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How to Organize the Apps on the Chrome Apps Page?

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser today. The developers at the backend are putting their best efforts to make it more reliable and comfortable web browsing experience to the internet users. Initially, web browsers were used to navigate through various web pages and to serve our online web needs, but today’s browsers can offer you much more than surfing the internet. Google Chrome was the first to take the initiative toward providing independent apps for the web as well. Chrome apps are the web applications which run on the Chrome browser as installable plug-in or add-on. You can get all latest Chrome apps from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Listing of my installed apps:

You have certain apps already installed on your Chrome browser, but you are still struggling to have a glimpse of those. If you don’t know which particular apps you have installed so far, then type “chrome://apps” into the address bar of the Chrome browser and you will see all installed and usable applications. The landing page where you are seeing all your apps is called Chrome Apps Page.


How to add New Apps to Chrome Browser:

If you are looking to add new apps to the Chrome browser, then head to the Chrome Web Browser for all latest and popular web apps. You can even search for the particular application if it is not visible on the landing page.


Click on the particular application and confirm by “Add to browser.” This will add the application into the app catalog and you can see the icon of the same on the Chrome Apps Page.


How to organize apps:

So far you know what Chrome apps are and how to add new apps to the Chrome apps page. Have you ever wondered about re-arranging or organizing the apps on the Chrome apps page? You can see various app icons on the chrome apps page; there are ways to organize or re-arrange the web apps into categories or as per your preference. You can even rename the pages to identify them as separate folders. In this guide, we will tell you various ways and practices to organize your chrome apps more logically and user-friendly.

If you don’t want to remember the address of the chrome apps page, then better you add it as a bookmark to the browser itself. To add a shortcut to apps page, right click on the bookmarks bar and then choose “Show Apps shortcut.” This will add a quick launch shortcut of the chrome apps page on the bookmarks bar. If you do not see the bookmarks bar, you can make it visible by clicking the top right corner of the Chrome window and selecting “Show Bookmarks Bar.”


You can drag the app icons on the chrome apps page to move them to the desired position. Any app on that particular position will shift accordingly.


You can even drag an app icon to the different page. You can see multiple app pages at the bottom of the chrome apps page. You can even move to right most to add a subsequent new page. To drag an icon, just click and move your mouse by keeping the mouse button clicked. You will see each new page is added with the name “Apps.”


You can even change the name of the pages so that when you download a number of applications you can group them together with a suitable name. This will help you to find a particular application when in need rather than scrolling through each application. To re-name a page “double click” on the name of the page or just below the horizontal bar for a page.As you “double click”, the current name of the page will be highlighted.


Type the new name and press “Enter”.


You can add as many number of pages for the Chrome apps as your browser window allows. But there is a restriction that you can’t delete any page manually, however, if any, the page is left blank i.e. without any app icon on it, chrome itself will delete that page when you will open it next time. So you can take it as a trick if you need to delete a page, remove all app icons from the page and restart Chrome.


Chrome also provides you the facility of adding website as the app icon on the Chrome apps page. To add a website icon you need to click on the Chrome menu located at the top-right corner of the window. Select More Toolsà Add to the desktop from the menu options. You will be presented with “Add to Desktop” dialog box. It will allow you to give your custom name to the icon being created; the web address is already inserted. If you wish to open the web address in a new browser window every time, check the checkbox for “Open as Window”.



Website icon is added similar to the web apps on the Chrome apps page. Now you can arrange this as well by dragging at the required place or even on the separate page if you wish to add multiple website icons then better to have a dedicated page for the need.


If you wish to remove any app or website icon from the listings, drag it to the extreme lower right on the chrome browser page and you will see “Remove from Chrome.” Drop the icon over that and a little trash icon opens. By releasing the mouse button, your icon will be removed.  Be sure while removing the app icon as there will be no confirmation or such dialog box.



Hope you have got the fair idea of playing with app icons on the chrome apps page. Explore it more to get familiar and easy with the actions.

Hope you have got the fair idea of playing with app icons on the chrome apps page. Explore it more to get familiar and easy with the actions.