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How to speed up YouTube Videos from Buffering?

Over the past decade, YouTube has emerged as the leading website for video hosting and sharing. The world is on YouTube, and most people are using it regularly. Not only as a means of entertainment but people are now taking up YouTube as a means of earning money. Many popular video channels are making huge bucks, all thanks to YouTube.

However, one problem that everyone or most of us face while spending our time on YouTube is buffering. It just sets the mood right off when you’re watching a video and every now and then; the video is interrupted by buffering. That doesn’t sound good does it? If you too are sick of buffering like pretty much everyone else and want to speed up YouTube videos, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to list some simple methods that will help you stop buffering on YouTube. So let’s get to it.

How to stop YouTube from buffering on Android

Most of us here use YouTube on our Android smartphones through the app and as such there’s no way actually to speed up videos in the app except for decreasing the video quality. However, many Android users are facing this problem with their YouTube app where the video keeps buffering for 40-50 seconds and then results in about 10 seconds of video playback. Now this is not a sure shot solution, but most people were able to fix this bug in two ways: downgrading the app’s version and turning off Wi-Fi optimization. Many people faced this problem only after their YouTube app got upgraded. So it is very much possible that this was caused due to a bug in the app. Downgrading the app to its previous version may help you stream YouTube faster. To do this, go to Settings > Application Manager > YouTube > Uninstall Updates.

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If this dos not solve your problem and the app seems to be working fine, what you can try is turning off the Wi-Fi optimization. Do this by heading to Settings > Wi-Fi > Settings > Advanced > Wi-Fi Optimization and turn it off. This will most likely speed up YouTube videos on your Android smartphone.

How to speed up YouTube videos on web browser

To speed up YouTube videos on your web browser, you first should have a basic understanding of how YouTube videos work on web browsers. YouTube makes use of DASH- Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP. What DASH does is that it breaks the entire video into a number of small HTTP-based files. When you play the video, DASH selects which HTTP file to download and play. Disabling DASH can, in turn, help you speed up YouTube Videos.

How to disable DASH in Chrome

  1. You will first of all have to install the “YouTube Options” extension to your Chrome You can do that by visiting the Chrome web store.
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  2. Once the extension has been successfully added to your Chrome browser, click on the extension icon to reveal more options. You will see the “Disable DASH” option in the list which has to be checked.
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Once you do that, the changes will be saved, and you will be able to view videos faster on YouTube.

How to disable DASH in Firefox

Pretty much like Chrome, you can disable DASH in Firefox using an extension that goes by the name of YouTube Center.

  1. Head to this page and click on the “Add to Firefox” to begin downloading the extension. Once the extension is downloaded, click on the install button to install it.
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  2. Go to and then click on the gear icon which will be located to the right of the sign-in button.
  3. YouTube Center Settings panel will open up before you. There you will see the “DASH playback” option checked. Just uncheck this button and the extension will automatically save and apply the settings.
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YouTube Feather Beta

This is a work in progress, as the word Beta at the end states but YouTube Feather is another effective way of speeding up YouTube videos. What it does is that it limits the extra options that you get with YouTube other than viewing videos like liking and commenting on videos, share option and the recommended videos column is restricted to a mere 5 videos. So it offers minimum functionality.

To opt for YouTube Feather Beta, head to this page and click on the blue “Join Feather Beta” button at the bottom of the page.

So these were some tips on how to how to speed up YouTube videos. Have something to add? Use the comment section below and stay tuned for many more articles to come.