What Is Teamviewer? 8 Best TeamViewer Alternatives

TeamViewer is a remote desktop software that helps you access anyone’s desktop from any location if you TeamViewer is running on their computer, and you have the ID & Password. It is mostly used for giving assistance remotely to friends and clients.

Many a time you need to access your clients’ desktop to fix some issues on their PC or on their website then TeamViewer comes very handy. I have been working with many of my clients, and this remote desktop software is the real life saver for me.  Rather than asking them to clarify the issue on email or chat, I ask their TeamViewer ID & Password to access their desktop. And, then I ask them to show the issue in real time which helps me understand the issue quickly.

To me it is the best software of its kind as I find it very easy to use not just for clients’ works but when a friend comes with some problem, again it helps to make things easier by accessing his/her desktop, and fix the issue.

Not just you can access the desktop, you can do file transfer as well to or from a computer. Additionally, you can Join or Host online meetings as well.


Though TeamViewer is a great remote desktop software for both personal and commercial use, you may need to check out some good alternatives of it so that you can use one of those in need.

I have collected 10 remote desktop software that are the best TeamViewer alternatives which I am going to list in this post.

Below is the list of 8 best TeamViewer Alternatives

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

This is the default feature of Windows which you can find going to Properties of my computer that you can access by right clicking on the My Computer icon on Desktop.

It is little bit of techie stuff rather than using some other remote desktop tools like TeamViewer which are quite easy to use. But, it is indeed a good feature of Windows that you can use for remote connections without using any third party software. You may check out this guide to use this feature.

2. RealVNC

Another name of reliability in the sphere of remote desktop software is RealVNC. Its paid and free versions are available. It is built on the open source technology of Virtual Network Computing system. Moreover, VNC is known for providing the secure and safe connection. Using this tool, you can connect individual or multiple PC at a single stretch behind the public IP address. It includes the features like Cross-platform remote control, file transfer, Encryption, VNC authentication, Chats and much more.

3. is another online remote desktop software that we can keep on the list of Teamviewer alternatives as it is seamlessly suitable for Windows and Mac OS X. The technical configuration of this remote management tool includes unlimited audio, mobile apps, one-click scheduling, and permission up to 250 clients at a time along with presenter swap. It is a premium remote service that allows a business to run through remote meetings connecting to the people from all across the globe. It possesses instant screen sharing a key that enables a swift way for meeting while the presenter swap makes people share respective viewpoints.

4. Splashtop:

Splashtop lies among the top-notch remote-accessing tools and can be your greatest companion. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Linux. The main features of this tool are managing and transferring of files, streaming audio, streaming video, and free for accessing 5 computers at a time. It is achievable in both free and paid moods to get individual as well business solutions. The audio and video streaming facility allows you to enjoy the remote media also.

5. LogMeln Pro

The LogMeln Pro is one of the familiar remote management applications that are suitable for Mac OS X and Windows operating system. It comes with so many key features such as file transfers, full remote access capability, video and audio streaming, documentation to a local printer and with collaborators. It provides an idiosyncratic remote accessing desktop prospect and acts as a king in its own domain. However, it is priced relatively lesser than Teamviewer remote management application.

4. Ultra VNC

Based on the Virtual Network Computing Technology, another fine tool has been designed named as Ultra VNC. It is free for the systems that are powered by Windows operating system for their remote control access. Once you have made the connection complete, you can work on another remote system. It can work seamlessly with Windows OS to resolve the remote troubleshoots and relevant complications. It houses various features such as file transfers, complete control and remote access of desktop and much more.

5. Chrome Remote Desktop

The supporting browser for Chrome Remote Desktop is Google Chrome. The basic features of this tool are file transfer, file accessing, remote desktop accessing and much more. It is easy to install and the cost for adding on is nothing but to provide an easy setup. It can become an appropriate alternative for Teamviewer. It is free of cost and can be added as the extension of Google Chrome Browser.

6. WebEx Free:

WebEx Free is compatible with various platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux as well as mobile apps. It is gettable in the free and premium version as well, whereas both of those tools helps you to connect with people on different systems like a free desktop or mobile applications. It comprises of numerous features like scheduling outlook, video conferencing, and free apps for mobile, recording of the meeting, markup tools, password protection for messaging and much more.

7. AMMYY Admin

The supporting system for this remote control application is Windows operating system. This is one of the free solutions for business and individual use. It is packed with light remote software that avails the memory less than 1 MB. The key features of this application integrate file transfers, live video chat, system administration, remote office presentations, text chat, built-in voice and lots more.

8. Mikogo

Secure connection and relatively easy installing capacity make this tool one of the favorite alternative of Teamviewer. It can be easily placed on numerous platforms like Windows OS, Mac, iPhones, Linux, iPads, Android as well. It is totally browser based application that can handle the remote accessing without any installation of external software. It is embedded with tons of specifications such as remote control of desktop, swap presenter, free mobile apps, sharing of documents, file transfer, video conferencing, and text chat and so on.


The need of alternatives for Teamviewer is no doubt fulfilled by above mentioned remote desktop software with different specifications. However, the licensed version or premium Teamviewer charges a lot for the accessing business application. Nevertheless, if you decide to walk away from Teamviewer even being able to operate file transfer, mobile apps, collaborations then none other than these alternatives are suitable for you.

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  • There are more than 8 alternatives to TV, actually, each of them having their own benefits and disadvantages. I’ve used LogMeIn for years, but stopped due to continuing price hikes. ScreenConnect is good for enterprise use, but it’s not worth looking at if you’re a small business such as mine, being tight on budget. For personal use, I’d choose something like AnyDesk, and as for small business/ private tech support practice I’d recommend looking at Techinline. Windows only, but it’s worth every penny (doesn’t cost much, btw).