10 Best Shows like Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones shook the movie industry like a colossus. Over the course of seven seasons and several episodes, millions of movie lovers across the globe couldn’t get enough of this embarrassingly awesome show. Each season is full of interesting storyline, murder, and sex as the kingdoms go to war to determine who ascends the iron throne.

Well, you’ve obviously watched this movie to the last episode. That may have stimulated the desire to watch another movie that will sweep you off your feet with incredible acting and out-of-the-world suspense. If you crave for this, go through this list of 10 best shows like Game of Thrones.

10 best shows like Game of Thrones

  1. Vikings

Vikings offer movie lovers all the themes that make Game of Thrones thick. With the exception of the absence of dragons, Vikings also contains a good dose of deception, power struggles, bloodletting, women, and the likes.

Shows like Game of Thrones

This movie focuses on Ragnar Lothbrok who takes delight in raiding France and England. He eventually fights his way until he becomes Scandinavian king. While playing this game, he has to deal with shifting allegiances among his brothers, friends, and sons. Vikings is a great alternative to Game of Thrones.

  1. House of Cards

In this movie, a manipulative politician, Frank Underwood, uses his influence to dominate Washington’s ruthless political system. Just like the other movie mentioned above, House of Cards does not include dragons in its theme but has what it takes to turn you on, in reminiscence of the notoriously popular Game of Thrones.

Shows like game of thrones

When watching this movie, you will identify with the greediness and corruption that prevails in the movie. You also won’t be a stranger to the wickedness and sex that also play a part in making the movie a great alternative to the more popular Game of Throne.

  1. The Tudors

This show also shares some outstanding attributes with the popular Games of Thrones. The movie follows Natalie Dormer as she is hell-bent on becoming a queen. She’s even ready to achieve her dream at the expense of her country and thus ripped the country apart through some crazy manipulations.

Eventually, Natalie ends up finding herself on trial while making a desperate effort to save her life. The Tudor has priests, invasions, sex, politics, and the likes as the main theme of the show.

  1. Rome

Rome is another show like Game of Thrones. The movie is set in Rome and depicts life in Rome towards the tail end of the Roman Empire. While watching this 2-season long show, you have to contend with politics, ruthless shifts in power, and shifts in fortune.

This movie, reminiscence of Spartacus gives viewers a look into the life of the powerful and the rich during the famous Roman Empire. With its array of battles, violence, and sex, this movie easily passes as one of the best shows like Game of Thrones.

  1. Spartacus

In ancient Rome, historical gladiators led a slave uprising against the then world power, Rome. This movie is motivated by the real-life situation of ancient Rome. In this show that covers just three seasons, you will be entertained with lots of sex, graphic violence, and slavery as gladiators (slaves) plan one revolution after the other to ensure their emancipation from slavery.

In this fiction, a Thracian gladiator led a slave uprising against the then Roman Empire. This was after he has escaped several futile attempts to get rid of him. Spartacus is an action-filled movie that will grasp your full attention from the beginning to the end.

  1. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is another interesting show like Game of Thrones. The show revolves around Marco Polo during his turbulent struggles after he was given to Kublai Khan by his father as a settlement for a debt. In the process, Marco learns the art of love, war, familial betrayal while trying to chart a course of life for himself.

Although the movie is not set in Europe and he has no access to dragons, the movie shares tons of similarities with Game of Thrones. The notable similarities include sex, greed, political crisis, and of course, tons of suspense.

  1. Black Sails

This is a pirate adventure movie with a style that is very similar to Game of Thrones. The movie is considered by some movie critics as “Game of Thrones with pirates.” The movie focuses on Captain Flint a reputable and most brilliant officer during the Golden Age pirates who fights for survival around prostitutes, pirates, fortune seekers, and thieves.

Captain Flint has to overcome tons of challenges including opposition by some rival captains who stand in his way of hunting the ultimate prize and ensuring the survival of his people. This is a Game of Throne with a pirate undertone.

  1. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is another favourite show of many lovers of Game of Thrones. Based on The Saxon Stories, a series of books, the movie is about an orphan, Uhtred. Uthred was born when England witnessed the most notorious Viking invasions. As a grown-up, he has to choose between his native country and those who raised him.

The Last Kingdom showcases stabbing, eye-gouging, crucifixion, beheading, and other themes that are beyond the success and popularity of Game of Thrones. This show is well worth your time.

  1. Merlin

Merlin is a great show like Game of Thrones. Just like this show, Merlin will keep you glued to your television with its amazing storyline, including knights, dragons, and magic. It is one of the few movies like Game of Thrones that deploy the use of powerful dragons as an efficient tool for fighting evil.

Merlin is a young man who serves in the palace as a servant to Prince Arthur. With his magical powers, he is able to protect King Uther, protect the city from external invasion, and eventually help Prince Arthur claim the throne.

This movie uses magic and dragons as the selling themes as these two are used extensively throughout the movie. You will fall in love with this fantasy-drama.

  1. Banshee

Banshee is a crime thriller created by David Schickler and Jonathan Tropper. The show depicts the story of an ex-con who impersonates the murdered sheriff in the town in an attempt to conceal himself from a powerful and influential crime lord, Rabbit. He still tries to maintain his identity while living a life of crime along with others such as Sugar and Job, his crime partners.

As a crime thriller in a town called Banshee, it is not surprising that mob gangs, sex, and crime are a common feature of this show.

When you are through with watching Game of Thrones and need movies that will pump your adrenaline as well, these are the best shows that can serve as a good replacement for the Game of Thrones.

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