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8 Things about Costa Rica that makes you fall in love

Planning for a vacation this year yet again? Confused about the location you would want to take your kids to? Well, Costa Rica is one place that would be your dream come true for a family excursion. Of course, we have our reasons for it. What are they? Check them out. Right here!

8 Things about Costa Rica that makes you fall in love

Well, Costa Rica has something for every member of your family. Choose the right activity and make your kids and spouse – or even parents happy. We have explained only a few options in this concise compilation.

#1 A Horseback Ride

The horse is the best vehicle in Costa Rica – across all terrains and weather. You can undertake a journey to explore the hidden waterfalls and abundant wildlife. There are several rain forests to seek out. Don’t worry, you will be getting matching horses to your needs.

#2 Stuffed Animals

Well, Costa Rica is known for stuffed animals. There are a few ring tosses you can win those exotic stuffed animals back home. Would it not be an excellent memento to make your memories of Costa Rica eternal?

#3 The Fruits…and well, the fruits!

Costa Rica is a country with a tropical climate. As you would be aware of, the climate is best suited for the fruits. You can find a variety of fruits here. Shift away from the chicken and that red meat and go with the fruits – fruits of multiple taste and energy.

#4 Adventures on the Go!

Are you a hot favourite of the adrenaline pumping adventures? Costa Rica offers you an exceptional option to quench your thirst. There are several activities like zip lining and excursions to the misty volcanoes – you have a host of opportunities for being one with nature. Click here for further details of what you can do while in Costa Rica.

#5 The REAL Volcano!

Costa Rica is the home for several of them. If you visit the mountainous interiors of the country, you will find a greater deal of live volcanoes welcoming you. If you have a flair for those, do not forget visiting The Arenal Volcano.

#6 The Wild

The wild for us city dwellers have been the visit to the zoo. How about checking out the options where you would be with the real nature instead of the controlled one? Check out a host of options to find the wild world in their natural environment. Go for the fish snorkelling or whale watching cruises. Be one with the nature to your heart’s content.

#7 The Rain Forests

Costa Rica is the hone for biodiversity. Check out the colours that nature offers you all along the region. Manuel Antonio National Park is one of the prime locations from that perspective. A perfect combination of wildlife and beach, this is the best option you can go with.

#8 The Beaches

Costa Rica is the home for some prettiest beaches. One worthy mention could be the Punta Uva near Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast of the country. Care should be taken with what your kids are doing as most of the beaches here do not have lifeguards.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, Costa Rica is indeed a travellers’ paradise. However, ensure that you are not overdoing it. Strike the right balance between adventure and the activities. Make a choice of select locations while on your trip and try staying for longer at each of them.

Enjoy your brush with nature. Enjoy Costa Rica!