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New Way To protect Google Apps Data

Gone are the days when we used to keep our data on our local computer, the cloud is the new way of storing our data. The reason of using the cloud is very simple, and that is you can access your data from anywhere just with the internet connection.  Data stored on our local computer is not accessible from anywhere. This is the reason people keep their data in the cloud, and the best thing is you can sync your data with various services as well.

We use Google products a lot. And, we use a number of  Google apps such as Google Photos, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sites, etc.  Only a little part of users muse about the danger of loss the information, kept in such a way. After all, everyone is not immune to get into such situation.

I remember the days when the cloud was not there, and I used to keep my data on my computer, and when I have to take my data to some place, I used to have a DVD created and then carry along with me. But, since cloud is here, I keep my data mostly on Google Drive and access it anywhere as per the need.

Everyone knows that data saved online is not safe but still most of the people don’t bother about the security. Leave about the security, data loss is the major issue as well. And, there comes the need of taking data backup. And, especially the backup of your Google Apps Data since we use a lot of Google Apps.

So, how to avoid the loss of personal information? How to protect the data?

Now, let us talk about the right way to back up your Google Apps data

Today you can find a lot of solutions on the market from different cloud to cloud backup and SaaS providers, which provide lucrative backup offers. We have been looking for such services, and after analyzing some of them, we got one that is really nice for keeping the backup of our Google Apps data. And, that is You can visit the official site here.


Intended for individual users, small and medium businesses, enterprise and education, This SaaS data backup provider offers backup solutions which are as:

  1. Cloud to cloud backup and recovery.
  1. Google Apps protection.
  1. Google Apps cyber security.

We’ve found the following advantages at Spinbackup:

  • ­  Automated daily backup.
  • ­   Data encryption.
  • ­   Accurate recovery.
  • ­   Local downloads.
  • ­   Secure migration.
  • ­   Deletion control.

Despite all the opportunities, written before, come into the notice, the system of security arranged on the service. It covers such a moments:

  1. Two­step verification, which means, that user should, firstly, enter personal login and password, and, secondly, he should confirm the password, sent him by e­mail or by phone (user selectable);
  2. Disable login by Google ID, which means the service users’ protection in case of compromising their Google accounts;
  1. OAuth 2.0 => It is the authentication protocol, which provides the service the access duty to the user’s another service resources. It gives the possibility not to trust the login and the password to the service.
  2. Encryption => Spinbackup provides the top level of encryption to transfer and store the data.


Unfortunately, most of the users start to think about saving the personal information after they lose their important data. But, We would advise you to take action, and use Backup Solution to keep the backup of your important data.

We are not going to advise you unnecessarily to use the certain service, but we’d like you to notice that your data is important, and you must use a reliable service that keeps your data safe. And, when it comes to reliable, Spinbackup is the name you can count on.