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10 Live Sports Streaming Websites

Live sports streaming websites come to rescue when you cannot get most of the games you would have otherwise never missed out on; it could be because you are out or stuck in a traffic jam! That is when these live streaming sports websites come in handy. In some cases, if you are not a TV guy, and stick to your personal computer, such sites are good for you.


1. Star Sports 

Start Sports is the channel which allows you to watch all your favourite games online for all the times you miss out on them due to various reasons. From live streaming football to Kabaddi, Cricket to Badminton; it has all of them at your fingertips. The website allows you to watch games for free, but the pro version gives to you some additional services. The application for the same is also available on your Smartphones!

2. Watch ESPN

 Ideally, Watch ESPN is meant for subscribers from the US. In order to avail this service, the user needs to have a traditional cable package and of course access as well. Having done that, Watch ESPN will be the one place you will always come to every time you want to watch live streaming sports ranging from all the various ones. There is also an HD option are also available on your phones, web and gaming systems.

It is indeed a great example of a sports streaming website!

3. Stream Sports

This indeed is one of the best live streaming sports website out there as it has been rated best by both users and bloggers alike. It provides the best of live football streaming or for that matter even rugby, NBA and NHL streams. The home page for the website segregates the streams for you and makes it easy for you as a viewer to select from the subsections. You shall find most of the games and regular updates keep the website going perfectly!

The NFL streams here are ad-free!

4. First Row Sports

Yet another amazing website which has been an ideal source for showing not only live streaming but also quality viewing.
First Row Sports has an excellent user interface which is easy and simple to use, eliminating any complexities as you navigate through the website. Visit the website for yourself and you shall know how it works! The website is considered to be one of the best live streaming football websites with the quality viewing and the overall experience!


The site was earlier known by the name of and is currently among those few live streaming sports website that functions perfectly enough and at the same time have a great design for easier use. The sidebar itself displays the latest live streaming football and other games!

There is a range of links which ideally cover the list of popular and special games! For example, at the time, the Fifa World Cup users will find the link to live football streaming on the website to make navigating through them easily! Not to forget you can as well view highlights and full matches from the past!

6. All Sport live

This is yet another site which has more of international sports for all the people and makes it an ideal source of streaming sports live at any given time! There are a few games which are always streamed on this website including live streaming football, volleyball, cricket, basketball and many others.

7. From Hot

From Hot is a great sport streaming website and is simple enough. It is among the few websites which deliver great streaming and allows you to choose the sport and time zone while you watch live streaming. Here, you shall find every sport available, be it live football streaming or Hockey or Tennis or Basketball and Golf, Cycling, Motorsports as well. The only probably problem this website poses is the ads which actually flood the streaming throughout!

8. VIP League

VIP League might be an ultimate website to stream sports live as it has stream links and helps you find all the major events related to sports. You shall find all the links working and active for all the live streaming football, Basketball, Cricket, F1, Rugby, Boxing, etc. the website is also language friendly and offer 7 languages which help it cover audience and engage viewers worldwide!

9. Boss Cast

This website is one of the most reliable websites for live streaming! Once you go to the website it shall automatically detect the area and time zone and shall display matches relating to the same. You can always change the time depending on the match you wish to watch!  The links are a hundred percent true and also undergo scrutiny from time to time. Once you visit the website, you are likely to be more than happy with it!


This one is a purely legal website and ensures it rights to broadcasting a range of sports events. The website might not cover all the events as it is selective with the leagues and their live streaming; however, it focuses on a couple of live football streaming for a few football leagues, Volleyball, ice hockey, table tennis and various others of its likes.

And that was all from the best of live sports streaming websites. Though we have missed out many still; however, the next time you wish to watch live football streaming or any other sport such as cricket, hockey, etc.,  you know where to check them out! Happy streaming!