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PIN Genie Smart lock – Best Choice to Start the Smart Home System

The San Francisco based startup PIN Genie just launched its two smart locks on Amazon, PGD 718 for $199 and PGD 728 for $259.

We compared PIN Genie with other brands in the market; the two unique features are its patented PIN pad and Bluetooth connectivity technology.


  • The only smart lock brand that equipped with the invisible PIN technology;
  • Good for Airbnb hosts to share eKey and monitor the activity log;
  • Easy to install and elegant design
  • At home mode and auto-trigger built-in alarm for advanced security


  • Pricey with enhanced security

Easy to install

The smart lock comes with everything you need, including the deadbolt and two backup keys. All you need is a screwdriver. The VIP card that has initial code is very important, as it is the ONLY ID for your smart lock. You will have to keep it in a safe place. The PIN Genie Company has developed apps to store such highly confidential information. When you open the package, the first thing should be taken a photo of the VIP card and save it in PIN Genie Vault (iOS),and PG Applock (Android) . The door lock works with our existing deadbolt whole and all I need is to replace the deadbolt with PIN Genie. It only took us less than 10 minutes.

Userfriendly app control for Airbnb hosts 

The PIN Genie smart lock app (free on both iOS and Android) is well-designed and easy to navigate. To lock the door, tap the green circle, and to unlock it, tap the red circle.

The Activity page displays a daily log on openings and closings by user, as well as other activities such as adding or deleting a user. The PIN Genie Smart lock gives you full access to know who is coming and who is going. Invited users can be granted temporary or permanent access to one or all locks, and can be assigned an access schedule or given full-time rights. This is perfect for Airbnb hosts, never need to worry about keys being stolen.

Magic Invisible PIN Pad makes it stand out from the crowd

Other than traditional PIN Pad that all other brands have, PIN Genie smart lock is equipped with the company’s global patented peep proof and hidden camera proof PIN pad. It randomly distributes all 10 numbers, from zero to nine, into four buttons, and all numbers reshuffle after each time of use. It’s impossible to for others to know when you enter the password. The technology is unique to PIN Genie as they have 12 global patents on it. This is definitely unique for advanced security. Thousands of PIN theft cases have been reported each year on ATM, mobiles. When it comes to your home, you’d better be careful. It’s worth to pay a premium on this protection.

Other unique features that we like include the ability to turn off the touchscreen when you are at home, built-in alarm that auto-triggered when someone is trying to break in, and limited wrong entries.


Smart locks are definitely the first and best choice to start the smart home system. They made our daily life so much more convenient. When selecting smart locks, security should always come first. PIN Genie smart locks have done a great job on security, as it says, it provides safer and better solution for our front door.