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GetResponse – Email Marketing Solution for your Business

As the businesses are going online, different ways of promotion have been evolving as well. One of such ways is Email Marketing in which you send a well-designed email to the audience with some sales pitch that is called as Newsletters.  Various product based companies do send newsletters to their subscribers when they have some offers or special discounts. They also send when they get some new products in their stores. By doing this, business owners keep their subscribers aware about all the happenings, and that results in a good number of sales.

Suppose I am subscribed to and it has some huge discount offer on the occasion of Black Friday. But, until then send me a newsletter I don’t get to know about the offer, and if I get a newsletter mentioning about the offer, I would love to do some shopping.

So, what happens with businesses is that they multiply their sales by letting their audience aware about the offers by sending them the newsletter.

For doing effective email marketing, you need some tools that help you get most out of it. There are lots of tools available online both free and paid. One of the great tools I would like to mention about is, GetResponse. It is an awesome email marketing tool that you must need for doing better email marketing.


What actually is GetResponse?

In simple words, GetResponse is an email marketing tool. But, at an advanced level, it is not just an email marketing tool rather it is complete email marketing solution for market your business online.


It offers various guides that make email marketing very easy for you. It is currently serving more than 3,50,000 customers from more than 180 countries in total.

Features of GetResponse

Customer Support

GetResponse offers 24/7 live chat support to its customer for solving their various queries quickly. You must go for an email marketing software if it offers good customer support because you never know when you fall into some technical things that you are not able to solve. There the chat support will come handy as they are having good experience of the software, and they solve your issues within minutes.

Since GetResponse is offering excellent chat support, you have a plus point for choosing it as your email marketing software.


If your email marketing tool has no Autoresponder, you are lacking in email marketing.

An autoresponder is a crucial part of email marketing that keeps on sending auto emails to your subscribers as per the actions you set. You can set actions and intervals to have better control on sending auto emails without spamming.

For example, you can send an email with a PDF book link when someone subscribe for the free offer of your book. As long as someone subscribe for the free book, the Autoresponder will send the download link of the book automatically.

It makes you put your email marketing work on autopilot.

Split Testing

This is one of the best features of GetResponse as it helps you split up to 5 different versions of your email to send to your subscribers. It is called Split Testing because when you send 5 different versions to different people, you come to know by checking analytics after a few days that which version worked the best. And, on the basis of that, you can write your future emails in a better way that is more likely to convert.

Landing Page Creator

You need some good landing pages to promote your product, and you always want to take your users to a page from where you can get the best result. So while sending a newsletter if you link to your landing page, you get a better result.


GetResponse has one of the best Landing Page Creators in the email marketing industry which enables you to create beautiful looking landing pages without being a web designer.


GetResponse delivers the complete analysis of all of your email marketing campaign. You can find out all about the users behavior and everything related to your campaign as how many people have opened your newsletter, how many have clicked on the link, and other such things that help you do better for future email marketing campaigns.


Look at the pricing options below, and you will find that it is the most affordable email marketing solution with world class features and services.


Final Words

There are tons of email marketing software available online, but there is need of finding the one that is affordable yet powerful.

GetResponse is one such email marketing software that beats the competition by offering excellent services. The guides come in very handy when you need to clarify something. They have so much of written content explaining each and everything that you need to know before or while using the software.

Stop waiting and get this best software for better email marketing.