There are lots of ways to earn money online. You can offer your services as a freelancer if you have some special skills. If you run your own website, you can get on with affiliate marketing. You can sell your products and services online. But what can do those who don’t have any special skills? Is there a way to benefit online without having a website? In this article, we are going to introduce you to such a method. Meet Social Stock powered by one of the leading template providers TemplateMonster. For those who have never heard of it before we should mention that this is already the second round of the project. During the last year, it gained over 10K supporters and was quite a success. Let’s figure out why it is so popular.

Who Can Take Part?

Unlike similar projects, Social Stock doesn’t have any special requirements, making it possible for anyone to join in. You don’t even need to have a website. However, it might be easier for you if you have one. The only requirement is your strong desire to win. If you are an active social network user and spend days and nights chatting with your friends, Social Stock is a real catch for you.

How to Get Started?

The registration process is minimized to one simple step. You just need to type your e-mail address in the application form right on the homepage. There is no approval procedure. You are in right after clicking Register Me Now button.

How to Proceed?

Checking your inbox you will find a welcoming letter with your personal 10% promocode for the whole TemplateMonster collection inside. This promocode is your key to success. For each usage of the promocode you will get points, which you can exchange for the prizes later on. So you need to share the promocode with as many people as possible. This is your primary objective from now on.

What Can You Get?

Social Stock allows you exchanging your points for some pretty valuable prizes. TemplateMonster has updated the list of prizes for the second round of the project. The main prize is still the same: Tesla Model S, world’s electric vehicle #1. But now you can also win iPhone 7 and iPad Mini 4. The easiest to get prize is $100 on your PayPal. You will need only 10 points to get it. You can see the whole list of prizes and to read the detailed information about them on the official Social Stock page. Here we will just enumerate them to give you a general idea of what you can get.

  • 10 points: $100 on PayPal;
  • 20 points: SmartWatch Pebble;
  • 50 points: iPad Mini 4;
  • 100 points: iPhone 7;
  • 250 points: Camera Canon EOS 6D;
  • 500 points: MacBook Pro;
  • 1000 points: Harley-Davidson Street;
  • 10 000 points: Tesla Model S.

How Can You Get the Prize?

When you have enough points to get the prize, the button next to it becomes active. To request the prize you just need to click this green button and very soon the manager will contact you to clarify the details. As you can see, the chances to get the prize are pretty high, if you make some efforts. On the homepage, you can monitor how the race goes due to the list of the leaders. Under each prize, there is a counter, which shows how many times it has been delivered.

What is the Timeframe?

The second round of the contest has just started and will go on till the end of this year. So you still have more than enough time to launch your sharing campaign.

What about the Tools?

TemplateMonster has already taken care about your success. After registration, you get access to the special tools page with lots of memes, texts, images and other useful stuff. You don’t even need to reinvent the wheel. Nothing can be more encouraging than a real-life example. So you can get your inspiration from success stories of the previous round winners.

What Else?

Of course, the ambitions differ. For those, who don’t want to content themselves with the smallest prize, we are going to outline some useful tips to make the sharing campaign more efficient.

Be self-confident!

Impart to your campaign some altruistic overtone. You are not just trying to win the prize. You are helping your friends to get a high-quality professional template with 10% discount.

Think long-term!

Every successful entrepreneur in the history was a great visionary. You should learn to be one too. Don’t force your way spamming your friends with the promocode. Try to invent something more sophisticated. The ready-made tools have already given you a clue.

Be creative!

Don’t limit yourself with the tools provided. Create something original. Use some in-house jokes or stories to let your friends feel your personal approach. You will see that spending some time creating a unique meme or writing a personal message will pay off in spades.

Expand the horizons!

Of course, you will start with your contact list. But if you really want to win some big prize you will need more people to be involved. Where can you find them? Search for topic-related groups in social networks, niche blogs, and forum discussions. You can also use question-and-answer resources, like, for example, Quora. There are lots of opportunities. You just need to think big.

More images, less words!

You know that visual images sometimes speak louder than words. Use it for your own good. While sharing the promocode, show your friends what they can get. Add a couple of screenshots of the templates with a few words of description. All the templates feature a sleek up-to-date design and powerful functionality. Clean valid coding makes them optimized for search engines. The templates are highly flexible and can be customized up to the user’s needs. Moreover, no technical skills are required. Powerful visual builders allow you modifying the website’s look without editing any single line of the code.

Below you will find several examples from the wide TemplateMonster’s collection. You can use them or browse for more on their website.

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Kustrix – Fashion Blog WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

KingNews – News Portal WordPress Template

Details |  Demo

Caldera – Steelworks WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Transit – Logistics and Transportation WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Summit – Roofing Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

HomePro – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo