10 Best Wireless Headphones in India

If there is one thing that brings people together, then that is music and when it comes to music, it has always been the one thing that would change our mood in a jiffy. There have been a lot of improvements going on when it comes to the music, and we can proudly say that wireless technology is one of the best one. The days are gone when we had to fiddle with wired headphones and if you had a studio monitor with 3-meter wire, then it is such a pain in the head to carry them around. Amazingly enough, we now have wireless headphones to play with and despite of being wireless, they perform even better than the wired headphones. So let’s take a look at top 10 wireless headphones with microphone which would definitely give you a bang for your money, so let’s get cracking!

Best Wireless Headphones under 2000 rupees

  1. iBall Glint – BT06

You might be surprised with our first pick for the best Bluetooth headphones because strangely, for most of the people, iBall isn’t the name that pops up in the brain when it comes to headphones. Well, iBall is top change that with the Glint series as these headphones are going to turn a lot of heads as you pass by people. First, let’s talk about the build as iBall have gone for the leather cushions which offer much better insulation than the cheap foam type cups. This is the on the ear headphone which has the ability to connect over Bluetooth to your smartphone and if the battery is drained, you can also opt to go for aux wire. But the best part about these is the LED lights that glow rhythmically according to the music you are playing which makes it one of the coolest headphones on the list. Costly? Oh hell no! Rs. 1,358 is all you have to pay to add this bad boy of your collection.

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  1. BoAt Super Bass Rockerz 400

Boat has been around since nearly a year now and they have really made it easy to own earphones or headphones with great quality at affordable prices. Speaking of, BoAt Super Bass Rockerz costs only 1,399 and from that money you get wireless Bluetooth headphones with the range up to 10 meters and they can play your favorite music for up to 8 hours on a single charge. But what blows us away is the 40 mm driver that they have used inside the headphone which offers crystal clear sound as well as better mids than any other headphone of same sorts.

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  1. Motorola PLUSE S505

Motorola has been doing a lot behind the curtains and this is one of the examples of what they are capable of. Motorola PULSE S505 is the wireless version of the PULSE Edition and Motorola claims that it is capable of giving 18 hours of playback time. You can also connect this Bluetooth headphone via Motorola Connect application which is available for both iOS and Android Devices ( & through which you can do some tweaks to the headphones or even find your headphones on the map in case you lose them. These are smart on the ear headphones fitted with 40 mm Drivers which offers immersive sound even at the highest volume. It isn’t over yet as these are on discount at as they are on sale at just Rs. 1,999 only. Grab before they run out of stock.

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Best Wireless Headphones between 2000 and 3000 INR

  1. Bluedio T2 PLUS Turbine

Most of us don’t really know about Bluedio but the ones who do, cannot find words for its appreciation. Bluedio T2 PLUS Turbine is a bettered version of the T2. T2 PLUS has Bluetooth 4.1 which offers better connection between 2 devices. Bluedio claims that the T2 PLUS is capable of providing 40 hours of playback time which is just insane and it even allow us to add micro SD Card as the headphones can play Mp3 and wav audio formats without any hiccups. It is hard to imagine that Bluedio T2 PLUS comes with 57 mm drivers at under 2,300 rupees mark.

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  1. Creative Sound Blaster Jam

Creative has always been the one company which we all would want to head for when it comes to our music gear and speakers. Now they have come up with their Bluetooth headphones as well and they have done it in style. The headphone is sporting retro styling which by no means is disrespect to these headphones as they look great in hand. These are one of the lightest headphones on the list and when you will put it on your head; you will literally feel nothing at all. You get an exceptional balance between the highs, mids and lows in this headphone which was expected from a company like Creative but the best part is the playback time of these as they would easily last for 15 hours on single battery. You can get your hands on these on ear headphones at just Rs. 2,895 which is sold after discount as they originally cost Rs. 3,500.

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Best wireless headphones between Rs.3000 and Rs.5000

  1. Panasonic RP-BTD5

Panasonic has been around since a long time now and these might be their best Bluetooth headphones till date. Well, Panasonic RP-BTD5 may sound like a fax machine number but what’s in a name? The RP-BTD5 is an imported product from Japan which means they would last a lot longer than China built headphones and when you put it on and play music, oh boy, nothing gets close at this price, literally nothing. Yes, it is a bit bulky at 408 Grams but the added weight comes with great sound quality, punchy bass which doesn’t feel like hollow sound and you can connect these headphones via your Bluetooth or NFC. For NFC, all you need to do is touch the back of the phone to the headphones and that’s it! It is that simple. you will be amazed to know that these costs just 3,579 Rupees on

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  1. Sony MDR-ZX220BT

Speaking of headphones with names of a fax machine, Sony MDR-ZX220BT is not there to turn a lot of heads as Sony has been using the same sort of design language for nearly all of their headphones which was good if we were living in 2012 but now it feels outdated. But, mind you, Sony can still give a lot of brands a run for their money and that is exactly what this one was intended to do. Sony MDR comes with up to 8 hours of battery backup and 30 mm dynamic driver for crisp sound and amazing highs and lows. Its neither bulky nor light as it weighs 322 grams. You can get one of these at just Rs. 3,900.

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  1. Skullcandy S5URHW-509

Skullcandy always brings a smile on our faces and this wireless headphone from the company promises the same. When you will buy this headphone, it will be because of its looks as they look dope and secondly because of their weight. These weigh just 209 Grams, even some of the smartphones weigh more than these which makes the headphone insanely light. These on the ear headphones will give you deep bass in any genre of the song you play. Given the reputation of the brand, these actually are on sale at a bargain at they cost just 3,949 rupees on

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Best Wireless headphones over 5000 rupees

  1. Soundmagic BT 20

Many of us don’t know about this company but SoundMagic has been around since nearly 2 years now and they manufacture one of the best headphones in the price bracket. The BT 20 headphone is a wireless headphone which can be connected through Bluetooth and has a dangling mic which offers noise cancellation even in noisy conditions. has the lowest price for the headphones as they would cost just above Rs. 5000 mark. Make it your before the run out of stock.

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  1. Skullcandy Grind

Last wireless headphone on the list is again from the company that we love the most. Skullcandy Grind is one of the trendiest headphones available on the market. The Grind offers up to 33 feet of Bluetooth range and to top the cake with cherry, the Grind also comes with almost 12 hours of audio playback. The Grind also has buttons to control the volume, to change tracks or to pick and drop the calls, and comes with Skullcandy’s trademark supreme sound functionality which means you get amazing sound quality at anytime you want.

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We hope you will make most of this list, and choose the best wireless headphone for you.