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10 Best WordPress Themes for Web-Designers

Artists, photographers, fashion & web-designers, stylists – all people who work in the field of visual arts, want to become popular one day. They spread the word about their talent, create advertising cards and overload their accounts on social networks with their portfolios, price lists, and other information. However, the best way to becoming a well-known professional is to start a successful website, and in this article, you’ll see how easy it is.

Almost all representatives of the ‘art community’ face the same problem: they don’t know how to use their ideas to earn money. One of the common issues of creative people is that they often have to find a way to sell the masterpieces on their own. Painters and designers can’t work at the factory or put arts on the supermarket shelves, but they can construct the “shelves” on their own websites.

As for the web-designers, they have an opportunity to create a portfolio in their own sphere – on the internet. There are two ways to develop a good reputation: to hope, that your customers will tell their friends about your talent, or to create a personal webpage and show your designs to the whole world.

Just like in any other business, there are some ins and outs. On the one hand, you should be attentive, because people often judge web-designers by their own websites. If your site doesn’t look and work well, it won’t help you to attract clients or to make a rewarding career. On the other hand, the daintily designed portfolio can change everything for better.

Internet portfolio is the best practice to show your earlier works, share ideas, and give some information about yourself or your company. It can be easily created with ready-made templates. Ready-made themes are a perfect fit for those, who highly appreciate tasteful web-design, but don’t have any programming skills or special education. Nowadays you have no need to pay for a custom webpage and to waste your time hiring a professional web developer. You can just look through the list of stunning WordPress themes and choose something you like. Ready-made templates adjust to your needs, and, moreover, you can make them unique and original without any great effort.

There are also some other reasons to become popular on the ‘web’ In the modern world, we all have to protect our intellectual property. How is it connected with the web-design? On the internet, you should try to make your official website individual to make people recognize your style. Just think about the arts of Salvador Dali. His style is inimitable. It’s impossible to make a muddle of Dali’s and the other author’s works. Don’t let anybody ‘Steal like an artist’ from your social media pages or blogs.

We offer you to look through our list of top 10 WordPress themes for web-designers. Here you can find sumptuous and minimalistic, bright and sober-colored templates. They are all different, but there are two general features they share – elegance and ease of use.

All these templates are crafted by TemplateMonster.com. Their themes are responsive, so your site will look perfectly well on both PC and mobile devices. They are ready to install and easy in use. It lets you spare your time – just decide what exactly you want, download and enjoy. Together with the theme you also get the detailed instructions. Furthermore, if you have any questions, the support team of TemplateMonster is always ready to help you. It works 24/7.

10 best WordPress Templates for Web designers

  1. New Monstroid 2 WordPress Template for Bloggers and Designers

Details |  Demo

  1. WordPress Theme for Web-Design Company + Blog

Details |  Demo

  1. Web-Design Studio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

  1. Minimalistic Responsive Websites WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

  1. Web-Designer Portfolio Cherry Framework WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

  1. Elegant Design Studio WordPress Template

Details |  Demo

  1. Design Company WordPress Theme to Create a Portfolio and Share Ideas

Details |  Demo

  1. Drondo Business Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

  1. Bright and Colorful Web-Design Studio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

  1. Minimalistic Modern WordPress Template for Business Companies

Details |  Demo

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection, but if you haven’t found here something suitable for your needs, look through the list of WordPress themes for web-designers. Without any doubts, there you will find an exquisite template for your website!

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