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How To Create Your Outdoor Cinema At Home?

Who doesn’t like an exclusive cinema experience?

If you love to watch movies and entertain guests at the same time, putting up an outdoor cinema within your lot can bring the best of both worlds for you.

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Steps in Creating a Home Outdoor Cinema

Whether you’re using Kodi on Roku or showing videos from an external hard drive, creating the best outdoor cinema for your home involves several factors and preparatory steps.

1. Find the best outdoor area for the outdoor cinema.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the right location for your outdoor cinema. You may consider the backyard, front porch, open garden, or roof terrace.

When looking for the best possible area for your outdoor cinema, make sure that it’s shielded from the elements. You wouldn’t want your TV or projections system to get exposed to wind and rain, right?

Check the immediate environs for any bright lights, say a nearby lamp post. The light coming from these outdoor items may reflect against the TV screen and create an unpleasant glare that your guests might find irritating.

2. Install power outlets near the area.

What good is a picturesque outdoor area if you cannot hook up your audio-video equipment to a power source? Make sure that the area has access to electricity. You may either choose an area near an existing outdoor electrical socket or use an extension cord to provide power supply.

3. Use the right equipment.

For this step, you may choose between two options: a projector-screen setup or a large-screen TV. The latter may prove to be more practical for most homeowners since it uses only a single equipment (aside from the media player or video source) to display videos.

Choose the best outdoor TV with outstanding features that will work perfectly in your private outdoor cinema. Some factors to consider in buying a good outdoor TV include durability against the elements, screen size, compatibility with media players and audio devices, and picture quality.

In addition, treat your guests to an amazing audio experience by using the best home theater system setup. Pairing visuals with high-quality sound will definitely bring your outdoor cinema to a higher level of sophistication.

4. Put comfortable seating.

A lot of people enjoy a home cinema because it affords them relaxation and comfort. When creating your own outdoor cinema at home, make sure that you’re preparing your guests for the best and most comfy movie-watching experience that they will ever encounter.

  • If you plan to have, your guests sit on lawn grass, provide a groundsheet or mattress to protect them from itchy grass blades and uncomfortable stones and pebbles.
  • For seating options, you may opt to put bean bags and inflatable chairs instead of sofa sets and wooden benches.
  • Mix and match different seating furnitures such as recliners, sofas, stools, benches, and mattresses. That way, you’re giving your guests more options to choose from.

5. Enjoy the experience.

Apart from thinking about the technical aspects of putting up your own outdoor cinema, always remember that the primary factor that you need to consider is an experience.

Here are some ways to ensure the best possible film viewing experience:

  • Place a couple of blankets nearby that guests may use when the wind becomes a bit chilly.
  • Prepare a small bonfire or fire pit to warm up the place. You may also opt for scented candles designed to ward off flying pests. This is perfect if you’re planning a backyard home theater.
  • Have some food prepared. This may be as simple as popcorn in bowls paired with ice-cold beverages, or a heavy late-night snack with barbecue or pizza.

By creating a cinematic atmosphere that evokes fun and relaxation, you can come up with the best outdoor cinema at home even if you have a simple video screening setup.