How do Mac and Windows Compare in Video Editing?

So, are you a YouTuber, Vlogger or something like that? Maybe you would belong to the film or some production industry. So, I am sure that in these places, daily more than thousands of minutes of videos are shot by all types of cameras. The camera can be cheap ones and some expensive ones too. But, the thing is that everything doesn’t stop there! After our video has been shot, we require editing of that specific video. So, if you are starting out in this thing, you would probably wonder that what is best the Operating System (OS) in terms of Video Editing? Well, if that’s your question, then you are at the right place, as today we are going to discuss about this thing in detail. So, let’s head on to our content.

In recent years, there has been a raging debate over the best platform for video editing. While Mac has established itself as a brand frequently selected by artists, Windows platforms have become more and more advanced. When selecting the appropriate system for your needs, it is important to understand the key differences. An apple premier partner can help you work through the differences in both platforms and offer support as you navigate the editing programs.

Software Options

In recent years, professional level programs have become more and more accessible to average PC consumers, and they offer capabilities in animated transitions, chroma-key, filters, picture in picture and other effects. AVID, Magix Movie, Nero Video and Vegas Movie are all excellent options for the PC. While MAC options are essentially Final Cut and iMovie, they offer established credibility in the industry. The video editing basics compare solidly to other programs, and the programs offer more complex and polished techniques. But, still according to our research we have seen that people tend to run after Mac, just because they are being offered advance software – Final Cut Pro X. But, let me make it clear that you actually get to see a lot of advanced professional video editing software’s made specifically for Windows only.

Machine Basics

Often the choice between a Mac and Windows system boils down to editing software preferences. However, the computer hardware is just as important. While a Mac system is often pricier, it comes with the strength to run the standard video editing software. On the other hand, PCs offer more customization when it comes to hardware. However, many PC consumers skimp on cost, which can cause issues down the road. The main thing actually lies around Hardware. If you have a good amount of RAM, then you can probably do faster and better editing. Also, for processing, the main thing depends upon the power of your GPU and CPU. We have noticed one more thing, and that is that Apple actually makes designer computers, and not some video editing computers. Of course, if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars on Mac Pros, then that’s not an issue. But, if you are tight on your budget, then it’s better you choose some Custom PC, and that should definitely replace the Mac Pro and do your work of video editing.


The selection of a video editing platform may largely depend on your use. If you are a novice looking to simply create home videos, a Mac can be a little easier to navigate. Additionally, you may need to consider other home uses. In contrast, if you are in the video tech services industry, you will want to look into the features of each program to find what fits the bill. While many PC programs offer new approaches, Mac programs have been recognized for their more polished products.


Well, that brings us to the conclusion of this article, which discussed the difference between a Mac Computer and a Windows PC in terms of video editing. We also want to make this point clear, that we are not inclined towards any operating system, and we have discussed points in favor of both Mac and Windows. Now, if you have read up our article, you may be still be wondering what should I go for?

We will tell you the thing straight away! Go for what your heart says! We should know that the thing doesn’t totally depend upon the Operating System. Instead, it depends more on the hardware and software you use. Also, you should know your budget, requirements, and other main things. If you liked our article, then go ahead and share it with your friends! Also, let us know your experience of Operating System which you use for video editing, in our comments section below.