8 Free Games (Apps) Like Candy Crush Saga for Android and iOS

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular and entertaining games on all platforms, whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You may have seen thousands of Candy Crush invites on your Facebook notification. Even though you didn’t want to play it, you may have at least given a try to this addictive game. But this puzzle game may be annoying when levels become too tough to complete. If you are bored of the same gameplay, you may want to try some new games like Candy Crush. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the free and most addictive games like Candy Crush Saga, which have something more for your endless entertainment.

Free Games like Candy Crush Saga for Android & iOS

Herein we bring you an excellent list of free games like candy crush for android and iOS platforms, let’s begin with the Android platform.

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List of Apps like Candy Crush for Android

Gem’s Journey

Gem’s Journey is one of the most popular games like Candy Crush. It is something like typical building blocks. But it is a lot more addictive. The developers have taken proper care of their target users. It has 3D graphics that will keep you more engaged with the life-like gem glow. As the player wants something creative, it is not a toddler’s game. The game features 160 levels that will surely keep you entertained, and you always have a new stair yet to step up. It is one of the most amazing apps like Candy Crush.

Triple Town

It is one of those games like Candy Crush which take a test of your creativity and strategy. It is such a great mind game for you and your growing kids. The game starts with nothing but an empty board where you build your life. You have options to insert items like a house, trees, robots, etc. Be sure to match more and more items to make the grass greener. Go further to see full grown trees, bears turning tombstones and houses setting estates. It is one of the most entertaining apps like Candy Crush.

Dots: A Game about Connecting

The simplistic, professional looking graphics are added to amaze the players who are looking for games like Candy Crush. When you need some break and want to do something interesting, this app is something you must try. It doesn’t have levels and steps. It is just a time-pass game where you need to complete the trail by joining dots. You will gain higher scores by getting the trail longer. Quicker trail means having more time score. All you need to play better and better to beat your record. It is one of the best apps like Candy Crush you can play when you are waiting for interview or stuck in traffic.


Anything seems to be boyish becomes trending in the market. BraveSmart is one of the games like Candy Crush that challenges you to find small homes and make bigger ones by joining them. Instead of saying ‘finding,’ it is about designing these homes. You are playing Scotsman, who is not basically under your control. But it is possible to decide its movement. This is why this game is a bit challenging. The game is very complex. It is designed for those who are above 13.

The Treasures of Montezuma

This is one of the best free games like Candy Crush Saga. It is designed well on the theme of an ancient palace where blocks are moving to the zenith, and it is impossible to stop them with time. You have to position and direct them in a way that you destroy as many blocks as possible to score big. It is the third installment in Zuma series, and it is one of the best. You can score a lot higher with boosters by hitting it right.

Free Apps like Candy Crush Saga for iOS

Sugar Smash: Book of Life – Sweetest Free Match 3

Here, you can match rainbow drops and sugar candies to master this challenging and fun puzzle adventure game by SGN. Inspired by The Book of Life, the game needs you to help Maria, Manolo and Joaquin to collect the widest range of stunning charms and mouth-watering treats to prepare for the epic Fiesta. You will travel to a lot of exotic worlds like the strange Land of the Living and vivid Land of the Remembered. The game needs you to play with your heart.

Juice Cubes

More than 20 million people across the world are enjoying this delicious puzzle game. Are you all set to jingle with fruity and fresh challenges in Juice Cubes? So, get ready to backpack to merry adventure and explore the world loaded with juicylicious fruits in a snowy paradise.


The above games are free to play available for both Android and iOS. You can play these games without any trouble for free.

We hope you enjoy playing our list of free games like candy crush saga!