What is Spotify? Best Free Apps Like Spotify to Get the Most of Music Streaming

Spotify is one of the hottest favorite podcast, video, and music streaming services on the web. It is accessible across US, Europe, and Oceania. It provides unlimited access to digital music content to be streamed to any tablet or smartphone through internet connectivity. It allows users to browse and search for music by album, artist, playlist, genre, or record label.

Spotify is available with two music streaming options – Spotify Premium and Spotify Free. In Spotify Premium, users can take their favorite music offline. Some other perks are improved audio quality and Ad-Free Listening. Despite the fact that Spotify is one of the widely used music streaming services, most users are still not able to use it to the fullest. So, consider these tips to use it before downloading it –

Organize Your Playlist

Your playlist is more likely to be listed one by one. At first, it seems to be good. But your playlists will eventually go messy. Here’s how you can organize your playlist by creating group folders –

Go to File > New Playlist or use Control+Shift+N shortcut to create new Playlist Group. In a single group, you can place any number of playlists and cut the clutter down.


Take Your Collections Offline through “Your Music.”

Spotify’s latest update brings you the “Your Music” tab so you can add your favorite tracks or your whole album on your computer to be seen and played at once.


All you have to browse the song and click “+” sign. When you add the song to your personal library, the “+” sign will be changed into a checkmark. It also allows you to add Albums. Go to the Artist’s profile overview, scroll down to “Albums” category and toggle to tile view. Hover over the album and click “+” sign to add the complete album.

You still have to add songs to Your Music even though you have loads of playlists because the app won’t add them automatically. You can sync your playlists to use them offline in just one tap. On Spotify mobile app, head to “Songs” tab and select “Available Offline”. So, start listening to your library without using Mobile Data.

Search and Get Exactly What You Want

Like Google, Spotify allows you to use search modifiers to get exactly what you want. Simply type “Artist Name” on the search bar and you will find lots of related stuff, such as albums, profiles, playlists and thousands of songs. Suppose you just want the tracks sung by your favorite artist in a particular phase of years, i.e. 1980-1983, you can use modifiers to narrow the list down. For example, “Artist: David Bowie year: 1980-1983”.

Apps Like Spotify for Endless Entertainment

Like Spotify, there are several other free music streaming apps out there. If Spotify’s free music cutoff lets you down, take a look on other free apps like Spotify.

1. Pandora

Pandora is a free desktop and mobile music player like Spotify, which provides customized sets of tracks based on an artist you search for. Its business model is a bit different from that of Spotify. It is much like an online radio. Pandora allows you to choose a radio station and plays music related to that station. You can skip a limited number of songs. Occasionally, it plays ads you need to listen to.

Pandora lacks the functionality to choose what user wants. However, it is still one of the high-quality free music apps like Spotify. Pandora’s online radio has the collection of up to 700,000 songs. On the other side, Spotify’s songs vault exceeds 15 million tracks.

2. GrooveShark

It provides free music streaming on demand. Grooveshark currently has up to 30 million users across the world. It allows users to share playlists or songs with friends on social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms. It is yet another popular music player like Spotify that provides a downloadable desktop app.

3. Rdio

It is one of the best apps like Spotify for desktop music streaming. New US users can access on-demand, ad-free music for a limited period of time in a month. It offers Rdio Free to provide a limited amount of free on-demand, ad-free music with Facebook integration.

4. Amazon Prime Music

Within such a short period, Amazon Prime Music has successfully grabbed huge attention from the public. Earlier, people were generally using this music player like Spotify just for two-day free shipping. Recently, Prime users are now making the most of Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Photos. Its Music Library contains up to 1 million songs. If you listen to more mainstream songs, it has all the songs you want.

5. iHeartRadio

As the name suggests, iHeartRadio is a radio app. Like Pandora, it has customized the selection of songs. So, you can choose your favorite radio station and let the app play the tracks for you. But it has huge playlists, unlike most online radio stations. It is also one of the most popular free apps like Spotify.

6. Google Play Music

It deserves to be the greatest competitor for Spotify. Like other free services like Spotify, it provides the same level of simplicity and adds more functionality on the table. It has up to 30 million songs to offer, and its collection is significantly larger than that of Spotify. You can also upload up to 50000 songs to the Cloud so you can play them wherever you go. It’s really one of the best services like Spotify that Google has to offer.

7. MOG FreePlay

MOG FreePlay provides free streaming services with ads. However, it also allows listeners to enjoy MOG FreePlay services without ads. Users can sign up with Facebook and share their favorite music online. It also recommends artists or bands you Like on Facebook.


Now that we’ve discussed few of the best free apps like Spotify. It’s your choice which music streaming service you want. Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming services out there. But there are some alternatives you may consider to enjoy the music of your favorite artists on the go. The best part is that all of these apps allow users to listen to their music without ads.