Lifeproof vs. Otterbox: Which is the Better Option for your iPhone?

The debate over which of these two protective cases offers the best protection for an iPhone is a fierce one among iPhone users. The lifeproof vs. Otterbox debate is justifiable: the cost of an iPhone makes it imperative that iPhone users will prioritize its security to ensure its durability.

If you are an iPhone user, you probably have been involved in this debate or as a potential user; you may be interested in finding a satisfying answer to the question. That’s cool.

In this article, I will compare these two protective cases to help you make the right choice. I will base my assessment of these cases on a couple of criteria such as:

  • Value.
  • Water protection.
  • Impact protection.
  • Touch screen protector.
  • Dirt protection.

Let’s see how the Lifeproof vs. Otterbox comparison will go:

  1. The Otterbox Defender

The protective case industry sees this Otterbox Defender as a blessing to iPhone users. For years running, Otterbox has taken on the responsibility of giving iPhone users what they really need: a reliable protective case that will prolong the lifespan of their phones.

The features of the Otterbox Defender include:

  • A built-in protective touchscreen cover to ensure that the screen is protected from dropping objects or scratches that may destroy it.
  • A protective cover for the Home button. Thus, you can use the Home button as much as you like without the fear of damaging it accidentally.
  • A durable polycarbonate shell that offers overall protection for your phone. With the durable shell, rest assured that your phone is in good hands.
  • A dense rubber exterior that increases the strength and durability of the seal that covers the Silent/Ring switch as well as the ports.

Since the buttons and ports are securely protected, the preventive case serves as an efficient protection against debris such as sand or dust from entering the phone and cause damage. Sadly, though, a part of your phone will still be exposed to the elements as the case still leaves some portions uncovered.  The case doesn’t offer maximum support for the front and rear cameras as these sides are partially protected from the elements.

The protective case is also not designed to offer water resistance to the phone. This may not be a deal breaker since the new iPhone models are water resistant by default. Therefore, when dealing with water, try to be realistic about the quantity of water you should expose your phone to.

It is unfortunate that Otterbox is mute on the impact protection ability of this rugged case. However, some daring users have dropped their iPhones from impressive heights without any appreciable impact on their phones. This is an indication of the high impact value of the case.

In a nutshell, the Otterbox Defender is a compact protective case that can easily be handled, regardless of whether your hands are wet or not. The protective case also boasts of an impressive audio quality and is available in different colours. If you want to customize your colour, you are free to do that.

  1. Lifeproof

The Lifeproof protective case is not a pushover when discussing durable protective cases for iPhones. This case is waterproof, slim, and lightweight and that’s a good plus for it in the Lifeproof vs. Otterbox debate. For individuals who are after the best protection for their phones without the extra stress of carrying a huge weight of the case in addition to their phone’s weight, the Lifeproof will be a good choice.

The protective case offers a high degree of resistance to snow, dirt, and water. Thus, if you regularly or occasionally have to deal with these three by virtue of your lifestyle or job requirement, you can count on this efficient protective case to protect your phone against any major impact of these three.

Whether you want to handle spills from your wine or occasional water drops on your phone, the phone has the built-inability to withstand such water drops and this will be fortified by the water-resistance feature of the protective case as well.

Just like the Otterbox, the Lifeproof comes fully equipped with a screen protection to extend the lifespan of your phone screen and that should allay your fears when using the phone wherever you are. Even if you are an adventurer, the Lifeproof has your phone adequately covered.

While there is no perfect case that guarantees maximum support for your phone and ensures that it won’t ever break, the Lifeproof case covers the common weather conditions and hazards that can threaten the durability of your phone covered. With the case, you are free to take your phone out to wherever you want without entertaining the fear of damaging it.

While the Lifeproof brand is the leading name in the waterproof category, Otterbox is the undisputable leader in the drop-proof category. When dealing with higher drops, the Lifeproof’s slim profile is a big minus that tilts the choice in favour of the more rugged Otterbox.

A good look at the breakdown of these protective cases highlights a very important fact: there’s no clear-cut winner, although the Otterbox has a slight edge in the Liteproof vs Otterbox debate. What you need in a protective case will determine your choice. If water-resistance is your concern, go for the protective case that offers you that. If you want to improve your phone’s resistance to drops, perhaps if you are an engineer or a field person, you have the right case to offer you that as well.

What is more, there is a little difference in the prices of the two cases, and that shows the readiness of the Otterbox defender and the Lifeproof to offer their customers the best protection for their iPhones. Hence, this is one of the reasons why the Lifeproof vs. Otterbox debate has continued to remain the consciousness of iPhone users.

The Otterbox defender vs. Lifeproof iPhone debate will still continue to range on, but you can now make the right decision and go for either of the two that meets your requirements.