10 Sites like Groupon

In recent years, number of Internet users has been increased a lot. Reasons are many. eCommerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. are very important reasons as well because they offers people to shop sitting at home with so much of ease.

When you shop online, you always look for deals and discounts to save some good amount of money on each of your purchase.

Here comes- ‘Groupon‘ the website known as ‘Daddy of daily deal sites‘. While Groupon started the business idea, it has now become a revolution in itself. The basics are simple “Mass Buy”, if a product has certain demand in the market, it can be sold as a bulk product, thus lowering its price, helping both the buyer and retailer.


However, Groupon is now not the only player in the market. A Lot of sites like Groupon, have mushroomed up in last few years and have got glued to the idea.

Many sites similar to Groupon are available online and they have some unique and distinct features as well. If for reasons, you are not using Groupon, you must check out the list of the websites like Groupon which I am listing down below. You may find a few of them are great enough to grab your attention.

Let’s have a look at the list below:

1. Living Social

Living Social is the biggest competitor to Groupon and is the top most candidate in the sites similar to Groupon category. Living Social is the best place to find and share unique things to do in your area.

With dozens of deals categories offering         unforgettable local experiences, travel, packages, products, and services in cities all over, it has everything you need to save money and explore your world.

To create an account on Living Social, you need to provide your exact whereabouts and interest areas, and the website will instantly find the best deals.


YIPIT has the simplest interface amongst all the Daily deal sites similar to Groupon. A User simply needs to go to website and provide his city, the website will provide all the details available in the city.

3. Fatwallet

Fat Wallet is one of the most unique and interesting sites like Groupon. It not only offers coupons to save money on the purchase but also offers a cash back program to save even more. Therefore it’s a double saver.

The cashback however can be redeemed once it reaches a certain limit.


This is the site which is known as “Groupon of Shopping” and is a top pick for websites like Groupon Category.

It offers deals on everyday items ex: food and clothes. The site also has a live chat feature available to help you in case you need to checkout items early.

5. Cudo

Well CUDO is another site which offers luxurious lifestyle deals for purchase within a specific time period, after which the deals expire.

Apart from offering money saving deals, CUDO has some unique features, that make it stand apart from rest of great websites like Groupon.

(i). If you can find a better price somewhere else, CUDO will match it and give you a 250$ Luxury Escape Voucher too (conditions apply).

(ii). Earn credits for referrals: The more friends you refer who make cudo purchases, the more money you’ll earn

Now that’s the confidence these guys have on their prices that their prices cannot be matched in the market.

6. Lime&Tonic

Lime&Tonic offers discounts and deals on high-end restaurants and social events. Lime $ Tonic suggests; that for more exact results, a user needs to mention his location.

As with other deal websites like Groupon; they also offer unique bonus and loyalty points; such as referring people, sharing photo of your experience with Lime $ Tonic, reviews etc.

7. Spreets

A site which has information of the best deal sites. How is that for a twist. Spreets hand picks best deals from more than 40 partner sites and makes them available for you.

8. Grocery Run

This is a simple site that specializes in discounted food and household goods. It also has a live chat available to help process orders fast.

9. Dr Grab

Dr. GRAB though is a newcomer to the deals scene has started making things moving in a different direction with its unique approach towards keeping the customer first. It offers fashion and homeware to sports and healthcare products.

However some features which are making it stand tall amongst its competitors are:

(1). Dispatch within 72 hours

(2). Free Delivery nationwide

(3). Free Returns within 30 Days

(4). Freebie section (Pay for shipping only)

10. 1SALE

This is a great website to find deals in home, health, fashion, family, kids ,toys, entertainment and credit cards. The deals change here every day and to top it up there is a timer clock on website which gives the exact time remaining for new deal to show up.