How to Optimize Your Site in 10 Steps — SEO Guide

When it comes to SEO, there are many companies that would claim that they are the best in the business, and they commit that they will get you guaranteed ranking. But in reality, most of these corporations really don’t know what they are doing. In fact, most of the tactics applied are wild guesses and there are only few who really know how to optimize a site.

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The good thing is that there are only a few effective strategies that are proven to help you in your SEO campaign.

Social Media Networks

Gone are the days where search engines’ algorithms rely on article writing, article submission, backlinks and press releases. Today, social media sites are relatively vital for optimization. In addition, Google’s main sources are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other famous social networks.

YouTube Channel

It is no longer a secret that YouTube can be your game changer in terms of optimization. For those services and products who want to showcase or discuss something about their products/services, this is the right spot to do so.

Meta Tags and Keywords

Yet of course, you still need to understand how essential keywords and meta tags are when using the platform. After all, keywords are still king in this industry.


Keep it fresh and keep your viewers updated about the latest news related to your niche. You can send the updates via email or post it to your social media pages. Double check your content concerning the grammar and spelling. It will affect your reputation when you overlook your content frequently.

Old Domains

So, why in the world would live users get into old domains? This strategy is not actually targeting the internet community but rather the search engine crawlers. Web developers would look for old domains which are related to their niche. Its overall performance must be impressive from seoanalytics.pro before reviving those old domains.


Ever wonder why Wikipedia is always visible in the SERP? It is because Wiki used a lot of relevant internal and external backlinks. What really makes Wiki very dominant in the SEO game is because it is an open-source, where many can edit or create niches. Nowadays, the craze of safe link building is evolving among SEO analysts so that they can rank their sites better.

Lead Magnets

Not so long ago, blogging was one essential SEO campaign. It targets both crawlers and the live users. But, ever since mobile technology was introduced to the market, slide share took the blog’s position. It does not just target crawlers and viewers, but also it can generate leads.

Keeping UI Simple

It can be annoying for live viewers not to view the site they wanted to visit because of the loading time. This actually affects the bounce rate of the site and those would-be leads will look for another site that has the same topic as yours. Slides in your hero are a no-no. Keep it simple as much as possible, but ascertain that you provide all the relevant things a viewer should know about your website.

Good Reputation and Credibility

In the digital marketing industry, reputation and credibility always matter. Many users are anxious about staying for too long on a certain site or make a transaction because of so many reports of so many scams. Not to mention the ransomware hack which relatively affects the web. You need to showcase your reputation via feedback, forums, customer reviews, and accredited platforms that are connected to you.

Not too Aggressive, But Not too Careful Either

How many times have you clicked the exit button whenever you saw an aggressive message box in front of your screen? Many users are scared by this tactic where it shows how aggressive your site is. Show the users that they need your service or product rather than pleading for sales.