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How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys – Amazing Methods & Products

When it comes to a laptop and its components, one of the major components that we tend to take for granted is the keyboard. While it is the most widely used part of your laptop than every other element, it is equally the most neglected in most of the cases. At least until the keyboard begins creating issues. We do not think twice when working with our laptops until one fine day; we realize that the keys are not working as expected.

Nothing can get more frustrating than typing on a keyboard that has gone sticky. Perhaps every one of has experienced it, but do not necessarily understand how to avoid it or clean it up. The dirt on the keyboard can stick to your fingers or even get inside the keyboard turning them more sticky.

It is quite advisable to clean up the keyboard quite frequently to avoid the dust built up or even dirt and sweat from your fingers. However, despite all the precautions, you are likely to end up with sticky keys that may render your keyboard non-functional or difficult to work with.

That is precisely why we thought of checking out a few options that can be helpful in understanding how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing keys.

How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard Without Removing Keys & With Ease?

To clean a laptop keyboard without removing keeps, we shall have to use compressed air, or disinfectant microfibres or keyboard cleaning kit. We can also have a toothpick or cotton swabs to clean a keyboard.

The discussion here is specifically aimed at finding how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing keys. Cleaning the keyboard removing the keys would also be possible, but would require a more thorough technical knowledge.

Cleaning a keyboard should ideally be the easiest task with a desktop. You just need to disconnect the keyboard from the desktop and clean it up right away. That isn’t exactly the case with a laptop, though. Like most other parts, a keyboard forms an integrals part of a laptop and thus cleaning it can be a little difficult task.

Here are the steps you would need to follow if you are looking to clean a laptop keyboard –

Turn off the laptop

Never indulge in any sort of cleaning without turning your laptop off. It may also be advisable to remove the batteries to ensure better safety. Remove every cable and other devices connected to your laptop.

Shake off the dirt from the laptop

Shaping off the dirt and food grains of the laptop keys would be one of the excellent options for cleaning up the sticky keyboards. The best option in this respect would be to tilt your laptop completely.

However, we would expect you to be careful enough when doing that. We would not want to you to damage the laptop or any of its components in your zeal to clean the keyboard. Through this method, you should be able to remove all the dirt or dust that may be trapped inside the keyboard.

Shaking the laptop a little when tilted can be one of the excellent options in cleaning the laptop keyboard efficiently.

Use Compressed air to clean the trapped dust particles

The loose dirt trapped inside the keyboard will get removed by tilting and shaking it off. However, the dirt that has got a little sticky may not be easy enough to get rid of. It would perhaps need a little more rigorous treatment. One best option that would help you clean it up would be to use compressed air.

how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing keys

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When we talk about compressed air, please note that we do not mean a powerful option such as a vacuum cleaner. Using the high-pressure equipments such as vacuum cleaner can actually damage your keyboard. A compressed air spray can prove to be handy enough in this situation.

A good compressed air option can be a good option as that would be light on the delicate keyboard components and also powerful enough to drive away the dust quickly. If you have noticed any specific keys that have gone sticky, it may be an excellent option to blow air in this particular area only. Blow air from the than doing it directly on the keys. This can be helpful in removing the dirt quickly enough.

Make sure you have to check out a can with a small nozzle. If you do not find one, it may be a good idea to check if you can find help from a straw. Blow air intermittently. Never ever go with a continuous spray of air.

Disinfectant microfiber is yet another excellent choice

While this may not have anything to do with cleaning your laptop keyboard of the debris, it would be practical to opt for disinfecting the keys. That way, you would be able to make sure that there is no build-up of any sort of germs inside the keys.

A good quality disinfectant cover should ideally be one of the much preferred options you can give a thought to. You can also check if you can use a softer cloth if you do not have access to a microfiber cloth. This should be one of the best options to keep your laptop keyboard completely germ free to the best possible extent.

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If you are using a disinfectant liquid, it may be a good idea to soak your microfiber cloth or other cleaning items in the cleaning than dipping and using them. It may be more of a good idea to check if a keyboard cleaning kit is available. Yet another great option can be one of the perfect utility for cleaning a laptop keyboard would be a sticky tape. Running it between the keys can be one of the great options to clean up the dust particles easily enough.

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A toothpick can be your perfect saviour

This is yet another great option if you are checking out the best options on how to clean a laptop keyboard without removing keys. You can moisten it with the help of water or alcohol and make the best use of it to clean your keyboard.

