Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

People who have been using personal computers for decades will notice a stark difference between the keyboards used some decades ago and the modern keyboards. The latter keyboards are wireless and have some features that make them a must-have for all computer users.

The wireless mechanical keyboards are more efficient for typing, boost the typing speed of the users, and are generally good for heavy gaming. Finding a reliable and durable wireless mechanical keyboard can be a bit tricky. You don’t have to go through the stress of manually looking for the best wireless mechanical keyboard.

This is a List of The Top 10 Wireless Mechanical Keyboards

  1. DREVO Calibur 71-key keyboard

DREVO Calibur 71-key keyboard-min

Apart from the beauty of this mechanical keyboard, it is an amazing tool in the hands of people whose job demands that they spend a huge amount of time typing on a daily basis. The keyboard is a powerhouse with incredible functionality and features.

The DREVO Calibur keyboard is available in different colors and can work on a variety of platforms with Bluetooth 4.0 receivers. The keyboard works with Mac and Windows system, in addition to iPhone and Android.

What about its colorful backlighting? This is more than a decorative feature. Each of the 71 keys comes with customizable lights and keycaps that are always clean regardless of the quantity of grime and dirt it has to deal with. Of course, the DREVO keyboard deserves a place among the best wireless mechanical keyboards.

  1. Qwerkywriter Typewriter Wireless Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Typewriter Wireless Keyboard-min

This is another keyboard with a great feature. The keyboard is constructed of aluminum which makes it light and attractive. The switches are mechanical too, and they encourage fast typing. If you have a tablet device, you can keep it safe in the keyboard’s built-in stand that can hold a 12-inch iPad.

To make the keyboard useful wherever you are, it comes with a rechargeable battery for storing up power for later use. So, you don’t need to bore yourself with worries as the battery can serve you for hours. Typing with this wireless mechanical keyboard is fun.

  1. Majestouch Convertible Keyboard

Majestouch Convertible Keyboard-min

This keyboard has a simple design that can be deceptive. Underneath the simple design, great features that are responsible for rating this keyboard as one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards.

You can connect the keyboard to your system via the USB or Bluetooth. The durability of its battery is second-to-none. If you use the battery for an average of 10 hours daily, you can use the keyboard for about three months when the battery is full.

Another important feature of this wireless mechanical keyboard is its power saving mode. This mode is triggered whenever the keyboard is inactive for 30 minutes.

  1. ANNE Pro Bluetooth 4.0

ANNE Pro Bluetooth 4.0-min

The ANNE Pro keyboard is a great wireless mechanical keyboard that works well with smartphones, computers, tablets, and the likes. This makes it available for use for an array of users on different platforms.

Make sure that you fully charge the keyboard when you buy it. You should also reset it to enjoy its full features that include customizable keys and its backlight. Aside from its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, you can also connect the keyboard to other devices via its USB connectivity.

The keyboard is also delicate in touch. This feature is responsible for the ease at which the users can type at a great speed, thus increasing the overall speed and performance of the user.

  1. Azio Mac Wireless keyboard for Mac

Azio Mac Wireless keyboard for Mac-min

If you are not a Windows user and you want a reliable wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac, this is the best keyboard you should go for. The keyboard comes with the features that support its claim as a reputable wireless mechanical keyboard for Mac.

For instance, both its function keys and layout are specifically designed for Mac. It also has a wireless Bluetooth for connectivity to other devices. What is more, this special keyboard contains a charging port known as the USB Type-C. The charging port allows the keyboard to be charged very fast. These features make the Azio Mac keyboard has a place among the best wireless mechanical keyboard for MAC.

  1. ARION Rapoo PRO

ARION Rapoo PRO-min

The ARION Rapoo Pro is a long-lasting wireless mechanical keyboard. It has mechanical key switches that enable the keyboard to have the strength to withstand 50 million operations, 50g actuation force and 2mm trigger stroke.

All the keys, both the combination, single, and macro keys, are programmable. As a result, you can use the keys effectively and be a step in whatever you do. Its built-in memory has the ability to save the configuration of the keyboard while the game mode is on. Apart from this, you will also have your playing modes stores so that you can control your modes independent of any software.

  1. XArmor U9W mechanical keyboard

XArmor U9W mechanical keyboard-min

As a wireless mechanical keyboard, the XArmor keyboard uses Cherry MX brown mechanical key switches. The switches are reputable for making fast typing possible.

The keyboard boasts of a wireless range up to 15 feet to give the user mobility while using it. Its USB power cord also encourages no or low battery operation.

It also has detachable wrist pad that makes palm comfort possible. The wrist pad is made of soft matte material and is used on the side and top.

  1. Logitech MK520 mechanical wireless keyboard

Logitech MK520 mechanical wireless keyboard-min

This Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard offers productivity and comfort that is the hallmark of Logitech products. Its ambidextrous mouse and streamlined keyboard make your work easier and faster.

Logitech ensures that this is a wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse combo for efficiency. You can fly through web pages and type efficiently and quietly with the combination of the mouse and keyboard.

The Logitech wireless mechanical keyboard can help you out if short battery life is gradually becoming a nuisance to you. With the assistance of 3 batteries, you can use the wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse for years. You can use the mouse for 18 months while the keyboard will serve you for 3 years.

  1. Matias Pro Keyboard

This keyboard shares the same key switch technology used in Apple’s Apple Extended Keyboard, regarded as the best keyboard from Apple. The keys use the Alps Mechanical Switch. This is the principle behind the keyboard’s ability to boost your typing speed.

The keyboard has some function keys you can use to control screen volume and brightness. They can also be used to control iTunes and others. The keys are also etched with a laser so that they won’t wear off. That is an assurance that you can use the keyboard for long without the keyboard wearing off.

  1. Lin-Don Tech Bluetooth mechanical keyboard

Lin-don tech Bluetooth mechanical keyboard-min

Unlike the majority of wireless mechanical keyboard discussed here, this keyboard uses Outemu brown switches. The switches also offer them bump feel that and thus guarantee their tactile feeling.

The keyboard is compatible with a wide range of devices such as iPad mini, iOS, Windows, Samsung tablet, and the likes via Bluetooth. Its USB connectivity also ensures it can work with personal computers.

Its rechargeable battery is also built-in and can be used uninterruptedly for 10 hours if the backlight is on. When on standby, it can function for 360 hours if the battery is full.

These are the top 10 wireless mechanical keyboard if you are ever in need of an efficient keyboard for gaming or typing. If you want to go for a wireless mechanical keyboard and mouse, you can check out the MK850 discussed here too.