5 Best Indian Dating Apps to Find Your Partner

Dating is the new generation thing which was not in olden days especially in India. In the western countries, Dating has been very popular since long, but in India, it is still kind of new. In fact, not new but not everyone is using dating apps or sites for finding love or relationships. But yes, gradually it is capturing the market, and more people are starting to use it.

What makes dating apps go popular is the current age lifestyle in which we go out less, and sit in front of our computer more to work, play games, to watch movies, etc. Hence, people start making use of it to find their partners online as well.

Also, few of us are so shy to express our love to a person standing in front of him/her. Thus, dating apps come into use where you first find the people of your choice and then talk, build friendship online, and when things are good, you decide to meet, and then think for future together or anything else.

Dating is something in which two people come together through an online site or app, and want to build friendship, lifelong relationships, or even some type of intimate relationships. Moreover, many people have a mindset that dating is done just to find someone to fuck but that is not true. Dating helped many people find their love, their life partners as well.

best Indian dating apps

Let’s Talk about 5 best Indian Dating Apps

  1. Woo

Woo is a very nice Indian dating app that you can join and log in using your Facebook Profile. It takes your profile information from Facebook to fill in your account. In this dating app, you don’t need to reject anyone but you can just swipe right to move to next profile, and if you like a profile, you can like them using heart icon.

The matchmaking technique of Woo is based on similar interest. If you have Madonna on your like section, then you can just click on it, and the app will list all those people that have Madonna in their like section.

Also, it offers 7 seconds audio message that you can send to one whom you are chatting with. This is important because many of us consider the voice as one of the features that make us like someone. While chatting, you can use prebuilt questions to ask quickly. Moreover, you can type your own custom questions as well to send. If you are looking for an Indian dating app without payment, you must use Woo. They have premium plans as well in which you will get some more features.

Woo on Android | Woo on iOS

  1. Tinder

Tinder is one of the best Indian dating apps, and that you can get an idea when you know that they have more than 20 million matches till now. Not only in India, but it is the topmost dating app in the whole world.

You can sign up to the app after installing it on your phone. Once logged in, you can swipe left to pass the profile, and swipe right to like someone. And, if the profile that you liked, likes you back, there is a match.

Apart from this, there is one double opt-in as well according to which there is match happens only when both profiles have similar interest.

While travelling, you can meet locals using Tinder to make your life more fun. Click here to read a guide that will help you get more matches.

Tinder for Android | Tinder for iOS

  1. OkCupid

OkCupid has a vast audience, and since it has users from all sexuality, they do ask you whether you are gay, straight or bisexual while signing up. They have been in the business for long, and they are surely one of the best Indian dating apps. The only problem is anyone can send a message to anyone. I mean you will be getting a lot of messages from random guys who are actually not interested in dating but just in chatting. To be specific, they are more interested in sexting. So, if you are using this dating to get your soul mate, it would be tough because you will get random messages in plenty. Moreover, there are some good things about it as well. They use Maths to find you matches that is pretty helpful.

OkCupid on Android | OkCupid on iOS

  1. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is the Indian version of the popular dating app, Tinder. As like other apps, you have to install this app on your phone, then sign up, and then finally log in to use it.

Unless you have 30% verification score, you cannot start dating. Different ways of login to this app can give you different verification score. If you use Facebook to log into the app, you will get 30% verification score whereas when you signup using email, you get only 10% verification score. While chatting with someone on TrulyMadly, you can play games as well.

They have a unique thing which I admire, and that is Trust Score. In this, every user gets a chance to rate the other with whom they have chatted or chatting. The better rating one gets, the better trust score he/she gets. Therefore, to keep a good trust score, most of the people behave nicely to each other so that they don’t get negative ratings.

TrulyMadly on Android | TrulyMadly on iOS

  1. Aisle

A combination of Dating and Matrimonial is Aisle. It connects the eligible Indians worldwide. This is specifically for the Independent Indians of urban areas. Once you sign up, your account is first verified by its team to make sure that you are a serious user who wants to date. They do this to make sure only serious users are in this dating community. Also, to make things more legit, they allow checking out the profiles free but to connect or message them, you need to pay. Since users need to pay, they only spend if they are serious. It is surely a great Indian dating app that you can try out if you are looking for someone special.

Aisle on Android | Aisle on iOS


Final Words

No one wants to stay alone, and many of us are not that open to someone when meeting face to face. So, for those, dating apps are great because they can first find out the perfect match for them, and then chat, once they are comfortable with each other, they can plan a meet in real.

Moreover, there are many who use dating apps for casual or intimate relationships as well. But, many are there who look for their soul mate.

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