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12 Best Iron Box in India For Home Use – 2020

Iron box is one of the most important home appliances for a house. The pretty much purpose is to keep clothes in the proper crease and give them proper maintenance. It is essential to give a crisp and professional look to your laundry and especially the shirts. When the market is flooded with all sorts of electronics appliances and a huge range of choices in the iron boxes itself, buying decision becomes pretty tough to pick the best one. Finding the best brand for the iron box in India is a similarly tough job. Then we put down certain factors and try to filter out the options. By the end of the post, you will also be able to say which is the best iron box in India?

The Ultimate Buyers Guide for IRON BOX:

While purchasing an iron box, below are the factors which you should consider and definitely give a look in the product description itself.

  1. Heat: Your wardrobe has various fabrics and each one requires different heating, so better to have control over the iron box temperature or auto cut-off on excess heat.
  2. Steam: Steam irons are the best wrinkle removers because of sprinkling so better choose the one having the self-cleaning option from a burst of steam.
  3. Surface: Stainless steel or aluminum is not good choices today. Non-stick soleplates are easy to clean.
  4. Cords: Nothing can match the ease of cordless rechargeable iron but if you are taking one with cords, make sure to see the cord is long enough for easy use.
  5. Weight: A heavy iron might seem to cover the greater pressing area, but a light one is the best fit for infrequent sessions.                         

Best Steam Iron Box in India

A steam iron is different from traditional dry iron in the sense that it applies steam to the cloth during ironing. The steam is the overheated water which is good to remove the tough wrinkles. Below are the list and iron box buying guide.

Iron BoxPower (Watts) 
1. Philips GC1905 Steam Iron1440Get This
2. Philips GC1903 Steam Iron1440Get This
3. Philips HI1141000Get This
4. Bajaj DX 71000Get This
5. Orpat OEI 1871200Get This
6. Morphy Richards Inspira1000Get This
7. Usha Electric EI-16021000Get This
8. Bajaj DHX9750Get This
9. Philips GC1811000Get This
10. Panasonic Heavy Weight Iron 220AWT1000Get This
11. Russel Hobbs RDI500H1000Get This
12. Singer Shakti 750 Watt Heavy Weight Dry Iron750Get This

1. Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron

Best Steam Iron in India

The Black+Decker BD BXIR2202IN 2200-Watt Steam Iron Is what should offer you with sustainability, durability, and a high degree of performance. One of the toughest competitors to Philips steam irons, this one is the best steam iron at a decent price. The iron provides you access to a dispersion of 35g/ min for typical clothes and a steam boost of up to 90g/min for tougher ones. A variable temperature and steam control knob should be an added advantage.

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Pros and Cons of Black+Decker Steam Iron


  • An anti-drip feature making it an excellent option for no water leakage.
  • A long power cord.
  • Self-clean functionality.
  • Larger water tank.


  • A little heavier.

Black+Decker Steam Iron FAQ

Q)Does it have a funnel?

A) Yes, it does come with a measuring cup

Q) Does it come with automatic steam function?

A) Yes, you have an automatic steam function.

2. Philips GC1903 Steam Iron Box


The last in the list of the best steam iron box in India, Philips GC1903, runs on 1440 W of power and can give you high energy output. You can adjust the steam settings and the water tank is 180 ml. It is lacking the calc clean solution, means you need to clean the appliance at your own self.

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Pros and Cons of Philips GC1903


  • Easier water replenishment options
  • It consumes less power than the competitors
  • Temperature control knob option
  • Larger tank opening


  • The steam system needs to be handled effectively

Philips GC1903 Steam Iron Box FAQ

Q) What is the dimension of this steam iron box?

A) 26.1 x 11.5 x 13.6 cm

Best Dry Iron Box in India

Dry iron boxes are traditional heated irons which don’t produce kind of steam or moisture hence you need to sprinkle water over the garments for best results. Dry irons are little heavier than the steam iron to give more pressure hence better output. We will list down here best dry iron box in India as a purchase guide for you.

3. Philips HI114 dry iron box

best dry iron box in india

The very first product in the list of the best dry iron box in India comes from the Philips itself. The iron box is light weight runs with 1000 watts power for easy heating. It is fitted with Gold American Heritage Soleplate which gives the better glide over the fabric. The LED indicator highlights when the iron box has properly heated up for using.

