10 Best wifi Range Extenders in India 2018

Nowadays, in this age of modernity, with daily up gradation of technical know-how, machines, mobiles, televisions, laptops, etc. gadgets have become our basic and necessary part of life. You cannot imagine a life without this stuff, and there is a lot to come in future days as well. In all of these new inventions and up gradations, one thing gave a huge amount of effect on our life that is, ’Wi-Fi.’ Best Wi-Fi repeaters in India networks runs and works in GHz frequency speed, and a lot of obstacles comes in the way due to obstructions from walls, furniture, and other stoppages, so it is highly prone to the problem of attenuation as well as reflection due to given obstructions.

Basically, Wifi range extenders are used for extending the signal of Wifi routers that you use in your office or home.

A single router can’t spread your wireless network effectively after few meters of range, and here comes the use of the best Wi-Fi range extenders in India; it is the best solution to improve the bandwidth of a Wi-Fi network. Here we came with the list of top 10 best Wi-Fi range extenders in India to improve the bandwidth network range of your Wi-Fi wireless network. So for making the whole process easier all you need is to avail the best Wi-Fi repeaters in India, to make your surfing fast and smooth, that also under cheapest price range and affordable as it consumes very fewer installation expenses.

Below is the list of wisely collected and managed in order the top 10 best Wi-Fi range extenders in India and we have taken some best from all others, from which you easily can choose one which suits you the best, for home or the office place.

List of top 10 best Wi-Fi range extenders in India

Product NamePorts 
1. Netgear WN3000RP-200INS1Check Price
2. TP-Link TL-WA855RE1Check Price
3. TP-Link TL-WA850RE 300Mbps1Check Price
4. HUAWEI WS3221Check Price
5. Digisol DG-WR3001N1Check Price
6. Asus RT-N12 D1 Wireless-N3004Check Price
7. Netgear AC1200 EX6120-1001Check Price
8. Leoxsys LEO-300N-3G-AD4Check Price
9. NETGEAR N3001Check Price
10.Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier Wi-Fi RepeaterNACheck Price

If you are looking to purchase best wifi range extender, then this post will be useful for you as we will be putting all the best possible options with the name of wifi range extenders. We will be comparing all the products on various factors of performance so it will be good for you to pick the best one out of the bunch. Here goes the list of Best wifi range extenders in India and their features.

  1. Netgear WN3000RP-200INS

wifi range extender

Our list starts with the popular product from Netgear which is one of the renowned names in the networking and communication industry. This one of the best Wi-Fi repeaters in India offers external antennas for improved reach. This will make sure your each device whether smartphone or laptop is always connected and you can get the best of the internet in each corner. Ethernet cable support gives your ability to connect the wired devices. LED indicators suggest the best place to put the device for better coverage. The repeater has received as good buying response from the customers, and it is available to purchase from

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Netgear WN3000RP-200INS FAQ

Q) Does it create a new wifi network?

A) Once the wifi range extender is installed, only one network will show up.

Q) How to install this wifi range extender?

A) The installation is so simple. Just plug the device into an electric point. Then connect the device using a LAN cable to a laptop or desktop and configure the basic settings. [/color-box]

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  1. TP-Link TL-WA855RE

tp wifi range extender price in india

It is always said that size is not the judging factor of the performance. Our next competitor makes the sentence worth, and this pocket-sized wifi range extender can give you uninterrupted 300Mbps speed. With a special dedicated button for extending range, you can make sure to connect each and every device in the household and enjoy the fun of internet. External antennas improve the area it can send signals to, and you can even make it save power by doing power scheduling which means the device will be switched off after a pre-determined time. So we are not so wrong if we say it the smart choice for wifi range extender.

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Q) How to configure this TP link range extender?

A) Kindly do refer to the video below:

Q) Will this range extender support all routers?

A) Yes, it supports most of the routers. [/color-box]

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  1. TP-Link TL-WA850RE 300Mbp

best wifi range extender in india

Our next product in Best WiFi range extenders in India comes from TPLINK. The boosting speed of 300Mbps gives you the best connectivity in the home network, and there is no scope for the dead zones. Dead zones are the places within the house with no internet connectivity. You can connect any wired device with the Ethernet ports provided at the back so the device will serve as the standalone wireless internet source. Now you have the power to roam around in the house without worrying about losing the signal strength.

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Q) Will it work with third party wifi dongle?

A) Yes, definitely it works.

Q) What’s the coverage of this range extender?

A) Around 100 meters.[/color-box]

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  1. HUAWEI WS322

wifi range extender price india

Huawei WS322 is the most advanced wifi range extender in terms of technology. It has been built with WiFi 802.11b/g/n which is the latest in the field of communication. You will not see any physical antennas to this repeater but inside it has 2X2 multiple inputs and multiple output antenna which deliver constant 300Mpbs speed without any dips. This single device can serve you multiple purposes. As a standalone use, you can install it as a wifi router or better wifi range extender or even as wifi network adapter. This tiny device will make your home or work area a fully integrated and internet charged station with network coverage in each and every tiny area.

