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How to Charge Macbook Pro Without Charger?

The MacBook Pro is perhaps one of the highest-selling laptops currently. The ability of the device to perform a huge range of tasks without hassles makes it stand apart from the rest of the competing laptops. However, there are times when you would find it really tough to carry your MacBook’s charger along or you may forget at times to take it along or the charger may suddenly stop working. Then what?macbook charger

Think of a scenario where you don’t have your MacBook’s charger and you really need to charge it as it is urgent for you.

Given the fact that Apple devices are not compatible with any random laptop chargers, it is quite a lot essential to look for the best ways to know how to charge MacBook Pro without the charger. 

If you get into such situations, the tips and tricks to charge your Macbook Pro without a charger that I am going to share in this article will help you.

How to Charge MacBook Pro Without Charger?

Let us explore a few of the best methods that you would find quite interesting and effective in helping you to know how you can charge your MacBook Pro without its original charger.

Method 1: Use  a Powerbank to charge MacBook Pro

Use of the power banks has become quite common these days. Power banks have become crucial devices these days and have been known to be assisting you in the case of an emergency. The power banks can be a good choice as they let you charge your MacBook Pro without the need to worry about the charger or a power outlet. I myself have found it quite helpful when I have forgotten to carry the charger along. That is exactly why I have kept the method in the first position as it can be the most common method to charge your MacBook Pro without the charger.

Risks associated with the power banks when charging the MacBook Pro 

Using a power bank that may not be of the right rating can be detrimental to the durability and functionality of your MacBook Pro. DO NOT USE ANY RANDON POWERBANK, but make sure that the voltage and power rating meet the specifications of your MacBook Pro. It is always essential to check the wattage rating before connecting your power bank to the MacBook Pro. 

Method 2: Use a C Type USB Adapter 

This method of charging MacBook Pro with USB-C can be equivalent to how you charge your iPhone. A few of the modern versions of MacBook pro let you charge it through a USB cable. If you have a USB C charger, you can charge your MacBook Pro without its actual charger. Ideally, any USB C charger compatible with other smartphones should work equally well with the MacBook Pro. In case you have forgotten your MacBook Pro charger, you would just need a USB type C cable and a compatible charger. 

Risks and Concerns 

Your MacBook Pro will charge very slowly with the USB Type C cable and charger. Moreover, you may need to check if your MacBook Pro supports USB charging. Not every model of MacBook Pro model comes with the functionality. Once again, the rating and the wattage of the charger will need to be checked. 

Method 3: Use Your Car Charging Socket 

Still, wondering how to charge MacBook Pro without a charger? Charging a MacBook Pro with a car charger can be the best method that you would find much interesting. You would find that there are several types of chargers available for car charging requirements. You can buy a compatible cable to connect your MacBook to your car charger. 

A concern that you need to focus on

Most of the models today come with a 120-volt outlet. Make sure the outlet power is compatible with your MacBook Pro. You would also need to keep the engine running while charging the MacBook Pro. 

Method 4: Use a Portable Solar Charger 

Yet another good method that can prove to be helpful in how to charge MacBook without a charger can be to use a solar charger for the purpose. To be able to use the method, you need to have a solar charger. There is a good number of solar chargers available on the market, but only a few of them can charge an electronic device. 

Solar chargers come in a variety of configurations. The charger you buy would need to be able to connect through the USB port. You will also need a USB cable based on the configuration of your MacBook Pro. 

Method 5: Use Universal Power Adapter 

The next best option would be to use a universal power adapter for charging your MacBook Pro. This can be one of the easiest and most commonly used methods how to charge MacBook Pro without a charger. I have used it several times, but have had a few bad experiences with it as well. 

You will perhaps need to maintain the required voltage, otherwise, you are likely to find your battery going dead or overheating. That is a precaution that you are expected to take under any circumstances. 

Please keep these things in Mind when using the above methods to charge MacBook Pro without a charger

While it has been observed that the above methods can be good choices if you are looking to charge MacBook Pro without its original charger, there are a few precautions that you need to abide by. Do keep a few of the tips that we have outlined here to help you find the precautions and abide by them. 

  • When using a USB C charger or any other charger, it may be noticed that such a practice can negatively affect the battery on your MacBook Pro. There can be several side effects in the long term. It can either damage the battery or make it swell. Charging MacBook Pro with USB-C can be a little risky affair if you use the method too regularly.  So, try this method only in emergency, don’t make it a habbit. 
  • The time taken to charge your MacBook using any of these methods can be of little concern. When compared to the standard method to charge your MacBook Pro, the other methods can take considerably longer time to charge your MacBook Pro battery
  • Please note that all these methods are temporary in nature. You should never use it in the long term. You should invariably get the official MacBook Pro charger sooner than later. 
  • The USB ports on your device may go faulty if you tend to use the method frequently.

The battery details of your MacBook Pro can be helpful in taking a proper call.

Important Information!

Battery: Built-in 58.2-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery

Original(and recommended charger) – 61W Power Adapter or 96W Power Adapter

The Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to be more productive with your MacBook Pro, you need to be careful to keep it fully charged. A lesser charge on your MacBook when you are working on it in your home may not b a concern. However, if you are using it while traveling or elsewhere, it is advisable to follow the best options to charge MacBook Pro. These tips above and the methods here should be helpful in how to charge MacBook Air without a magnetic charger or even MacBook Pro without a charger with ease. 

A Few FAQs

How much would the new charger for MacBook Pro cost?

The cost of a new charger for a MacBook Pro can be anywhere between $90-$100

Is there any Apple charger USB-C type for MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro does provide you access to USB Type C compatible charging. You can make use of the right options among the USB type-c cable to charge MacBook Pro.

Can I charge my MacBook Pro with a phone charger?

Yes, you can charge your MacBook Pro with an iPhone charger. You just need to ensure that the charging ports and the technology are compatible.  The charging will be done slowly though.

What do I do if I lost my MacBook charger?

If your MacBook Pro is equipped with a MagSafe connector, you can buy a new charger. If it comes with a USB type C port, you can charge it with the USB charger that perhaps work with an iPhone. 

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