a fraction of seconds. Like this, if you love the feel of silk touch, you must pick a towel made from Supima cotton. The feel of this fabric is itself a luxury and yes it also performs the basic duty of towel perfectly.

  1. The Size

The size of a towel should be according to your need. Suppose you are going to the spa, but they don’t have a towel of perfect size for you then you might change your mind. So yes, the size does matter, especially in case of towels. A bath sheet comes in a size of 35 x 60 inches to 40 x 70 inches. It’s an oversized towel that covers your full body. The size of a bath towel is 27 x 52 inches to 30 x 58 inches. It’s an ideal size and most common size for a towel. The perfect size for hand towel is 16 x 28 inches to 18 x 30 inches. When you pick a hand towel for yourself, always go for the vibrant colors and beautiful design because a hand towel not only dries your hand but works as a decorative thing too.

  1. The Weight

While picking a perfect towel for you, you cannot ignore its weight. GSM is the unit in which the weight of the towel is measured. The weight of towel defines its work.

Lightweight towel: Lightweight towels are thinner and perfect for the gym, swimming pool, and traffic area. The lightweight towel gets dry very easily and they are small in size too so you can fold them as per your convenience.

Medium weight towel: The weight of medium weight towel is 400-600 GSM. Towel with this weight always absorbs the water like anything. This type of towels is ideal for big family and hot areas.

Heavyweight towel:  If the weight of a towel is 700-900 GSM, it would be considered as a heavyweight towel. These towels are long lasting. Although they are not good at absorbing the water their feeling on the body or face is really smooth.

So, here we have summarised everything you should be considering before buying a towel. Now, as you have a proper guide for towel shopping, we hope now you can find the best towel for yourself easily. There are a lot of brands and places from where you can buy a good quality towel. You can also buy them online from saasoh.com or any other reliable website.

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