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Keyloggers: Monitoring Keystrokes Made Easier

Keyloggers are pieces of software or hardware that you install on your computer or any other device. They let you keep a record of every keystroke that has been entered into the device. A software keylogger is very easy to install and is almost impossible to detect for someone who has no clue that a keylogger might be present. Specific software is required to detect a keylogger such as an anti-virus or anti-keyloggers. A hardware keylogger, on the other hand, requires you to connect it to the keyboard and the USB port, hence making it easily detectable.

Keyloggers can be of various uses, but they are mostly used to keep a check on children using computers. The internet can be a dangerous place for kids, and as one cannot be present with them all the time, a keylogger records every keystroke made thus enabling you to know what they’re up to. Another important use of keyloggers is to keep a check on your employees to make sure they’re not sharing any confidential files with anyone.

Now that you know what keyloggers are, you might want to try them out. In that case, here are 8 of the best keyloggers available.

1. Spytech SpyAgent


Spytech SpyAgent is a keylogger that makes keeping a track on someone very easy. All the keystrokes that the user has made into the computer will be recorded by SpyAgent. Not only have that, but SpyAgent will also record website usage, program usage, chat, email, screenshots, etc. All the recorded data can then be viewed categorized by time, date. You can also view the recorded data on a different computer than the one it is being recorded on.

You can download Spytech SpyAgent keylogger by clicking on this link.

2. PC Pandora

PC pandora

PC Pandora can not only record your keystrokes but can also be programmed to take screenshots of the screen at regular intervals. Another very interesting feature is that it can save all the emails and attachments viewed on that computer. Other normal features include webcam pictures at regular intervals, website, and program usage statistics, etc. You can also choose which program you want to exclude from being monitored.

You can download PC Pandora keylogger by clicking on this link.

3. Actual Keylogger

Actual keylogger

Actual Keylogger is a fairly simple to use software. The software is able to record keystrokes, websites, files, documents sent to the printer, clipboard, screen captures, etc. All the recorded data can be viewed on the same computer. Also, the internet connection of the computer can be recorded.

You can download Actual Keylogger by clicking on this link.

4. Real Free Keylogger

Real free keylogger

Another very simple keylogger, Real Free keylogger has a simple to use interface that lets you record the keystrokes. No other options are available. The recorded keystrokes data can then be viewed in the program itself or the logs can be exported to an HTML file. The software cannot be completely hidden but can only be password protected for the free version. As for the paid version, you can decide whether to hide the software’s hotkey or to reveal it.

You can download Real Free keylogger by clicking on this link.

5. Refog Free Keylogger

Refog keylogger

Refog Free Keylogger performs the duties of a keylogger pretty well. With the free version, you can record the entered keystrokes, visited websites, programs run, computer activities and the clipboard. However, the free version is not invisible to the user as an icon can be spotted in the notification tray for as long as the keylogger is running. Even though it cannot be hidden, it can be password protected which makes the job somewhat easier.

You can download Refog Free Keylogger by clicking on this link.

6. Kidlogger


A keylogger that is primarily meant for keeping a check on children, Kidlogger is a very basic keylogger. The program is not hidden, but you can protect it with a password. The usual stuff like keystrokes, clipboard content, URLs of the website accessed, screenshots and audio files are recorded. Also, you can mark certain keywords. Whenever these keywords are entered into the computer, a screenshot of the current window will be captured.

You can download Kidlogger by clicking on this link.

7. Revealer Keylogger Free

revealer keylogger

The free version of the revealer keylogger comes just with the basic functionality. You can record the keystrokes entered into the computer, and the Windows titles can also be recorded. You can program the keylogger to work for multiple windows users. The paid version gets you the ability to run the program in hidden mode and also get the reports via email.

You can download Revealer Keylogger by clicking on this link.

8. DanuSoft Free Keylogger

Danusoft keylogger

Another very simple keylogger that only performs the basic task of recording the keystrokes, Danusoft keylogger is pretty easy to use. The software records the keystrokes in a simple notepad (.TXT) file on the computer itself. The keywords HIDEKEY and SHOWKEY will make the hotkey for the application invisible or invisible respectively. You can also change these keywords to your needs. Even when the program is running in stealth mode, you can access it from the “Add/Remove Program” option on your computer.

You can download Danusoft Free keylogger by clicking on this link.

So these were 8 of the best keyloggers available out there. We hope you found the article to be useful. Have any queries? Get back to us in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.