It should be one of the best options to remove the dust particles that might have been stuck between the keys. Just ensure that no moisture is left inside the keyboard once the cleaning up has been completed. You can either use compressed air or cleaning cloth to remove any moisture.

A few good options can be found from this video:

How to clean a laptop after a spill of coffee or water etc.

One of the prime reasons you might have observed damaging your laptop screen can be spilling something on the laptop accidentally. If you have spilled something on your laptop, you should follow the instructions carefully, and INSTANTLY!

Turn it off RIGHT AWAY

Remove all the cables and devices connected to your laptop and shut it down instantly. That should be one of the most important steps you need to take. Shut it down, remove the battery if it can be. This will ensure that the liquid will not seep into the inner parts and cause any further damage to your laptop.

Remove Excess Liquid

Remove the extra liquid from the laptop immediately. You can use the blot paper, paper towel or any soft lint free cloth. Rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, and paper towels can be some of the best tools that would make it an excellent option in many cases. In some severe cases, you may need to remove the keys for cleaning the keyboard. Avoid using wiping motions as this can spread the liquid further.

Lilt The Laptop

Tilt the laptop in the same way as you described in the above discussion. This can remove the excess liquid by draining it away. It would be advisable to tilt it side by side or in a rocking motion. This will help you remove the liquid from all sides.

Use Compressed Air

The step should be the same as in the previous case. Before proceeding to this step, ensure that you have removed all the excess liquid. A can of compressed air can now be helpful enough in ensuring that the keyboard is cleared of all the damage. You can also use a hair drier, but make sure that you are using it on its lowest setting. If you are using a hairdryer, make sure that you are moving it all the time and holding it at least 20  cm above.

Let the Liquid Dry Out

Keep the laptop inverted in the V position. This will be useful in removing the liquid from the laptop. Ensure that you have kept it in a warmer area. You can leave it in this position for 24 hours. Just make sure that the laptop is not kept under direct sunlight or such heat source. Make sure the keyboard and laptop is completely dry before re-installing the battery and other components you have removed.

The cotton swabs can be one of the excellent options for an improved efficiency. It can be quite useful in removing the water from the smallest of the crevices. If your keyboard comes with a spill resistant keyboard, you will find it working efficiently even after a spill. A normal cleaning should get the thing done for you.

How to address different types of Spills?

Of course, the spills are caused because of accidents. There are several means you would need to focus on before setting out to clean it. Here are a few options you can pay attention to.

Lighter Spills

You should be able to resolve issues with just a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. Do not wipe, but just use the botting action. Wiping can spread the liquid to the surrounding areas. Turn the laptop upside down and on the sides for a few hours. This will be helpful in removing all the liquid.

Larger Spills

These are situations such as dropping an entire glass of liquid on the keyboard. A hard shutdown is one of the most important actions you are expected to take. This will be the first step to take if your keyboard is not working. Unplug every accessory or device connected to the laptop. Remove the battery immediately if there is an option to remove the battery.

Open the laptop as far as you can and keep it upside down in the V shape. You are expected to keep it in this position for a minimum of 24 hours. This will prevent the liquid from the reaching the components inside the laptop. Keep the laptop in this position for a minimum of 24 hours.

How about a few best methods to address the sticky keys:

Why should you keep the laptop keyboards clean?

While a dirty keyboard can be something that affects your productivity, and that is precisely why it needs cleaning. That apart, you should also be cleaning the keyboard for other reasons as well.

Like BBC once reported, the keyboards have been considered to be dirtier than the toilet. It has been observed that the keyboards can contain bugs that can even cause food poisoning in many cases. The amount of bacteria on a keyboard has been expected to be 150 times more than the recommended limit! That should ideally make five times more dirty than a  toilet seat.

You would not believe use, but the keyboards have been considered to be the vehicle for spreading diseases even inside the hospitals. Some studies have proved beyond doubt that keyboards are the primary carriers for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), a type of bacteria that has been observed to be resistant to antibiotics.

That should ideally explain the need for regular cleaning of your keyboard.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few reasons that would make it one of the prime options that would make help you get access to an enhanced experience in cleaning up the laptop keyboard with ease. The steps here are more focussed on cleaning the keyboard without removing the keys.

Do note that the steps here may not be helpful in every case. That would mean while the steps and tricks here can help you cleaning up the keys and address the issue of sticky keys, it may not necessarily be helpful in solving the liquid damage issues. The resolution for the liquid damage will be dependent considerably on the level of damage caused. Minor damages will perhaps get your laptop back on track, while severe damage may need to be addressed only by the professionals.