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Pros and Cons of Philips HI114


  • American Heritage non-stick soleplate
  • A 360-degree rotating swivel cord
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Durable and lightweight


  • May not work with tougher clothes

Philips HI114 dry iron box FAQ

Q) What’s the color of the sole plate of  the Iron box?

A) Golden Plate.

Q) Does it switches off automatically after reaching a particular temperature?

A) Yes, it has the feature.

Q) Does it have 360-degree swivel cord?

A) No, only up and down movement possible.

4. Bajaj DX 7

bajaj dry iron box price

This one is the fabulous addition to your electronic appliances which you already have at the home. The iron box is effective in removing the wrinkles and also light weight for easy handling. It comes up with multi-temperature options hence you can very well use it to your silk garments as well as tough denim.

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Pros and Cons of Bajaj DX 7


  • Temperature knob comes with customised ironing
  • Safety thermal fuse for taking care of short circuits
  • An efficient customer care service
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • May not handle hard creases easily

Bajaj DX 7 FAQ

Q) What does the green light indicate?

A) When the green light dims, it indicates that the iron box is hot.

Q) How to avail the guarantee for this product?

A) Call 1800222252 for further details regarding guarantee or warranty.

Q) Will it suit to iron a jeans pant or shirt?

Yeah, it’s good to iron jeans pant with bajaj dry iron box.

5. Orpat OEI 187

orpat - best dry iron box in india

Orpat iron box has made its way to our list of best dry iron boxes in India. The iron box is built with ergonomic design and being light weight it is good to heat early. It has German grade non-stick coated sole plated which gives uniform heating. It has the power indicator as well as a thermostat for varying temperature.

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Pros and Cons of Orpat OEI 187


  • An extremely shockproof plastic body
  • Safety features such as thermostat and overheating-control
  • Coated non-stick soleplate with German grade technology
  • Temperature control options


  • Not a prompt after-sales service
  • Hard creases may be difficult to handle

Orpat OEI 187 FAQ

Q) Is it a traveling iron box?

A) Yes, you can carry it outside as it’s handy. However, it requires plug for power supply.

Q) Will the box consists of a warranty card?

A) No. The bill can be used to claim the warranty.

6. Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP 1000-Watt Dry Iron Box

Best 1000 Watt Dry Iron in India

Orient has been a brand that has held itself high with its reliability factor. The streamlined design would make it one of the best for ease of handling. This helps you get rid of each of the creases with much less effort. A swiveling cord can be one of the perfect options for easy maneuverability. The American Heritage soleplate offers exceptional durability.

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Pros and Cons of Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP


  • Heavy-duty non-stick DuPont coated soleplate.
  • It comes with Silver layered thermostats that provide a better durability of the contacts.
  • Cord winder option for better storage.
  • Attractive button groove.


  • Very lightweight and may be difficult to iron more robust clothes.
  • Needs to be handled carefully.

Orient Electric Fabrijoy DIFJ10BP FAQ

Q) Does it offer self automation options?

A) Yes. It does provide the options for self automation.

Q) What is the weight of the dry iron?

A) 789 grams

7. Usha Electric EI-1602

usha dry iron box india price

The last in the list of the best dry iron box in India, we have Usha Electric EI-1602. It has nicely built and heats proof plastic body which you can operate for long ironing hours. Non-sticking PTFE coated sole plate ensures not sticking to or burning the fabric. It has a long swivel cord, makes it more comfortable to use.

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Pros and Cons of Usha Electric EI-1602


  • Swivelling cord that rotates 180 degrees
  • Poly Teflon non-stick coating
  • Automatic thermostat control option
  • Advanced quick heating feature


  • Gripping is not ergonomic
  • Heat regulator may not work efficiently

Usha Electric EI-1602 FAQ

Q) What’s the size of the iron box?

A) It’s approximately 9 inches in length and 5 inches in breadth.

Q) Does this have ISI Mark?

A) Yes, it has.

Best Heavy Iron Box in India

Heavyweight iron boxes are preferred as compared to light ones because you need to put comparatively fewer efforts. If your iron box is heavier than probably, you have better chances for removing the wrinkles. But as we said earlier, there are other factors as well which make you best iron box. Here we will be listing down best heavy iron box in India as a purchase guide for you.

8. Bajaj DHX 9

bajaj 1000W dry iron box

The very first product in the list of the best heavy iron box in India comes from the Bajaj Electronics. The iron box is weighted a little so as to flatten even the most scattered clothing. For better heating, it just consumes 750 watts of power and with the swivel cord attached, you can operate the iron box with complete 360 rotations on the cloth.

