7 Free Movie Sites like 123movies

Movies are one of the best entertainments that most of us enjoy. Many are lovers of watching movies in the theatres, few enjoy on TV sets, and few enjoy on their laptop, computer or Mobile phone using the Internet. For the one who watches using the internet, we have a long list of movie streaming site that they can keep on their list, and enjoy watching movies whenever they want.

One such movie streaming website is 123movies that is having a huge list of movies and TV shows based on their genres. You only need to visit the site, find the movie you want to watch, and click the thumbnail. In this blog post, we are going to list a few free movie sites like 123 movies.

7 Free Movie Sites like 123movies

 Free Movie Sites like 123movies

  1. Online HD Movies

Online HD Movies is first on our list of free movie sites like 123movies. This movie streaming website has a number of great movies on their list that you can watch without spending a dime. You can find movies based on their Genre and Year they were released. These categorisations help you find a particular movie quickly. The ads may be a turn off as it may irritate you a bit but since we all the movies available on this streaming site is free to watch, we can manage a few ads.

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  1. Rainierland

Rainierland is one of the most famous free movie streaming sites like 123movies which has huge collection of movies. There are no ads on the homepage that makes it look professional. Moreover, when you click on the thumbnail and then click on Play, you might get a popup that is easily avoidable. Movies are categorised as per their genres. You can also watch your favourite TV series as well. If you want to find out a list of sites like Rainierland, then you can check this post as well.

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  1. Solar Movies

When you look at the home page of Solar Movies, you will come to know why we are keeping it on the list of sites like 123movies. The site has huge collection of great movies from all the genres. If you want to watch some movies that are not on the site, you can request them on the site, and in few days, you will see those movies on the site. Isn’t this a great feature.

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  1. New Movies Online

New Movies Online is another movie site like 123movies, but the demerit of this site is that you have to create an account for watching or download any movie on the site. However, the site has good collection of movies, and you can find almost all of your favourite movies on the site. To narrow down your search, you may click on a particular genre, and get the list of movies of that particular genre, and enjoy watching.

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  1. WatchFree

As the name says, you can watch movies free on this site. WatchFree is another similar site like 123movies. You can find out movies that are popular on the site so that you can get the one liked by most of the users. Also, if you want to watch movies in HD, you can go ahead and register yourself on the website. They have a list of Top 100 on their site that gives you plenty of options to choose top movies to watch. All the movies are categorised as per their genres so that your search becomes easier.

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  1. IceFilms

IceFilms is another great and similar site to 123movies. In fact, this is one of the best alternatives of 123movies as it has a good number of great movies which links you will find on the homepage. Click and watch. Watching is free and requires no registration but to download the movies; you need to sign up for this movie streaming website. You can also find TV shows on this site that you can watch for free.

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  1. Vumoo

The last on the list of best sites like 123movies is Vumoo. Just like other sites, it does have a huge list of movies and TV Shows that you can watch for free. Just click on a movie thumbnail, and play the movie. Without any ads, you will be able to watch the movie. They have premium offers as well that surely give you more access.

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Movies are the best entertainment, and also teach a lot of things to us. For example, when I watched Pursuit of Happyness, I learned how to be patient, and never give up until you are done. So, watching a movie is great fun as well as they inspire us in many ways. Only thing is concerned that what type of movies you select to watch.

These sites like 123movies will surely help you find most of your favourite movies, and even you would discover a few good ones.