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How to Fix if Instagram Crashes when Uploading Videos?

Sometimes, the users of the most popular and best picture-sharing platform, Instagram, have had to deal with the app crashing and their Instagram videos not loading while trying to upload videos they intend to share with their friends and family. If you have at one time or the other experienced this, you don’t need to panic. The problem may be caused by memory issues on your phone. For instance, if some of your apps are running in the background, they may consume much phone memory and slow your phone down and cause it to crash eventually. There are some practical ways you can fix this problem easily. I will share some of these solutions with you right away.

  1. Restart your phone

You should always restart your phone whenever your Instagram crashes when uploading video. If it is caused by a minor problem in the phone, restarting will refresh the phone and fix the crashing issue.

  1. Check your internet connection

If restarting your phone has zero impact on the issue of videos not loading on Instagram, you should check your Internet connection because a weak connection may also lead to the problem. In order to determine whether it is an Internet connection issue, try to launch the Instagram app on both your mobile data connection and Wi-Fi respectively. Check the app’s response on both connections and see where it works well and where the crashing occurs.

If Instagram not loading videos is due to connection issue, you can easily switch from Wi-Fi to the mobile data connection and vice versa. The good news is that switching from one of the Internet connection options to another is relatively simple. This is how to go about it:

  • Switch on the phone and go to Settings.
  • Scroll down the options and choose “Cellular.”
  • The Cellular option also has a lot of options to choose from. Scroll down the option and select Wi-Fi slider.
  • Tap this slider to switch off the Wi-Fi and enable the mobile connection data or switch on the Wi-Fi after disabling the mobile connection data. This may help you fix the Instagram videos not loading
  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app

If you have restarted your device and checked your connection all to no avail, the next move is to delete the Instagram app and reinstall it.

To uninstall Instagram from your Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Tap “Applications.”
  • Then click “Manage Applications.”
  • Go through the applications list and select Instagram.
  • Tap “Uninstall” and the uninstall process will be immediately launched.

If you follow these steps to the letter, the app will be uninstalled in a couple of minutes, and the “Instagram not loading videos” problem will be corrected.

If on the other hand, you are an iPhone user, there will be a little difference in the uninstall process. Nevertheless, these simple steps will still assist you with uninstalling the app:

  • Check the Home screen for the Instagram app icon.
  • Hold the icon until it vibrates.
  • There is an X on the app, tap it to delete it.
  • Visit the App Store and reinstall the Instagram app.
  • Log into the app with your password and username.

Then come to the reinstallation process.

If you already have an account with Play Store, the process will also take a couple of minutes as well.

  • Open Google Play Store.
  • Search for Instagram by using the “Search” box.
  • Click on “Install” after getting the app through the search option.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the app to be downloaded to your phone.
  • Click “Open” to launch the newly installed Instagram app and rest assured that the Instagram crashes when uploading video error is already corrected.
  1. Make sure you use the latest version of the Instagram app

Updating your Instagram app is another option you should explore when trying to fix Instagram videos not loading problem on your device. When you update the app, you will be given automatic access to new features while all the bugs that may potentially be responsible for the problem are fixed.

To update your app and fix the Instagram keeps crashing when uploading video problem for good, do this:

  • Visit Play Store.
  • Tap the three buttons located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open a list of options.
  • From the list of options, choose “My apps and games.” This will open a list of apps installed on your phone.
  • Tap “Instagram”, and you will automatically be taken store page where you can have access to the Instagram app. Since apps are listed on the store alphabetically, you have to scroll down until you locate Instagram.
  • Tap “Update.” Taping this button will launch the automatic updating of the app. This may take some minutes.
  • Click “Open” to launch the Instagram app after you have successfully downloaded the app. The Instagram videos not playing on Android should have been corrected.

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  1. Report the technical problem

You can also report the issue to the appropriate body if all the methods described above are unable to fix the Instagram videos not playing on the Android problem. It is a proof that you may have what is beyond you to handle.

The app comes with a built-in mechanism for reporting technical problems. This is how to access the tool and use it for reporting the problem.

  • Launch the app and go to your profile.
  • If you are using an Android phone, you will see three dotted horizontal lines or a same number of vertical dotted lines if you are an iPhone user.
  • Tap the dotted lines to open the complaint environment.
  • Tap “Report a Problem.”
  • Tap “Something isn’t Working ” and register your complaint.

Note: You should provide some valuable information that will assist the company to help you as soon as possible. These pieces of information should include the following:

  • Include your phone type and model in the report.
  • What you were doing that probably triggered the problem.

You can try any of these suggestions whenever you have to deal with Instagram videos not loading error on your device and fix the problem for good while you continue enjoying sharing beautiful moments with your friends and family.