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How to Clear Discord Chat? *2020 Working Method With Images*

If you are a gamer, you do not need any introduction to Discord or the functions that it offers you. It has been one of the prominent names that the gaming community at large has been involved in and has been using consistently enough. In fact, it has redefined instant messaging and group chats forever.

However, if you have been running a server on Discord, you will definitely understand the need for cleaning up the older Discord chat. Most of the Discord users find it a little difficult task and find it really hard to understand how to clear Discord chat efficiently.

Why Clear Discord Chat?

One of the huge advantages offered by Discord is it offers you the option of holding up your chats forever. No messages and chats are ever deleted unless you delete them manually. You would definitely love to have all those messages saved without the need to have a third party plugin for the purpose.

However, it can also be a nightmare for some of us. You may have sent hundreds of DMs, and now do not want to have access to them. Discord recently showed ho they have been able to save hundreds of Discord posts, and if we go by the trend and tone of the blog post – you can be assured that the things are not going to change for anytime soon.

So how would you clear Discord chat? Check out the steps in this discussion. Before following it up, let us understand how does Discord works.

Types of Messages You Can Send with Discord

Like most of us are aware, Discord is a wonderful tool for sharing voice messages. However, in addition to voice messages, Discord is also capable of sending text messages. In fact, we found that the text chat compatibility or the Direct Message options offered by Discord have been observed to be quite impressive.

That would ideally make the Discord app one of the prime options an excellent choice for use with the enterprise level. In essence, while the app has specifically been designed for use with a gaming focussed application, it has proved its efficiency outside the gaming arena as well.

Discord basically lets you share two types of messages:

Direct Messages
These are one of the most common types of messages being sent on Discord. As can be rightly understood, the Direct Messages are the ones that are sent privately between two users.
Channel Messages
The Channel messages are also referred to as Server Messages. These are the group messages sent on a particular server.

The two types of Discord chat options have their own method and functionality. They do work quite differently. That would mean if you are looking for the options on how to clear Discord chat, the methods that govern the two of those message types would slightly be different.

Discord app in its initial versions let the admins were allowed to delete the messages on a server. They were also allowed to opt for the bulk deletion of messages. However, as the number of users grew – the feature was observed to be getting quite difficult.

Since each of the servers or channels can have a considerably good number of admins, it is likely to create issues. That is precisely why Discord decided to disable the option.

That does not mean you cannot clear Discord chat, or delete the Discord messages. Discord does provide you with enough options to delete or clear Discord chats. But, the actual process has now been made a little complicated and complex in nature.

How to Clear Discord Chat – the Direct Messages

To begin with, let us check out the option on how to clear a Discord chat if it is the Direct Message or DM. Ideally peaking, Discord does not allow you to clear or delete a Discord Direct Message.

The only option you would have access to is to close the chat panel. If you close the chat panel, you would be able to make sure that no one is able to see the message. You would also be able to delete a particular message that you have sent. These messages alone will be removed from the chat history. However, the messages will remain on the chat server, and the chat panel of the recipient.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Launch Discord
  • Right-click on the user with whom you have an issue and want to clear Discord chat with.

How to Clear Discord Chat

  • Mark the user name and other details of the person. This is just to ensure that you are not deleting the chat history for any other user than the one you want to delete the messages for.
  • Move over to the Direct Message option on the left-hand side of the pane.
  • Hover the mouse over the conversation you want to delete.
  • Click on the X button beside the chat.

How to Clear Discord Chat

That should do it. Your conversation will automatically disappear.

Do note that this will NOT be a complete deletion as such. The messages will disappear from your end alone. Moreover, the action cannot be reversed once taken.

We would advise you not to take the step in a hurry. Just ensure that you take up an action only after due deliberation.

How to Clear Discord Chat – the Server Messages

The above step is all about removing or deleting the Direct Messages. The other message type you would come across on Discord is Channel Message or Server Message.

Let us now check out how to clear Discord server messages. There are multiple methods that can be helpful in deleting a Discord chat.

Method 1

The first method to clear a Discord chat would involve manually deleting the chats. This can be a little complicated and cumbersome but should be one of the more comfortable options if you are checking out how to clear Discord chat in the form of a server or channel message.

Here we go with the steps:

  • Launch Discord and go to the Server on which you want to delete the message on.
  • Hover your mouse on the message.
  • You should find the three dots menu on the extreme right.
  • Click on the three dots menu and check out the context menu.

Click on Delete option from among the context menu. Click on Delete when you are prompted to confirm-

Delete Discord Message

This can be an excellent and foolproof method if you are checking out the options on how to clear Discord chat. However, it can be good enough if you have only a couple of messages to delete. In case, there are a huge number of messages that you would want to remove; it may turn out to be quite a time consuming and a little challenging to handle.

Method 2

This method would involve the use of a bot to delete or clear Discord chat. While there are several excellent options that have been proved to be handy, we find MEE6 to be an excellent option for most of your needs.

The Discord bots have proved themselves to be quite effective and efficient in more ways than one in assuring you an improved and enhanced experience in terms of handling the task of clearing a huge number of messages manually.

The steps you would follow for the purpose would include:


  • Click on Add to Discord and provide the necessary permissions.
  • Click on Authorise on the Permissions screen.
  • You will be connected to your Discord account.

Choose the Moderation option on the dashboard and then click on Add to Discord option for the bot.

Add to Discord

Choose a server that you would want to connect. Once the server is connected, you should get access to a host of commands that can be executed to configure and delete the server messages.

delete the discord server messages

Some of the commands that can be useful would include:

  • !clear @username – This command removes the messages from a particular user. Do remember to replace the terms username in the command with the correct username
  • !clear 500 – This command deletes the last 500 messages. You can change this number to anything that you would prefer.

Please note that the maximum number of messages that can be deleted is limited to 1000 at one time.

The ease of automation would definitely make using a bot like MEE6 the more natural and simple options if you are checking out the options on how to clear Discord chat

How to Pin Messages in Discord?

The pinned message functionality on Discord can be one of the excellent options. This can be useful in finding and sharing the important messages that are of utmost importance. They can be helpful in many ways, such as having quick access to any server or channel-specific rules and updates. They can also be an excellent option to share and save funny and unique messages with ease.

How to pin a message on Discord? The steps here should be helpful:

  • Hover over the line of text in the channel.
  • You should find the option for More options (…) at the far right.
  • Click on it and find the option to Pin Message
  • Simply click on it, and your message will instantly be pinned.

How to pin a message on Discord

In Conclusion

Well, that was a complete tutorial on how to clear Discord chat. Though Discord does not let you delete or clear the chats in a simple way, the tips and options here should help you achieve the task rather more easily enough.

Check out those steps, tips, and tutorials and share your experiences with us!

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