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10 Best Sites Like Watch2gether

Watch2gether is such a website that allows its users in watching videos and various other content in sync with others. The service of this website can only be enjoyed with the help of web browsers of Android as well as iOS oriented smartphones. Apart from this, users can also use the W2gSync 946 application. This will help in synchronizing external sources through the Google Chrome browser. Watch2gether comes with some amazing features but there are some disadvantages because of which many users are in search of Watch2gether alternatives. So if you are also the one who is looking for sites like Watch2gether then you are the right place. In this post, we will be discussing 10 best Watch2gether alternatives that can offer you the same service.

1. Together.TV

sites like Watch2gether

Together.TV is one of the best Wat2gether alternatives that helps its users in watching various videos as well as movies with friends and family all across the world. The site is also featured with options that help to synchronize playback across the users in the ground through the audio chat function and an integrated text. There are three main benefits of this website they are synchronized playback feature, audio chatting as well as support for a significant number of websites. All these features make Together.TV one of the best sites like Watch2gether.

2. Rave

The second site in our list of sites like Watch2gether is Rave. This website lets its users watch movies and other video contents together. Not only this but it also has a feature through the visitors can listen to music together. Rave is often called a media viewing center which lets its users operate into the system of combining mobile activities such as chatting with friends and watching movies. It easily connects the users who are having Android as well as iOS smartphones where they can enjoy seamless service. This is why it is known to be one of the best Watch2gether alternatives.


sites like Watch2gether

This site will bound its users to ditch Apple Music and Spotify like premium apps. allows its users to listen to music with friends in an innovative way which makes it one of the best sites like Watch2gether. It also has an option where you can share the music that you are listening to and let your friends listen to that specific music with you at the same time. They also provide some suggestions for songs which they can play. Apart from this, there are multiple features available on the site such as listen, discover, play, and connect with other fans across the globe.

4. Synchtube

Synchtube is another entertainment website that allows its users to watch movies and videos on a real-time basis and at the same time enjoy chatting with other users. Not only this but also Synchtube encourages its users with the feature of watching movies with their friends by sitting at different locations. Synchtube has a unique feature where it offers to its users a few personalized options for their desktops and mobiles. 

5. Sync Video

sites like Watch2gether

This web-based entertainment platform is specifically designed to watch YouTube as well as Vimeo videos online together with friends by sitting at multiple locations. This website is quite different from other sites like Watch2gether which provide its users with a browser extension. Its system extension is easily available for browsers like Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. Through the help of Sync Video, you need to add sync before YouTube and Vimeo video URL. And then you need to create a room and share its link to your friends so that they can also watch the same video with you.

6) is one of the best platforms to watch movies and videos with your friends. The best part about this site it helps its users in watching movies on various video streaming sites with friends and family online. The site is also featured with the chatting system where you can communicate with your friends while watching videos or movies. Not only this but the site also allows its users to listen to audio together with friends.

7) SynapTop

sites like Watch2gether

SynapTop is a website that empowers its users to watch movies as well as videos with friends at the same time. The users can avail of all its services for free but you need to create an account here. But what makes it’s different from other sites like Watch2gether is its services are not only limited to watching videos and movies. SynapTop also consists of TV shows, dramas, and online music, games, and even reading books together with friends online. You can use this site from any web browser. To enjoy its services to the fullest, make sure that you are on a secure internet connection or else the videos will start buffering.

8) Syncplay

sites like Watch2gether

Syncplay is another entertainment website that can be downloadable that has a common media player in synchronization. This helps ist users to watch and listen to videos and music with friends by sitting in different places. Syncplay empowers its visitors so that they can enjoy all its features. From stopping, pausing, resuming to seeking because these features have a connection to two different media players.

9) TogetherTube

TogetherTube is another easy way in watching movies, videos and listen to music with friends. The platform allows its users in synchronizing playback and then enjoy powerful moderation tools. It is featured with a lot of funfilled options where the users can spend the maximum amount of time. The four primary features of TogetherTube are the availability of the synchronized player, voting system, chatting system, and room setting system.

10) TogetherJS

sites like Watch2gether

This platform is designed by Mozilla Labs that has many real-time features for collaboration. You can collaborate with many websites as well as applications apart from watching movies and videos. The users of TogetherJS to make a real-time collaboration to their websites in no time. After the extension is being installed by the users, they have to send the link to their friends. Here both of them will be able to view the same page where they can interact.

So these are the 10 best sites like Watch2gether which offer you the same services. As you have seen some of the sites even offer better services than Watch2gether. Did you visit any of these sites earlier? If yes, let us know your experience in the comments section below.