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How To Delete Multiple Photos On Instagram At Once?

Instagram is a famous photo and video sharing platform and it is widely used by many celebrities as well. If you are one who has already used Instagram on your computer, tablet or mobile, then you might have noticed that the platform doesn’t allow its users to delete multiple photos at once from their accounts. You have to delete it one by one which is a very time-consuming procedure. Now let us have a look at how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once

Although Instagram itself does not allow us to delete multiple photos at once, we can definitely take the help of the third-party applications. These apps can help you to delete multiple photos from the platform with a single click. Having said that not all the apps are having such advanced features to delete images at once. 

How To Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram At Once

Before we go through how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once, let us first know how to delete Instagram posts:

Delete Individual Photos From Instagram account Through App 

Now first have a look at the process of deleting the images from the Instagram app. 

Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the app on your smartphone or tablet. 

How to Delete Multiple Photos on Instagram at Once

Step 2: Then tap on the profile situated on the bottom right corner and then select the image that you want to delete. 

Step 3: Once the photo is displayed, click on the three-dot icon that is located in the top right corner of the image. 

click on the three dot icon

Step 4: After clicking the three-dot icon, a menu will be displayed as shown in the image. Click on the delete option present in the list. 

click on the delete option

Step 5: Finally, a confirmation box will be displayed, you need to again tap on the Delete option. 

Tap delete option again

Step 6: You can also hide the photos by clicking on the archive option instead of deleting from your Instagram account. 

So, these simple steps will help you to delete individual photos from the Instagram account. However, if you are looking at a specific method to delete multiple photos then keep on reading the article. 

As you have seen that officially the platform does not allow us to delete multiple Instagram images at once. Thus, we need to take the help of some third-party apps which can efficiently do the task. Here we have listed some genuine third party apps which can delete multiple Instagram photos from your Instagram account. 

  • Instant Cleaner for Instagram 
  • Cleaner for Instagram 
  • Mass Delete For Instagram

Instant Cleaner For Instagram 

Instant Cleaner is known to be one of the most useful apps when it comes to deleting multiple photos on Instagram. However, you can see various other functions in this app: 

  • Unlike multiple photos and videos at once. 
  • Unfollow bulk users at once. 
  • Block users in bulk. 
  • Delete your posts in mass. 

Now to know how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once through this app, have a look at the following steps: 

Step 1: To use any app, you have to download it and install for the Play Store. The same process you have to apply here. 

Step 2: After the installation is done, you need to launch the app. 

Step 3: Next login using your Instagram user ID and password. Now, click on the posts in the bottom bar. Here you will notice photos and videos that you have uploaded in your Instagram account. 

Step 4: Now, you can select multiple photos and videos that you want to delete at once. To delete, tap on “Delete” situated on the top bar. 

Step 5: And now you have to wait until all the selected photos and videos get deleted. 

There is both free as well as the paid version of this app. In the free version, you can delete up to 5 photos at once. But to get full access, you can avail its paid version. 

Cleaner For Instagram

Cleaner for Instagram is such a tool that can perform multiple tasks at once. For instance, you can block, unfollow, delete like and dislike in bulk. Let us see the step by step procedure on how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once through Cleaner for the Instagram App. 

Step 1: First you have to download and install the Cleaner for Instagram App from the Play Store. 

Step 2: Once the installation has been completed, open the app to use. 

Step 3: Next to operate your Instagram account, you have to log in using your Instagram credential under the same app. 

Step 4: Click on the ‘Media’ option from the bottom bar where you can view all your uploaded photos as well as videos of your Instagram account. 

Step 5: Choose the photos which you are willing to delete and then tap on the Flash button from the bottom right. 

Step 6: Once clicked, a pop-up menu will appear among which you have to click on the Delete option. 

Step 7: A confirmation dialogue box will appear; you have to click on the “Start Now” option. Now all the selected photos will get deleted at once.  

Cleaner for the Instagram App also has both free and paid version. In the free version, the user can perform 50 operations in total. However, to get full access, you can avail its paid version.

Mass Delete For Instagram 

Now if you are looking for how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once for free, then read this point carefully. As you have seen to use all the features of above-mentioned apps, you have to go for the pro version, this app will save the extra bucks. Mass delete for Instagram also helps you to delete, like, dislike, follow, unfollow and block in bulk. The user interface of the app is almost similar to that of Cleaner for the Instagram app. Thus, all its steps are the same. 

 All you need to do is just download the application from any third-party website. Then log in by using your Instagram credentials. But make sure to keep your password secured as this doesn’t claim to store your password. However, they store the username of your Instagram account for the future reference.  

How to delete multiple photos On Instagram at Once On the Computer? 

So as you have checked out how to delete multiple photos on Instagram on mobile, we thought to give it a look on how to delete multiple photos on Instagram fast on the computer. 

Please note that you cannot delete multiple photos or videos on Instagram on the computer. However, there are some simple steps that would help you to delete the photos on Instagram fast. Third-party apps like Android Emulator and Bluestacks can perform the task effectively.  

Wrapping Up 

So as you have seen we have listed some of the best solutions on how to delete multiple photos on Instagram at once. And all these applications will help you to perform the tasks in a hassle-free manner. Do you have any other way to perform the same task? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.