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Q) Is it possible to use it as a router?

A) No. It’s only a range extender.

Q) Will it serve as a wifi hotspot?

A) Yes, it can be used as a wifi hotspot along with your broadband connection.[/color-box]

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  1. Digisol DG-WR3001N


If you don’t like to see hoax wiring and lose untied connections then this wifi range extender from Digisol will be preferable for you. The easy to plug and compact device makes it most usable. You can plug this tiny device into any of the power sockets of the house, and this will be serving the internet hassle free. You can watch videos, play online games or surf social networking without any trouble, no matter where you are sitting within your home. If you are facing issues of wifi range extender installation and network improvement is required because of poor connection, go and get yourself Digisol wifi range extender.

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Digisol DG-WR3001N FAQ

Q) How about connecting two such range extenders in series?

A) Yes doing that will increase the distance of coverage even more.

Q) Can it be used as a repeater with mobile wifi hotspot?

A) Yes, it works with mobile also.[/color-box]

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  1. Asus RT-N12 D1 Wireless-N300

asus wifi range extender

You can leave your worries of going wireless or wired connections because Asus RT-N12 is suitable for both wired as well as wireless connections. The package comes up with an easy to follow setup guide with detailed and pretty simple GUI which you can follow to configure the device for best results. It has a mounted antenna having 15 dBi gain which is suitable for browsing HD videos, playing online games or making video calls. Video calls are supported over good speed which Asus RT can give you so easily.

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Asus RT-N12 D1 Wireless-N300 FAQ

Q) Does it supports the latest windows 10 version?

A) Yes, its compatible with all versions of Windows.

Q) Can Asus wifi range extender be used as a router?

A) Yes, it’s a 3 in 1 device. You can use it as range extender/ router/ AP.


  1. Netgear AC1200 EX6120-100

netgear wifi range extender price india

As you can see Netgear is one of prominent name in the list with lot many devices under his name. Netgear has the reputation of delivering industry best wifi router and wifi range extenders as well. If you are one of those who always wants to add extra fun to your video watching experience, then HD is the term you must want to see the Meta description of any video. HD videos will definitely cost you huge MBs of data surfing, which I am sure a normal wifi router cannot provide you. Here comes the Netgear AC1200 which can boost your browsing speed up to 1200 Mbps. Now you can get your iPhone, iPad, or any other smartphone connected to the internet, all at the same time and take the best internet experience.

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Asus RT-N12 D1 Wireless-N300 FAQ

Q) How long will it cover at a maximum?

A) up to 100 feet.

Q) Will it extend the portable hotspot of a mobile?

A) No. It’s designed only for modem / router.[/color-box]

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  1. Leoxsys LEO-300N-3G-AD

wifi range extender india review

If you wish to attain non-interrupted internet connectivity for all 24X7 hours, Leoxsys is your partner giving full value to the money. It is robust in performance which stands it ahead of the competitors. You can get a continuous 300 Mbps speed and can be used as ADSL modem, 4 port switch, wireless router and wireless print server. It allows you to share pictures and USB storage over the server via Local Area Connection.

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  1. NETGEAR N300

wifi range extender price india

Another name from the popular family of Netgear completes our listing of 10 Best WiFi extenders in India. At one time you can connect a maximum of 4 devices which could be your laptop, smartphone, home theatre or smart HD television. Splendid speed boasts the internet experience and trusted name makes it more reliable towards the performance. Easy to handle and user-friendly maintenance makes it ideal for home use.

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Q) What’s the ram size?

A) 4GB

Q) Where is the manufacturer?

A) USA[/color-box]

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  1. Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier Wi-Fi Repeater

wireless range extender in india

This stick size wifi range extender is the most economic wifi repeater, and we can say most elegant one. If you have a relatively large workspace or home area, then you might need this easy device. The installation is even pretty easy; you need to insert it to the wifi router using the USB ports provided in the router and then automatically it will be grasping the configuration settings. For the initial time, LED might be blinking if it is attempting to pair with the device. Upon successful pairing, you will see continuous glowing LED confirming that connection is successful, and you will instantly see the difference in the coverage.

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Xiaomi WIFI Amplifier Wi-Fi Repeater FAQ:

Q) For connecting to the device each time Mi app needed?

A) No. Only during initial setup Mi app is required.

Q) Does it handle multiple devices?

A) Yes, it supports many devices simultaneously.[/color-box]

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There is a long list of Wi-Fi repeaters for home and offices in India After all the smallest homes have Wi-Fi services and connections nowadays and after having the list of top 10 best Wi-Fi range extenders in India you must now having the great choice of preferable product which will suit you the best, but before going for any of your choices just make it sure you have checked all the information and fair price at competitive price range for the best deal.