How To

Beat the heat with DIY air coolers

It’s already summer! All of us are worried about the heat and sweat, isn’t it?  An air cooler would be the most refreshing option. While the hot air is blowing everywhere, let’s become creative and make a homemade air cooler with very required materials.

No more you need to worry about buying expensive cost air coolers. It’s high time to make our own. The best part about these air coolers is that you really don’t need top mechanism spare parts or even ice cubes.

In place of high-cost air conditioner, you can build a DIY air cooler that will decrease the room temperature.  Its less time consuming and highly effective. So, we are helping out some basic guidelines for building a portable air cooler. One thing you will love is that they are handy and you can carry them anywhere on the go.  Scroll down the screen to get to know more DIY air cooler hack to stay cool this summer.

How to make an air cooler with the bottle?

Let’s get into detail with the procedures of building air cooler with bottles. All you need is a pet bottle and other few things.  To make an eco – friendly air cooler, you need some cardboard, 12 volt DC motor and some pet bottles.  Follow the below steps-

  • Collect some 4-5 pet bottles.
  • Cut the bottles into halves along the body using a cutting blade.
  • Now take some cupboard of any variable size and cut down round holes in them.
  • Make sure that the diameter of the hole matches with the rim of the bottles you’ve cut.
  • Now attach the cardboard with the holes in the rim of the bottle.
  • You have to paste a switch, a 12 DC motor and a battery to the cupboard.
  • Carefully fit in the cut-out pet bottles above the front of the fan.
  • Close the box with proper space, to recharge the air cooler batter in future.
  • Hurray! Your DIY air cooler is ready. Have fun and beat the heat with this portable air cooler.

How to make a fan into an air cooler?

How convenient would it be to convert a fan into an air cooler? You will love the whole experience of building an air cooler out of your old fan.  Along with the fan, you would require a few more items.  Once you collect these items, you are ready to build an air cooler.

Required things

  • Plastic bottles of any sizes
  • Normal fan
  • Ice cubes
  • Driller
  • Pliers
  • Knife
  • Reedy metal wires

Follow the below steps

  • Take some plastic bottles and fill them regular salt that’s available in your home. Now add some water and shake well.
  • Now put all the bottles with salt water and refrigerate them. Allow them to get completely frozen. If it takes some hours to freeze, leave them in the freezer. At subzero temperature, salt depresses and turn into ice frostier.
  • Choose a table fan that you want to convert into an air cooler. Carefully cut down the bottom of the table fan with a knife. Make sure to leave some space or a small part attached to the container.
  • Drill down holes in the bottom surface of the bottle with a driller. Pierce small holes of ¼ inches apart on the flank side and bottom of the container. Repeat the same procedure for the second bottle also.
  • Fix the bottles on both the sides of the table fan by winding the wires over the holes and also at the bottom areas.
  • Fix them under the lid and make sure you are placing the bottle upside down.
  • Now you have successfully turned your regular table fan into an air cooler.

How to make air cooler without water?

Do you want to make an air cooler without water? Well, it’s not a big deal. You can always make one! To build an air cooler without water, you need some sheets, a water bottle and a fan. Cut down the sheet as same as the dimensions of the fan. Now pierce holes at the panels.

Now cut of the base portion of the bottle and insert the neck of every bottle in the hole you have pierced. Hang up the panel with bottles on the fan cover or on the window. Now it’s a happy time to enjoy the cold air blowing from the air conditioner you’ve made now.


How to make air coolers for a science project?

Well if you are more concerned about building up a more advanced version of air cooler for a science project.  Have a look at this air cooler building guide.  This will help you out to build an air cooler involving active and straightforward mechanisms.

Required Things

  • One 9v battery
  • DC motor
  • Propeller
  • 9v clip
  • Scissor
  • Sticky tape
  • Waterproof container
  • Two wire
  • Drinking straw
  • Metal Lid

Follow up the procedures

  • Take a metal lid and punch holes in the lid of the container with the diameter of the straw. Punch to holes one smaller hole on the middle and a more significant hole parallel to the lower shaft. Now fix two wires along with the positive and negative terminals of the DC motor.
  • Now pass the wires out of the container so that you can take the wires of the container. Make sure that the motor gets fixed adequately inside the container. Firmly paste the engine to the lid with the help of a tape paste.
  • Pass down the straw in the bigger hole and make sure it reaches the moving part underneath.
  • Attach 9v battery clip along with the free ends of the wires. Now add ice cubes in your container and join all the clips and bottle together.
  • Now your air cooler is ready! Enjoy the fresh air blowing through the straw.

So far, we have discussed 4 creative DIY air coolers that will definitely help you to beat the heat this summer.  Love building these air coolers and let us know your favourite air cooler.