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Help the Underprivileged Get Homes With Habitat for Humanity

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that the reusable building materials at your place can help someone build a happy home for someone? Have you heard of the Habitat for Humanity initiative? Well, if you haven’t – we present you the inside details of how capable the system works for enhancing the quality of life for the underprivileged.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore – What does it Stand For?

Habitat for Humanity is a warehouse initiative that accepts the donations in the form of overstocked, used or salvageable building materials. They do accept donations from stockists, contractors, builders or even from the general public.

You can donate practically anything right from toiletries, sinks, sparingly used furniture and household and décor materials. The ReStore chain then sells these items at reduced cost. The prices would range as low as 30 to 70 percent less than the original market value of the product. The funds generated from this sale is then used to build Habitat for Humanity homes for the locals who are in need of a shelter.

How Can You Donate at Habitat for Humanity?

Well, donating the valuables to should be one of the simplest and easiest means of donating for the society at large. Habitat for Humanity picks the donated items from your place.

Well, here are the steps you can follow for your needs –

  • Collect all the items that you would want to donate and take a photograph.
  • Once you have clicked all the photograph, visit the official website and choose the option for scheduling the donation pickup.
  • That should do it. The team from Habitat for Humanity ReStore would pick the items from your doorstep.

Isn’t that simple enough? You do not need to do any kind of heavy lifting. The ReStore service handles all the tasks.

Want to know what items do they accept? Here is a list of a few items you would be able to donate –

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Home Decor Items
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Clothing
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Lawn Equipment

For a complete list of items, you may visit

How Can You Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity?

Do you not have anything to donate? Well, there are other ways you can help Habitat for Humanity and work in tandem with them. You can work the way you would wish to.

You can become a Habitat Hope Builder. You can either donate your own items or help others get associated with the charity organisation. You can even consider becoming a volunteer. You can decide to become a volunteer in ReStore centres, at the building sites or even in their offices.

Another way you can help achieve it would be to go with the best alternative – spread the word about the concept of Habitat for Humanity. If you are a blogger or have a website, you can consider sharing the information about the concept. In fact, if you are in the business related to building materials or construction, you can let your customers know about the initiative and motivate them to donate their items.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, that was all we have about Habitat for Humanity and the initiative that it offers you. If you are someone who is interested in doing something for the world at large, it should be the ideal option for your needs.


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