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Google Tez: The UPI Application What BHIM should Have Been

India faced a huge changed just almost 12 months ago when all of a sudden Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi made an announcement to stop the lifespan of the existing 500 and 1000 rupees note. This created a big change in the Indian economy and economists were shocked after seeing the results as the GDP of India grew by a slight margin still good enough to make India one of the superpowers. Well, in these 12 months, if one thing has changed besides those new notes is more upliftment to the Digital Payments technology. It was after the demonetization move when UPI was launched, and today that is proving to be the best, fastest and the safest way of transferring money or making payments to anyone whatsoever.

When it comes to UPI payments, there are only a few names like PhonePE, Paytm, FreeCharge, etc. PhonePE can be considered as one of the best UPI Payments application because it is a fully fledged Payment application which works on UPI Payments only. Speaking of UPI Payments apps, Google has recently entered the digital payments market with their newest application called TEZ.

What is Google TEZ?

Tez is an application which was launched recently by Google. The idea behind developing this application is to allow people to transfer money from one bank to another without any hiccup whatsoever. This is not all; Google Tez also allows users to transfer money without actually adding the details of the recipient. Cool right? Well, all this and even more is coupled with Google’s fluidic material design which means smooth and easy to understand user interface all around the application.

Key features of Google Tez

1. Multilingual support

One of the great things that has started to happen after Sundar Pichai was made the CEO of Google is that Google has started to focus on India more and more. One of the things that says that out loud is that Google have started to provide support for their applications in many languages, not only foreign languages but also Indian ones like Gujrati, Hindi, Marathi and many more. The same can be seen in the Google Tez application as Google has once again allowed users speaking different languages come together and use one application for payments in their own mother tongue.

2. Security Lock

Since Google Tez makes it easy to transfer money, privacy can be a big issue but you do not have to worry as Google has already got you covered. You can set up your own PIN to protect your Google Tez account or you can also use the password protection of your device. Given that mostly all the smartphones in today’s world comes fitted with a fingerprint scanner, amazingly, you can also set your fingerprint as your password by setting the ‘Use Phone’s Password’ option.

3. Cash Mode

Google always do things differently, and when it comes to their Tez application, there is no doubt that Google has done a pretty impressive job in developing their application. There is a cash mode in the application which allows you to pay or receive from others. Well, you can get it down from any other application, but what you cannot get done using any other application is transfer money to nearby users without actually entering details. Not only this, but you can also receive money from the nearby senders as well.

4. Offers

Not that while ago, BHIM was launched by the government which allowed users to transfer money through UPI payments in no time. Well, everything was good with that application, but it lacked the features and offers. Well, consider Google Tez as what BHIM should have been. Google is offering Rs. 51 as a referral bonus for the ones who refer their friends to use the application. If that amount seems to be low, then don’t worry, you can win up to 1 Lac Rupees if you transfer money through Google Tez application. The transfer amount should be more than 50 and the more you use it, the more scratch cards you will get. Google Tez will award you two type of scratch cards, blue and red. The red ones are only awarded on Sundays which will help you in winning the 1 Lac jackpot whereas the blue ones can help you win 1000 rupees which will be directly transferred into the registered bank account.

5. Number of banks

Even though Google Tez is a new application, it already has nearly all the banks in its portfolio which means that you will not find any difficulty in registering your bank. All you need to do is tap on your bank and allow Google Tez to send an SMS to your bank and that is it! It will automatically find and add your account.

Getting started with Google Tez

STEP 1: Selecting your Language

The first ever screen that appears when you newly launch the application is the language menu. You can choose from a pool of languages depending on your compatibility.

STEP 2: Number and Email

Register your primary number with the Google Tez and Google will automatically confirm the number by sending an OTP on your device. Then, register to the Google account in order to proceed. Google Tez application is available for both Android and Apple devices. If you are using an Android device, then logging into your Google Account is easy as you just have to select the account. But if you are using an iPhone, then you will have to manually login to your Google Account.

STEP 3: Adding your Bank Account

After logging into your account, you are all set to use the Tez application. You can easily add your bank account to the Google Tez application by tapping on the ‘Add Account’ button under your name in the top left corner of the screen. This will open the list of banks. All you need to do is simply select your bank and allow Google Tez to send an SMS from your device in order to find the account that is connected to your number. If your account doesn’t have a UPI activated, then you will have to set it up by following the instructions. If yes, then you will have to enter your 6-digit UPI Pin in order to add your account to Google Tez.

STEP 4: Using Tez application

In the home screen, you can slide down to reveal the Cash Mode. Tap on the cash mode and scroll up to pay or down to receive and the device will automatically find the nearby available devices using the same feature. If you are unable to find a device, then you can recalibrate your device from the bottommost button which says, ‘Update Device Calibration.’

You can also pay using an account number and the IFSC code like the traditional way or even pay if you have a UPI ID, QR or phone number of the recipient. Join Tez now, using this link =>