15 Professional Real Estate WordPress Theme

Real estate business is that kind of business where the lion’s share of success depends on the visual image. Until recently people who wanted to buy a house or apartment had to move around for a long time to see lots of variants the realtor could offer. It was rather fatiguing both for the realtor and for the client. It took a lot of time, and after seeing a dozen of properties, it was quite hard to call back to the mind advantages or drawbacks any particular piece. With going online, this problem is solved. The convenience of the clients is above all things. They are lucky to give preference to the agency or individual realtor who has an online representation of their business. First of all, it is easier to look for the properties. You don’t need to go around the city and spend hours in the car. You also have the full list of available variants to choose from. You can estimate the property through the photos presented. And if after some time you need to refresh the memory of some certain house it is easy to access. If all these facts convinced you in the necessity of launching your website, we have prepared a roundup of 15 real estate WordPress themes for you. WordPress is the best choice for those who don’t have much experience but still want to manage everything by themselves.

All the themes take into account all modern tendencies and trends. They boast powerful functionality, which allows you building a highly professional website with intuitive navigation. The templates are taken from one of the world’s oldest providers TemplateMonster. This guarantees clean coding and professional approach to everything. The themes are built with Cherry Framework and enhanced with Bootstrap functionality providing lots of advantages and flawless performance of your website irrespective of the devices the clients might be using. Free lifetime support goes without saying with any premium product.

Still the process from buying the theme till getting the first client might seem a bit unclear. To make it easier for you, TemplateMonster provides an absolutely free tutorial, with the help of which you will be able to launch your website already in five days. You just need to enter your email address and start following the instructions you will get daily to your inbox.

1. Bellaina – Professional Real Estate WordPress Theme

Bellaina is a perfect choice for a professional real estate website, that combines well-structured design with powerful functionality. Real estate plugin provides your visitors with advanced search options, allowing them to narrow the results to find right what they are looking for. With full support of dsIDXpress plugin you can embed data from MLS directly into your blog. Live Customizer allow you editing your theme easily observing the changes on the fly.


Details |  Demo

2. Apartments WordPress Theme

This professional retina ready design looks original and trendy. Full-width slider in the header catches the eye and dips the visitor into the atmosphere of the website. Parallax scrolling dynamically presents your company highlighting the advantages and strong points. MotoPress slider is a powerful tool for creating stunning sliders with high-quality imagery or video.


Details |  Demo

3. Real Estate Agency WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme features vivid design with beautiful sliders, minimalist icons, rounded call-to-action buttons and pretty fonts. Sidebar-based menu is hidden behind compact hamburger button and can be revealed on click. The layout combines big images and clusters of small photos, which looks stylish and modern. You can also share lots of useful information in the mega footer area.

image3-minDetails |  Demo

4. Renting Agency WordPress Theme

The layout of this template combines clean white background with bright sections with polygonal patterns. To keep the visitors focused on the content the design is minimalistic and light. Nice hover effects and parallax scrolling make the website dynamic. Lazy Load effect reduces the loading speed and makes your website’s performance flawless.


Details |  Demo

5. Apartment Renting WordPress Theme

The first thing your visitors see entering your website is a full-width interactive Google map marking the properties location. Right below the map there is advanced search form, with the help of which the clients can choose apartments with parameters they want. Various sorting options narrow the results to show right what they are looking for.


Details |  Demo

6. Perfect Rent WordPress Theme

Sleek airy design of this theme uses soft colors, lots of negative space and well-structured layout. Header slider and bright catchy banners below are ideal for presenting your top offers and hottest propositions. Grid structure organizes the layout and saves you some space. Nice hover effects in the gallery allow you showing information about the property.


Details |  Demo

7. Realtors’ Help WordPress Theme

Monochrome layout uses some bright yellow accents to highlight important elements. Intuitive navigation facilitates browsing process and creates user-friendly search experience. The theme uses parallax scrolling to create illusion of immersion. Lazy Load effect is an essential feature for image heavy websites allowing the pages to load faster.


Details |  Demo

8. Real Estate 24 WordPress Theme

This fully responsive WordPress Theme can be used for real estate business or any other project thanks to its flexibility. Light background makes the content clear and readable. The most important elements are highlighted with sky blue color. Google map at the bottom of the page makes it easy to find your company.


Details |  Demo

9. Real Estate Company WordPress Theme

This template will fit both big companies and individual realtors. It greets the visitors with full-width interactive map. Clicking on the markers you can see the information about the properties. Advanced search form allows entering desired parameters and seeing the most relevant results. Lazy load animation makes sure the visitors won’t wait too long for the page to load.


Details |  Demo

10. Mortgage WordPress Theme

This clean minimalistic theme is a decent choice for your website. Its compact home page manages to contain quite a lot of information. Well-thought layout structure and wise use of the white space make the content readable and easy to skim. With built-in customizer and color switcher you can easily modify the look of your website.


Details |  Demo

11. Property Online WordPress Theme

Red call-to-action buttons are bright accents against snow-white background. Minimalistic design looks trendy and up-to-date. Portfolio section is organized in grid to save space. Parallax effect creates 2D environment and involves visitors into the process. A set of shortcodes and embedded theme customizer allow you make changes to the template without touching a single line of the code.


Details |  Demo

12. Apartments for Rent WordPress Theme

The template is fully responsive and enhanced with Bootstrap functionality providing ideal performance of your website. To catch the visitors’ attention it uses full-width slider with stunning photos. Sections with different content types are clearly outlined. Parallax scrolling uncovers the content adding dynamic to the website.


Details |  Demo

13. Real 7 WordPress Theme

This template combines great design and powerful functionality indispensable for professional real estate website. To organize the layout neatly the theme uses a lot of negative space. Different content sections are visually separated from one another. You can use blog section for sharing important information and building a strong online community.


Details |  Demo

14. Laguna Seca WordPress Theme

This theme is an ideal match for real estate business website. It uses pastel color scheme soothing the eyes and creative positive first impression. Best offers section uses rounded thumbnails looking trendy. To facilitate navigation there is dropdown menu, back to top button and lots of additional features. Mega footer area can contain lots of secondary information.


Details |  Demo

15. New Home WordPress Theme

Compact content area of this template looks organizes and presents all the essential information in brief. Being powered by Cherry Framework the theme offers you lots of benefits, such as easy installation process and intuitive admin dashboard, where you can manage your website from. The layout is flexible and can be easily adjusted to whatever purpose.


Details |  Demo

Thanks for checking out my list of the best professional real estate WordPress themes. Share your opinion.