Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend

Video games have over the years metamorphosed from a simple time pass to a mainstream activity. Today, an increased number of people play a video game or the other since they have a wide variety of such games to choose from and keep themselves entertained at their leisure.

Contrary to the norm some years ago when video games were erroneously believed to be designed strictly for the male gender, an increased number of women now actively participate in video games. If your girlfriend is a video game enthusiast, you can have worthwhile moments with her over a video game. Check out my list of the top 10 video games you should try out with your girlfriend.

Fun video games to play with your girlfriend

Your girlfriend can’t get enough of these fun video games when playing it with her:

  1. Mario Kart
    games to play with your girlfriend

Mario Kart offers unlimited fun and has become one of the frequently mentioned games when discussing fun video games. There’s a good reason for this positive review and reputation. The game has sleek touch and amazing tilt controls to enable a player with little or no controller experience easily adapt to the game. This ensures that your girlfriend will never be out of this game regardless of her skill level.

This game is obviously a fun video game to play with your girlfriend.

  1. Gone Home

This is an interactive video game that affords you the right environment to have a fun time with your girlfriend while exploring your virtual home and figuring out the events happening around you.

On arrival at home after being away for a year, you got home to a surprising fact: no one at home to welcome you back. Why is the home empty? You need a clue. Your best shot is to pick some objects and examine them to help you uncover the strange event that leaves your home empty. It’s just fun.

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Question games to play with your girlfriend

How about you get into a puzzle-like game with your girlfriend? There are a couple of question games you can share with your lover over a cup of tea or coffee. Check out these two:

  1. Portal 2

Your girlfriend will easily identify with this game. Why? It has a female lead character with an amazing ability. The game features an engaging storyline and brain-teasing puzzles to get both of you engaged.

While going through the puzzle together, you can’t have a better opportunity to engage in a brainstorming exercise with your loved one. This is a game you should check out with your girlfriend.

  1. Minecraft

This is another puzzle game you should include on your bucket list when considering the best question games to play with your girlfriend. Be warned, though: this game is addictive.

The puzzler game combines adventure with a puzzle to offer you an interesting and mentally-challenging game that will keep both you and your girlfriend asking for more. You only need creativity and time to play and enjoy this game. If both of you are creative, be prepared to get hooked to this game.

Flirty games to play with your girlfriend

Hey, it’s time to flirt with your girlfriend. Even if she’s not a games freak, these are two of the most interesting games to play with non-gamer girlfriend:

  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This flirty game you can play with your girlfriend will take you to your childhood, helping you to relieve the exciting moments you had while growing up.

Ask your girlfriend to pick just three people at random from friends or celebrities. Ask her which of these three people she will like to marry, kiss, or kill. Encourage her to be wild in her choice. Make it fun by encouraging her to choose from your workmates or friends as well. The more outrageous her choices her, the more exciting the game will turn out to be.

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  1. 20 Questions

This can be one of the craziest flirty games to play with your girlfriend if you play it right. Trust me; whether your girlfriend is a game enthusiast or not, this game is an icebreaker.

To play this game, come up with the name of a person or any place or item. Then, ask your girlfriend to ask you some “yes” or “no” questions to enable her to guess your chosen word correctly. She must guess the word correctly within 20 questions to earn a point.

Then, take over from her while she picks a word, and you ask her questions to help you guess the word correctly.

 Fun games to play with your girlfriend

Are you in a long distance relationship and feel the distance is getting between you and your girlfriend? It that is the case, texting can turn around the situation and breathe new life into your relationship.

These two fun texting games to play with your girlfriend will spice up your relationship:

  1. What If

“What If” ranks among the best texting games you can play with your girlfriend. The game involves asking your girlfriend’s opinion about some issues or some imaginary situations.

Thus, start any conversation with “What if” and complete the question with a romantic question. To get the best out of the game, make it exciting, fun, and naughty enough to make the atmosphere romantic without sounding too rude.

  1. Stripping over text game

This is one of the best games you can play with your girlfriend over the phone. The rule of the game stipulates that you ask your girlfriend some questions that may spice your love. The questions can be general questions such as what’s your favorite movie and the likes.

Dare to make it romantic. Chip in some romantic questions and watch her gloat over you. Allow her to ask you such questions, too. That will make it a two-way game with tons of excitement to offer you.

Kissing games to play with your girlfriend

Kissing is an integral part of a love relationship and can be fun if you bring some creativity into this amorous act with your girlfriend. Try out these two kissing games you can play with your girlfriend:

  1. Eyes wide open

Why don’t you dare to go against the conventional act of closing your eyes when kissing? When you bring creativity into kissing, it gives it a new meaning and makes your girlfriend feel the romantic you.

When playing this game, kiss your girlfriend passionately while keeping your eyes fully opened without closing it as the norm. While you lock lips, stare into your partner’s gorgeous eyes and feel the burning light of love. She’ll always crave for you.

  1. Candy Kisses

You only need a bag of candies for this game. Eat a piece of the candy without revealing the flavor to your girlfriend. When you are through with the eating, kiss your girl and let her guess the flavor.

Alternatively, you can kiss her while still eating the candy and transfer the candy into her mouth. That’s a good way to tease your girlfriend with lovely kisses.

Have a fun time with your girlfriend with these fun and flirty games to play with your girlfriend.