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How to Erase data from iPhone completely?

The world is mad about the smartphone, and especially about iPhones which cost a lot yet people love to have it. You might have read many memes and funny jokes mentioning about people selling their kidneys to buy the latest iPhone.

When you buy an iPhone, and later when its next version comes, if you can afford you surely want to get your hands on the latest one. In that situation, you can sell your older iPhone so that you can get some money back which you can use while buying a new one.

Everything looks great when it comes to getting some money by selling your old stuff!! But, in the case of smartphones, you have to be very careful because you may have some personal photos, videos, confidential files, and passwords stored on your phone. While selling the phone, you format your phone to wipe all the data which is good, but do you know that the data still exist there in minimized form which can be restored by applying certain tricks.

Don’t get worried; there are tools that help you wipe out data completely and non-recoverable.

So, the next time you are going to sell your old iPhone, do look for such tool to erase the data completely.

But, where to find?

Let us make your work easier by suggesting an awesome tool.

Here goes the tool, Safewiper iPhone data eraser which is easy to use and affordable too. It uses US military algorithm to destroy data to make them unrecoverable. It is fully compatible with latest iOS, iPhone6/6s, iPhone 7plus.

How to use this tool to erase the data completely?

Using the Safewiper iPhone data eraser is very simple which you can do yourself without any professional help.

Step 1

Buy and Download it from here, and install on your computer. The software will start running automatically after the installation process completes.

Now, plug in your iPhone to your computer using Apple’s USB cable. Make sure that iTunes is installed on your computer. The tool will recognize the phone automatically.

You will see the screen:

Step 2

Now, you have to choose the option to erase; you can select any one as per the requirement.

Erase Data option will erase all the data whether they are deleted or existing one.

Erase Delete data will erase the data that you have deleted

Erase Private Data option will delete all the data that you have kept private.

Step 3

Let’s choose Erase All; it will start scanning for the data. Once the scan is complete, all the data will be shown there on the screen including messages, and everything.

Now, just click on Erase Now and your iPhone data will be unrecoverable.

Note: Before using this tool, if you have already formatted your iPhone, then just repeat the step 1 and then choose Erase Deleted Files, and the tool will scan for those data, and once that is completed, click on Erase Now to wipe out everything forever.


This small how-to guide of Safewiper iPhone data eraser will surely help you to wipe out data from your iPhone completely forever. The tool is the real value of money as the cost is less, and results are great.

If you have any problem, do let us know.