8 Best Sites Like Rainierland to Enjoy Streaming your Favourite Movies

Most of us love to watch movies, and many of us like to watch them on their laptop. Gone are the days when we get movies in Pen Drives from our friends, and then transfer to our computer, and then watch. This is the internet age where there are a lot paid and free movie streaming websites that you can use to watch movie. Today’s blog post talks about the best sites like Rainierland. But, your question would be what exactly is Rainierland?

So, let’s talk first about Rainierland and then will talk about the websites like Rainierland.

Rainierland is a movie streaming website that has a huge collection movies and TV series which you can stream absolutely for free. You just need a good Internet connection to play the movie, that’s it. All the movies on this movie site are categorized as per their genres that make your work of finding the best movies of your favourite genre easy.

10 Movie Sites Like Rainierland

Best Sites Like Rainierland

  1. CinemaMega

CinemaMega is first on our list of sites like Rainierland. This movie site’s home page is pretty nice as it is updated with the latest movies that are recently added or still running in theatres, even the cartoon movies and shows are listed on home page. Movies are categorised as per their genres and countries that make it the first choice of every movie freak. If you want to find some movies of the specific year, you can do that too as they have a “Year” menu in which movies are put into the years they were released.

Official Site:

  1. Online HD Movies

Online HD Movies is one of the best sites like Rainierland which has a big database of movies that you can watch free. They have the movies categorised as per the genres so that you can find movies. Nothing much you have to do; visit their official site, click on any movie thumbnail, and you will be prompted with the player in which click on Play button, and the movie will start playing. Moreover, there may be some pop-up ads that may irritate you at times, but when we get something great for free, we can ignore those ads.

Official Site:

  1. Vummo

Vummo is the next on our list of the best movie sites like Rainierland. The site looks elegant, and the home page is super cool. You can find your favourite movies and TV shows on this site. Movies are categorised as per their genres. Click on a movie thumbnail, and you will be taken to the player, just click play option, and your movie will start playing. There are least ads that make your movie streaming experience awesome.

Official Site:

  1. Icefilms

Icefilms is another superb site like Rainierland and in fact one of the best alternatives to it. The home page doesn’t have thumbnails rather the links to movies are there listed. Click a movie, visit its page and play that. If you want to download the movie, you need to sign up. To watch, you don’t need to sign up. You can watch movies on this streaming site in HD.

Official Site:

  1. Movies25

Movies25 is another website like Rainierland, and it does have good movies on the board which you can watch free. Just to test I clicked on a thumbnail, and I see no popup ads were opened, just the movie page opened, and then as soon as I clicked on Watch Now, the movie started playing. I am impressed with this. However, ads may come anytime as it is a free site, but still it is a great choice for watching movies free sitting at your home.

Official site:

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  1. Go Movies

Go Movies is another website like Rainierland, and it does have a great database of all types of movies from different genres, and countries making it available for everyone regardless of their location. If you are in Japan, and you want to watch Japanese movies, you can just go to Country, and click on Japanese to get a list of Japanese movies. You won’t see movie thumbnails on the home page, but you will see a search box in which you can search a movie you want to watch.

Official Site:

  1. House Movies

House Movies is the next on the list of the best free movie sites like Rainierland. This site has an awesome collection of movies. They even have article section in which you can read the latest news about the movies. Apart from this, they have a Coming soon section that tells you which movies are coming soon on the site, so that you can keep a check on this.

Official site:

  1. Xmovies8

XMovies, the name sounds a kind of sites for porn movies but don’t worry, this is not an adult movie streaming site but a normal one with a huge database of awesome movies. This is one of the best movie sites like Rainierland on this list which you find out when you visit its homepage which has huge list of great movies. They have Most Viewed section as well that helps you select the best ones. You can search for movies based on their director, Actor, Country or even writer as well.

I liked this movie streaming website as it is great, and offers a lot of great movies to watch free.

Official Site:

Final Words

Movies are the best entertainment for most people, and when you have an option to watch movies on your laptop or mobile, then it is even better because you can watch anytime you want. No need to visit theatres all the time, or wait for TV to telecast your favourite movies. Just connect to any of the movie streaming website mentioned in this blog post, find your movie, and play.

That’s it.

This was our list of the best movie streaming sites like Rainierland. I hope you would like this post. If you have any concerns, do write in the comments.