10 Best Ceiling Fans in India

A high-quality ceiling fan is a great addition to a home. While it provides a good sight, it also serves as a good source of airflow that helps a home to be cool and comfortable.

Well, these are the attributes of a good-quality home. A wrong one may be a waste of resources. In a nutshell, the quality of your ceiling fan determines what you get from it – comfort or a headache.

You can spare yourself a disturbing headache by using this guide to when shopping for a durable and highly efficient ceiling fan for your home.

This is the list of the top 10 best ceiling fans you may get for your home to increase your comfort and make you feel cool in the summer:

10 Best Ceiling Fans in India

  1. Orient Electric Subaris 1300mm

As a leading name in electrical products in India, it is not surprising that Orient has one of its products on this list. The Subaris 1300mm from Orient is definitely one of the best ceiling fans for any home in India.

The Subaris has a motor with an efficiency that is second-to-none in the industry. The motor makes it more durable and functional than its contemporaries. In the summer, you can count on its reversible motor to circulate cool air during the summer.

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As a multipurpose ceiling fan, the Subaris also produced warm air during the winter as well. Its versatility makes it top our list of the top 10 ceiling fans in India. A fan of this reputation is obviously a bit expensive compared with others. You can buy Orient ceiling fan online in India.

  1. Crompton Hill Briz

Crompton is a reputable ceiling fan brand in India. The Hill Briz model is one of their best ceiling fans that you can get at an affordable price. This model has a blade sweep of 1200 mm and that is a proof of the efficiency of this ceiling fan since the efficiency of a ceiling fan is proportional to its blade sweep.

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The Crompton Hill Briz ceiling fan offers you a good air flow and absolute comfort.

Some outstanding qualities of the ceiling fan include being lightweight and sufficient air flow for a home. However, it doesn’t boast of high speed. You can buy Crompton ceiling fan online at reputable online stores.

  1. Bajaj Cruzair Décor 1300mm

Bajaj is a leading name in electrical brands in India. The company is renowned for its high-quality products. The Bajaj Cruzair Décor 1300mm is an affordable ceiling fan from this company. Its 1300mm blade sweep shows that this model was manufactured with comfort for the user in mind.

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The configuration of this ceiling fan’s blade is another factor that contributes to its enviable ability to provide a comforting air flow. It has a great tilt and a good length to boost its efficiency while it makes you feel comfortable at home.

On the other hand, it consumes power a little higher than other brands. You can also buy this Bajaj ceiling fan online.

  1. Havells Nicola 1200mm

This Havells product combines beauty with a wonderful performance. It boasts of an aesthetic design that makes it appealing to sight as well as an rpm of 330 that ensures a great air delivery. You can also count on using this ceiling fan for years as its aluminum blades ensure longevity and durability.

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The ceiling fan is built from a robust and strong material, and that makes it a bit expensive too.  It also doesn’t save much on electric bills. You should consider this product if you want to buy ceiling fan online.

  1. Usha Technix 1200mm

USHA is a household name in India. This is a highly rated ceiling fan from this ceiling fan giant. With an outstanding rpm over 330, you are guaranteed a steady supply of air for as long as you want. It is also an energy efficient ceiling fan with a  wonderful design that contributes to its beauty.

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Despite the beauty and ability of this fan, it turns out to be affordable and ranks high among the best energy efficient ceiling fans.

  1. Orient Energy Star

Orient has a reputation for producing high-quality ceiling fans. The Energy Star brand is their latest addition to their list of high-quality ceiling fans. Its DC motor is BEE certified to prove its efficiency. It is credited with the ability to ensure uniform air distribution to all the parts of a room and provides comfort from the summer heat.

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If you want the Energy Star ceiling fan, you have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of colors that will suit your home and beautify your room. However, you must be a separate regulator if you purchase this fan. Consider this fan if you want to buy ceiling fan online.

  1. Havells Pacer 1200mm

The Pacer model is another great ceiling fan from Havells. Boasting an impressive rpm of 400, this budget-friendly fan is a fan you should check out.

It has 1200 blade sweep and an impressive speed that contribute significantly to its overall performance. You should expect a good air circulation from a fan with 400 rpm and 1200 blade sweep. That’s what this powerful fan offers.

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When the fan is at high speed, it can be a little noisy. That’s the only con of this fans that ranks among the best ceiling fans.

  1. Usha Fontana Maple

The Fontana Maple did not get on this list by accident. Its impressive features make it one of the best ceiling fans you can buy online in India.

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The fan is well-built with an attractive design that ensures durability and style. What about its removable lights? They obviously add to the overall beauty of the fan. The fan also boasts of an amazing air flow. However, if you are on a tight budget, the fan is not for you.

  1. Bajaj New Bahar

Bajaj is also the brain behind this awesome ceiling fan. The New Bahar ceiling fan is a high-speed fan that is coated to make it rust-free. That increases its durability. It also offers superior air circulation with its bent side blades. This is so because the new product from Bajaj also has a blade swipe of 1200mm too.

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The only pro of this fan is its ability to suddenly become noisy when used for a prolonged period of time.

  1. Crompton Luster Eros

This is another product from Crompton. The Luster Eros model is one of the most energy efficient ceiling fans with led lights. Its elegant design is a beauty to behold as it illuminates your home with its wonderful design and the LED lights. So, if you want to combine beauty with efficiency, Luster Eros offers you that.

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On the other hand, the fan is a little difficult to clean. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best ceiling fans for Indian consumers.

When shopping for the best ceiling fans in India, this comprehensive guide should be of help.