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What does C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R. stand for?

Technology is everywhere and if we think hard enough about it, then we would consider technology as one of the necessities of our lives. Well, that mostly consists of our beloved smartphones and computers or laptops. Yes, in today’s time, 60-80 percent of our work is getting done through these mean machines. If we were to compare which is better, a smartphone or a computer, well, the vote goes to the PC or laptop as it has been around for a while now and there are things that cannot be done on our smartphones as well as we can do on our laptops.

Funny Full Forms of Computer and its related terms

In a computer, there are thousands of components which are installed to make it better and efficient at the same time. It will be hard to summarise each part here but it is not impossible to include few of the main components which are required to run a computer.

Apart from just knowing the details of Computer and its related terms, also let’s have a little fun reading some funny full forms of computer and terms related to computers:

Full form of COMPUTER

Continuous Omnipresent Motherboard Powered Unit That Eats Reality

Computer in our time means a device for gaming and consuming media. It wasn’t the same 10 years ago, and definitely not the same when it was invented. Charles Babbage is known as the Father of Computer as he was the first person in this universe to have an idea to develop a computer. Technically his idea did not quite work out in 1849 as he was limited by the technology of his time. This doesn’t mean that the first ever computer was just a mere blueprint and nothing more than that as that masterpiece was finished in the year 2002 in London, making it a 16-decade project. The computer of that time looked like the above picture. It clearly looks like a printing press of the olden days.

Full Form of L.aptop

Lightweight Analytical Platform with Total Optimised Power

(Image: Wikipedia)

Laptop doesn’t really stand for anything as it is derived from two words, Lap and Top. This is one of the knock offs when we speak of Laptop’s full form.

Unlike computers, it is rather hard to pull the strings and find out who’s idea was it to develop a laptop in the first place. NASA was the first company to use a handy computer as they sent it with their astronauts on a mission. This device was called The Grid Compass and was being designed by William Moggridge in 1979. This portable computer had an aluminium case and 340 kb bubble memory installed.

Osborne 1 is also considered as one of the first laptops in the history of mankind. It was developed in the year 1981 and was being sold for $1795. This was nothing compared to its weight and size as this was sporting a 5-inch display which could run a bunch of software and even had a battery backup, but it weighed 24 pounds.

Full Form of MOUSE

Macintosh Originated User Sequential Enhancement


The first mouse was being developed by Douglas Engelbert in the year of 1964. He developed a wooden mouse which was cast out of wood, and then he fitted two metal rollers in order to make it work. Since 1964, mouse evolved rapidly, and now we know what they look like in today’s time!

Full Form of Internet or WWW

World Wide Wait

Just like Laptop, the Internet is also derived using two different words, International and Network. It is said that Internet started taking shape since the early 50s. the laboratories in the US and UK found out about the internet and started developing it thereafter. It was in the 80s when the internet became available to local people. In the 90s, the cost of accessing an internet connection in the UK was 1 penny per minute and what the Internet Service Provider offered was a 56k internet speed. But as the time passed, the internet also became faster so did the World Wide Web (WWW) as we can now experience speeds from 100 MBPS on an average to 1 GB per second as well.

Full Form of CD ROM

Consumer Device Rendered Obsolete in Months

(Image: Youtube)

CD ROM was definitely one of the most widely used part or feature of a computer, but now it is nowhere to be seen in modern PC. Originally CD ROM stood for Compact Disk Read Only Disk. It is used to read CD and was used extensively around 5-6 years ago. You will be surprised to know that the first ever CD was being developed by Phillips and Sony together in the year 1982. Originally, it was being used to play some tunes, and later it also became a medium for storage.

We hope you enjoyed reading the details about computer had found the full form of computer and related terms humours. Now let’s check out some more myths and facts about computer.

Myths and Facts about Computer

1. Draining your Laptop’s battery before plugging in the charger will increase the battery’s lifespan

This is one of the most commonly heard myths that we have heard not only for laptops but also for our smartphones. If you fully drain your battery, it will definitely make its lifespan shorter because when a battery is out of juice and is kept for too long to rest, its ability to charge when plugged in diminishes dramatically. Apple has suggested their users to keep the battery level at around 50% on an average which is an ideal state for battery’s healthy performance.

2. More RAM means faster computer

This is not necessarily true. Yes, more RAM will give your computer a few percentage of speed, but if your PC is running slow, then RAM might not be the reason behind it. Lag in PC can be due to full storage spaces, software issues, power issues, HDD issue, any other fault in mother board or whatsoever.

3. USB can be pulled out if computer isn’t using it

If you have ever lost data on your flash drive or have experienced crashed pen drive, this is the only reason behind it. Even if it doesn’t seem like the computer is using it, it isn’t true at all, so it is highly recommended to safely remove the flash drive every time before you pull it out.

4. Formatting reduces the life of the drive

This is completely a hoax statement. If this feature is given to you, then it is for your convenience not to break down your hard drive.

5. Faster computer means faster internet

Internet has nothing to do with computer’s speed. If you have a 50 MBPS connection, then it will act like one. The only thing that can affect your internet experience is WIFI ac or bgn. WIFI ac is the latest and the fastest WIFI chip that is being fitted to latest PC or laptops which offers speeds up to 1300 MB per second whereas WIFI bgn only managed to give speeds up to 450 MBPS