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8 Free EBooks for Online Business

Why are eBooks getting so popular nowadays? The answer is obvious: they are much handier than ordinary printed books. Just imagine, you are working on a project, and you use several books for it. If you always need to have them at hand, bringing everywhere, you go a pile of books might be a bit awkward. Whereas one single pocketbook or smartphone can hold the whole library. Then you save the room on your bookshelves and don’t need to dust dozens of books every day. And which is even more important eBooks are eco-friendly. To make a single book one needs 5 kilos of wood! Just imagine how many trees are hewn to cover our thirst for knowledge. One way or another with the invention of handheld devices eBooks has steadily entered our lives.

In this article, you will find 8 useful free eBooks, which will help you to launch your own website and earn money online. TemplateMonster is one of the world’s oldest and most famous template providers. But as it appeared recently it is good not only in producing high-quality bestselling templates, but also in writing useful eBooks. Some books in this round-up are taking from them and provide you with a unique opportunity to learn some secrets from professionals. As we have already mentioned all the books are absolutely free and you can download them right away.

If you are launching your first project you have most likely studied thoroughly lots of relevant articles. But the problem of articles is that they cover only one aspect and to acquire the whole picture you need to read dozens of them. Whereas eBook give you some system knowledge on the whole topic. You can also consider some well-structured online resource that will gradually lead you through the whole process. Startup Hub is a good example of the latter. Its tutorials, webinars and videos are arranged and presented in the way easy to perceive. It is absolutely free and is right what you need to start a successful website.

List of 8 e-books for Small Business [All FREE]

  1. 10 Ways to Earn Money and Become Rich on the Internet

Making money online has long ago become an ordinary way of earning. No one can deny its efficiency. One of the most valuable advantages is that everyone can find something for himself. It doesn’t matter if you have some special skills or if you don’t even have a website. You will find your niche, be sure. From this book you will learn about 10 most popular way of making money online. All of them are proved and tested, so just choose any of them and try it.

  1. How I Made Over $700 in 2 Months with TemplateMonster’s Affiliate Program (Case Study)

Affiliate marketing is a popular and efficient way of earning online. Many people try it, but not everyone becomes as successful as he wishes to. This book is a real-life example of a person who started from scratch and gradually improving his affiliate strategies achieved striking results in two month. Usually successful people don’t share their secrets, but inspiring example of this affiliate can make a good push for the others.

  1. How to Attract the First 1000 Visitors to My New Website?

All young webmasters launching their first project have this fear of attracting the audience. This might seem a bit confusing if you don’t know where to start. This good is a perfect guide, which will lead you through this complicated process. You will learn how to drive targeted traffic, how to attract relevant audience, how to develop your website to grow your audience and much more. Experienced web owners are going to reveal their traffic generation method for you.

  1. Secret Money-Making Techniques for TemplateMonster Affiliates

This book is specifically oriented on those who have chosen to earn money with TemplateMonster affiliate program. It might seem easy at the first sight, but to become really successful and earn good money you should be active and inventive. Affiliate marketing is not a new trend and all the methods have been already tried and evaluated. This book is going to unveil the most efficient methods and strategies of affiliate marketing.

  1. SEO Foundations for Small Business Owners

SEO is a king of today’s web. Everyone who has a website should reckon with it. For the most of young webmasters this topic seems to complicated and vast to master it. And it is actually so. This book is going to give you the foundation you can build your further knowledge upon. Here the difficult process of SEO optimization is laid in a simple way. Besides the basic SEO knowledge you will get the list of essential tools and SEO resources that would be helpful in your future work.

  1. Making Money with TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster provides dozens of opportunities for money-making. This book highlights the most efficient strategies for earning money online. You will discover the whole range of opportunities and will be able to pick up the one that fits you the most. Nothing can inspire more than real-life examples. So the information in the book is spiced up with success stories from real people, who started their business with TemplateMonster ad developed it into a full legitimate income.

  1. How Web Studios Can Earn $2,000 a Day with TemplateMonster

This eBook was designed specifically for web studios. No matter how successful you already are, you need constantly invent something new to attract and to expand the audience. With this book TemplateMonster presents you a ready-made solution to enrich your business. After reading this book you will be able to introduce your customers to absolutely new type of services. This is a step-by-step guide for developing your business.

  1. Building the TemplateMonster Affiliate Store

This book will be useful both, for active affiliates and for those who are just planning to become ones. If you already are an affiliate and ran out of creative ideas how to make your affiliate business more successful, you can try TM affiliate store. This book is a complete guide to launching your affiliate store and developing it into a fully functional way of getting income. With this book you will be able to bring your affiliate business to a whole new level.

Hope you would love to read these e-books as these are very informative, and most importantly FREE of cost.