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Host1Plus Linux VPS Hosting Review

Host1plus is a London, UK based web hosting company providing various web hosting services since 2008. Host1plus has known to be one of the most affordable Linux KVM VPS Hosting providers you can find in the web hosting industry. Host1plus web hosting is known for providing quality service, reliability and stable web hosting services with high performance and secure servers all around the globe.

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A brief about OpenVZ VPS and KVM VPS and their difference

You might have been confusing what may be the difference between VPS and KVM VPS and why one should need to opt of Linux KVM VPS right? Let me walk you through these technical things in an easy to understand way even for a common man like you and me.

VPS as we know, the Virtual Private Server is one of the more stable hostings than a shared web hosting and where you can customise your allotted limited resources. VPS also allows you to have a great security and stability regarding isolated resources that are allotted to you as per the plan you have opted for.  You can go through our detailed post on VPS Hosting for more detailed information about VPS hosting.

Coming to Linux KVM VPS hosting, KVM in the full form means Kernel-based Virtual Machine which allows the user to use the allocated isolated resources without the risk of sharing with another user. This indeed requires the user to have the more technical expertise to customise his server to the full potential.

When compared to Normal VPS or the OpenVZ VPS which normally we use to call the VPS hosting, is more stable, reliable and robust in security plus higher in performance. Also, you have an option for opting for Windows and Linux OS options in KVM VPS then the OpenVZ VPS hosting.

Essential Features & Functions of Host1plus Linux KVM VPS hosting

Here is a list of some important features & functions that you can get from all of the Host1plus Linux KVM VPS hosting plans

1. Powerful API

You can manage your cloud server with the Host1plus’s in-house developed API with the PHP as their primary Scripting language and Curl. Host1plus are also introducing more programs like Python, JS, Ruby and Perl in coming future.

2. KVM Virtualization

This is a virtualization infrastructure for the Linux Server which turns into a hypervisor with Windows support, high stability, performance, and Security.

3. Windows and Linux OS

You have the option available to choose either Windows 2012 or Linux Operating system (CentOS/Debian/Fedora & Ubuntu).

4. Quick deployment

In Host1plus KVM VPS hosting plans, you can create and deploy your Virtual machine in few seconds time.

5. Unlimited Scalability

You can quickly scale your VM (Virtual Machine) in your Client Area without any bound by the physical size of your server.

6. DNS Management

You can very easily create and edit domain zones and records directly in your Client Area.

7. rDNS Control

You can work more time on your projects with less time spent through Host1Plus’s simplified rDNS self-management.

8. Rescue Mode

The rescue mode feature allows you to use the rescue mode for performing many safe recoveries and disk management tasks whenever you suspect that your primary file is corrupted.

9. Auto Backups

As the name suggests, you have the liberty to schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly automatically and also manually as well.

10. SSH Keys

11. VNC Console

You can ease up management of your virtual machine through the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) console.

12. Custom ISO

This feature allows you to mount the configured image on your specimen and run through the boot and setup process as you would on a normal hard disk

13. Live Stats

You have the option to track all your important resources and their usage Live by enabling alerts which allow in avoiding overuse of CPU, Memory or Network.

14. IPv6 support

Without having a reboot, you can enable IP6 during cloud server creation or on existing virtual machine through your Client Area

15. Geolocated IPs

You can localise your online business by the benefit of having Geolocated IPs and boost your SEO capability.

16. Multiple IP4 addresses

You can get access to 32 IP4 addresses for only $1 per IP4 for your project, and you can even get more IP4 on request. To avail the IP4 address, you just need to go to your cloud server control panel through your Client Area, click on Network tab from where you can add IPs.

17. 10 G network

For network troubleshooting and performance testing, the servers have built-in 10 G fiber optic ports.

18. Permanent IP assignment

You get a free unique dedicated permanent IP which provides direct access to your website all the time.

19. Bulk Orders

Other features that come with all plans are – Intel Xeon E5 V3 Processors and DDR4 error-correcting-code RAM.

Host1plus Linux KVM VPS plans and their Prices

As discussed earlier, Host1plus provides most flexible plans at the best affordable price without compromising on the quality of service and performance. The Linux KVM VPS plans start from as low as $4.00 per month, and you have six types of plans to choose from according to your needs. Here is the detailed screenshot which has got all the plans and the configurations you get for each plan.

You get 20% discount on all plans as a special offer, and that saves you a bit from your wallet and in turn providing the plans further lower prices. You can upgrade to any plan from the current plan at any point of time when you feel it’s time to upgrade based on the traffic and popularity or needs of your website.

Customer Support

Host1plus is known to be one of the best hosting providers that take customer care support very seriously and provides a solid support than the competitors. They also provide three types of packages in support like:

1) General Support – Free of charge and includes within the Cloud Servers.

2) 1st Level Extra-Care package – $60.00 per month

3) 2nd level Extra-Care package – $100.00 per hour

You can find the more details about the above packages here.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a VPS hosting plan that can be as close to a plan of a dedicated server plan has or need some high performance and stability than a normal VPS plan, I suggest to choose Linux KVM VPS plans from Host1plus. If you find this post helpful, please do comment and if you want to share your experience do the same in the comment section below.