Best Narendra Modi Games Free Download

Ever since Narendra Modi won the Prime Minister general elections in India back in 2014, he has been in the news for some reason or the other. However, there’s no denying the fact that PM Modi has been performing his duties well and has stood true to our expectations. It is due to this reason that PM Modi’s already massive fan base and a large number of supporters is continuously growing. PM Modi’s merchandise such as figurines, t-shirts, stationery, posters and various other things are selling like hot cakes in the market. However, PM Modi’s craze is not just limited to the market. He’s also become quite popular on social networks and is continuously moving up that ladder. So much so that the Play Store is abuzz with various Modi themed apps. If you too want to try some of them out, you have come to the right place as today we have compiled a list of some of the best Narendra Modi games available on the Play Store for Android phones. So let’s get to it:

Below is the list of Best Narendra Modi Games

1. Modi Run

Modi Run

The most popular game of all the Narendra Modi games, Modi Run, is a simple yet interesting game. The game involves an animated PM Modi running across obstacles. Sounds simple, right? To make the game more interesting, the developer has added images of popular spots from different states in India in the background. PM Modi has to run across obstacles in different states and overcome these obstacles to gather votes and win the elections. Jump over the obstacles and collect as many power-ups as you can to progress forward in the game. The latest update of the game includes 6 more states which take the total to 18 states. You can download this Narendra Modi game from Google Play Store for free.

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2. Modi 3D Run

Modi 3D Run

Another game that involves an animated PM Modi running across obstacles, Modi 3D Run is a fun game that makes use of 3D technology that makes the whole gaming experience more realistic. The game is very much similar to Subway Surfer, which became hugely popular. Modi 3D Run is an endless game that involves you to help PM Modi run over and under obstacles while collecting coins and power-ups. An interesting fact that instead of coins, you actually collect votes in this game. Avoid running into any obstacles and run as far as you can, helping PM Modi win the elections by collecting votes.

3. Modi VS Kejri Run

Modi VS Kejri Run

Adding nice twist to the normal running games, the Modi VS Kejri Run game involves two players for those of you who want to see a stand-off between India’s Prime Minister and Delhi’s Chief Minister. The game involves choosing between Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal and the guiding your chosen character to victory. If you choose PM Modi, you’ll have to collect all the “lotus” you come across in the game by jumping. If you choose CM Kejriwal as your character, you’ll have to collect all the “brooms” in the game. Keep in mind that you also have to prevent the other character’s symbol while collecting your own. This means that PM Modi has to avoid all the brooms, and CM Kejriwal has to avoid all the lotus. A fun Narendra Modi game which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

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4. Modi Cricket T20

Modi Cricket T20

A game that will interest both Modi and cricket fans, Modi Cricket T20 is the most unique Narendra Modi game out of the lot. For a start, you can choose from 3 characters namely Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. Choose the animated version of your favourite political leader and then play cricket with your player. Hit the ball at the correct time to make runs and increase your score. The gameplay is quite simple and involves you just to click on the hit button at the right time. A must download Narendra Modi game for all the NaMo and cricket fans out there.

5. Modi Hill Climb Racing

Modi Hill Climb Racing

All of us are familiar with the immensely popular game “Hill Climb Racing” that involves you to drive a jeep at first and the various vehicles across various kinds of terrains. We now have a similar Narendra Modi game, aptly titled Modi Hill Climb Racing. Both the games are pretty alike except for the fact that this game requires you to drive the car with PM Modi behind the wheel. A truly fun game, control the car by accelerating it or applying the brakes at the right time to move the car further. Collect coins and perform mid-air flips to gain more points. Unlock new terrains with the earned coins and buy and upgrade new vehicles. However, take care not to run out of fuel or hit PM Modi in the head. A truly fun Narendra Modi game.

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6. Super Modi Mario Run

Super Modi Mario Run

I’m sure all of us have played Mario growing up. Someone with love for PM Modi and Mario has made the game Super Modi Mario Run where instead of Mario, you have to complete the obstacle course with PM Modi. The game involves you to run towards the right of the screen, jumping over obstacles and any pits. You also have to collect coins on your way to score. The game is pretty much like Mario where you get power-ups and come across villains on different levels. A nice modification to the classic Mario game to make it a Narendra Modi game. You can download it from the Play Store for free. This is one my most favourite Narendra Modi games from this list.

Final Words

So this was our list of the best Narendra Modi games for Android smartphones. Now most of the Modi games on the list are Modi run games, but there are also some others which are modifications of some already popular games. Modi run game download can be made from the links attached above from the Google Play Store. Not only games but there are a variety of other Narendra Modi apps such as Narendra Modi news and other Narendra Modi mobile apps that you can get off Play Store for free.

Play these Narendra Modi games and share your thoughts with us in comments.