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How To Fix Google Docs Spell Check Not Working

When we are writing a document it is not at all limited to writing your thoughts on the paper. There are multiple spelling mistakes as well as grammar conventions which you need to take care of my checking. Now if you are one who is struggling with the problem then let us tell you that you are not alone. Many users are facing the same problems and this is why in this article we are going to discuss Google docs spell check not working.

Do you know that even the most experienced writers also face such kind of errors all the time? And this is where the spell check option of Google docs helps to save the extra time. How the spell check option works are it automatically finds out any spelling and grammatical mistakes that it may have in his or her document and instantly suggests the needed corrections. The user can even enable the auto-correct option 

So in this blog, you are going to learn how to turn on the spell check in Google docs as well as everything about Google docs spell check not working. Not only this we are also going to show you how to customize autocorrect options to work for you.

What is spell check in Google docs?

The spells check the option of Google docs is almost similar to that of Microsoft word as it automatically checks your entire document for mistakes. If there is any sort of spelling and grammatical mistakes then each of them will be highlighted in the text and then the spell check will show you how to correct those errors.

Spell check is one of the most useful tools in Google docs which we should never ignore. This is because it helps in creating a properly well designed and written text clearly conveying the thoughts that you want to provide to your readers without any sort of unnecessary distractions.

Why use spell check in Google docs?

This article is all about Google docs spell check not working so it is relevant to know what is the importance of spell check in Google docs. Although it is up to you whether to use or not use spell check it is absolutely certain that you will be making at least one spelling error in your entire document. So spotting those mistakes by reading through your Google docs is a time-consuming process and it’s totally unreliable.

What happens when the spell check has not been enabled?

You will notice that when you are using Google docs the spell check is turned off. The main reason why it is not working is that it was never turned on in the first place. Search turn on your spell check you need to open Google Chrome and look for the three dots that are situated in the upper right corner of the browser. Now scroll down and click on settings.

google docs spell check not working

In the settings scroll all the way down and come to the advanced settings option.

Google docs spell check not working

Here you need to search for the option for a used a web browser to help resolve spelling errors at the bottom. You have to go ahead and turn on by clicking the button situated on the right. When the button turns do that means it has been enabled.

On Android Devices

  • Firstly you need to install the Google docs app on your Android device. Can’t find this app on Google play.
  • On the app, you need to open a text document.
  • Now tap on the edit icon
  • Tap “more” in the top right corner showing the three dots icon.
  • Click on the spell-check.

If you find any sort of error you will also be seeing the suggestions on how to correct those mistakes.

  • The first step is to accept to apply the correction
  • Here if you want to ignore the suggestion then simply click on ignore.
  • To apply the suggested changes to all the errors click more from the top right corner.
  • You can either choose to accept all or ignore all.

So if you see why the Google docs spell check not working on your Android device on a laptop then you can go through the above-mentioned steps. Now if Google docs spell check not working issue is going on your iPhone then unfortunately the iOS version of Google docs mobile app does not offer this feature. But you can resolve this issue by visiting the web browser of your computer.

Other methods to solve Google docs spell check option not working

If you have already tried on the above-mentioned option but you’ve noticed that it is still not working, then try on this alternate method on Google docs spells check option not working.

Go Incognito

We already know that Google Chrome has an amazing feature known as Incognito mode. However, it does not mean that it will protect you from getting caught from some malicious website while you are working. What basically does is it pauses your search history and then protects you from the unsecured site. How to solve the Google docs spell check option not working on Incognito mode.

When you are going back to spell check see that if it works in the Incognito mode. You simply have to click on the three dots in the top right corner. Now select “new incognito window”.

Once you click on this a new window will open up which you have shown in the figure given below.

If the spell check is not working even in the Incognito mode then it means that the spell check has not been enabled on the Google docs.

Clear cache and cookies

Another instant way to fix the issue is to simply clear the cache and cookies on your device.

Now locate these three dots again and scroll down to more tools and choose clear browsing data.

Once a click on it in a new window will be appearing.

Here you need to click on the clear data option and you are done.

Reset Chrome settings to default

You can also reset your Chrome settings. For this, you need to open Chrome and go into settings. No scroll down to the bottom and tap on advanced. At the very bottom select on click restore settings. This will help in restoring your settings to the original default settings.

What’s your take on Google docs spell check not working

We hope that this article on Google docs spells check not working has helped you to learn how to turn on the spell check in Google docs. when you follow all the above-mentioned steps carefully you can focus on your writing better. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below if you are already enjoying the feature of Google docs.

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