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Pros and Cons of Bajaj DHX 9


  • Heavy iron and offers you an excellent flattening options
  • PTFE nonstick soleplate with gold plating
  • Deluxe quality metal cover that provides a decent look
  • Safety Thermal fuse


  • No major cons

Bajaj DHX 9 FAQ

Q) Is there any difference between 750-watt iron and 1000 watt iron , apart from power consumption?

A) Yes, it has a golden plate which has more life than 750W iron box.

Q) Can I get this product in ivory color?

A) No. Only white color available. 

9. Philips GC181

philips heavy iron box india

Philips is the renowned name in the electronic appliances and as you have noticed it is also dominating our list of Best Iron Boxes for Home Use in India. The heavy and tough sole plate are built to last long. It is easy to operate and control the temperate settings. It has a moderate design and takes 1000 watts of power. Automatic power off button plus indicator makes it safe to use.

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Pros and Cons of Philips GC181


  • Attractive look with a modern appearance
  • Ergonomic grip and ease of handling
  • Black coated heavy soleplate that makes it durable


  • The coating may come off at times

Philips GC181 FAQ

Q) What is the length of the cord?

A) Around 2 meters.

Q) Is this iron imported or Indian made?

A) It’s pure Indian product. 


panasonic heavy weight iron box

This is one of the deluxe and automatic heavyweight iron box and hence we have considered it for out listing of the best heavy iron box in India. It has the pressing of close to 6 pounds which is good to flatten the wrinkles of your clothes. It has heat resistant cotton cord and non-sticking coating sole plate. It has the easy operation of performing in 6 different temperature settings. Long swivel cord makes ironing a great comfort.

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  • Deluxe metal cover that provides a decent look
  • Offers six different temperature settings
  • Non-stick soleplate that is quite durable
  • No need to apply pressure


  • We found not many cons


Q) Which country made is this?

A) It’s Malaysia made product.

Q) Is stem function available?

A) No. This is a heavy iron box. 

11. Russell Hobbs RDI500H

Russell Hobbs 1000W Heavy weight iron box

Russel Hobbs is a trusted name in the electronics industry and hence the iron box can be much liked as well. It also has a certification issued by Bureau of Indian Standards which we can say a good point to note on. The unique design makes ironing work pretty easy. The soleplate is golden coated to ensure you that in the case of overheating your favorite outfits don’t get harmed. It consumes a 1000 watt power, and it can hover on the cloth left to right with a perfect 360 rotation.

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Pros and Cons of Russell Hobbs RDI500H


  • 1000 watts heavy-duty dry iron option
  • Faster and uniform heating option
  • Non-stick gold plated Thick & Heavy Aluminum Alloy soleplate
  • Variable temperature control
  • Safety thermal fuse


  • Heating power is a little lower
  • Temperature control may malfunction at times

Russell Hobbs RDI500H FAQ

Q) What’s the weight of the product?

A) It’s 2.5 kg. 

12. Singer Shakti 750 Watt Heavy Weight Dry Iron

sakthi 750W heavy iron box

In the last, we have Singer Shakti, not so heard name but a good performer to be listed in our hunt for the best heavy iron box in India. Managing heavy weight it gives you a comfortable grip to operate. Automatic thermostat fuse stops the excess power as a safety measure for your appliance. Adjustable thermostat control gives it variable operating temperature ranges. Long enough swivel cord gives more reach in terms of ironing area. The manufacturer is giving 2 years of warranty on the product.

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Pros and Cons of Singer Shakti


  • A comfortable and ergonomic hand grip
  • Thermostat fuse that provides additional safety
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Swivel cord for an easy functioning


  • After-sales service not up to the mark

Singer Shakti 750 Watt Heavy Weight Dry Iron FAQ

Q) Is this product non-stick coated?

A) No, it’s not non-stick coated.

Q) What is the item weight?

A) It weighs 2.2 kg.

Final words: As the iron box has a good place in your household appliances list and that can’t be ignored. Iron box is a must if you want to keep your wardrobe shining like new and fresh. We can’t say a single product is superior in every aspect. There are always distinctions about the features each product offers which make it a unique choice to stand out of the crowd.

I hope now you are pretty clear about your choice for the best iron box for home use in India. We have covered all three classes of distinction to give you the full coverage of best-rated iron box in India. Being a good buyer it is always a good practice to consider the user reviews and existing customer comments about the product.

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