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SqlBak Review – Is it the Perfect Shield for Your SQL Database?

Database is the backbone of any business no matter online or offline. When it comes to online, we use to keep the database in the cloud which is very important. Any fault or unattended event with database results in corruption, damage or making it inaccessible which further results into a loss in business. Another worst thing is that you cannot restore if you don’t have a backup of the database. Therefore, keeping a regular database backup schedule is very important. If you set manually it can be tough to remember as well as time-consuming.

On the other side, SqlBak makes the best shield for the SQL database and ensure the availability of it despite the data loss situations. By using this user-friendly and efficient tool, you can backup SQL database within few minutes and with simple steps. In addition, you can also restore the damaged or corrupt database quickly with mobile devices.

You can quickly get alerts regarding the running status of the company as well as client database. You just have to set your email account and get quick alerts if something goes wrong or database goes inaccessible.

Who Should Use SQLBak?

  • Network administrators who have to manage several SQL servers in the company
  • Companies that need integrated backup and use SQL server in their business
  • Companies that have several SQL servers for the customers
  • POS terminals as well as service companies
  • Anyone who have to maintain SQL backups on the go

What Makes SqlBak Stand Out?

  • You just have to install SQL Backup Client to SQL Server
  • You can get all the configurations online and you don’t need to access the SQL server directly.
  • You don’t have to configure firewall on SQL Server
  • The https communication is secure and starts only to from SQL Server.
  • Free for up to two databases, small payments, and no setup fees
  • You might save SQL Backups on any of your storages (network/local folder, External HDD Drive, NAS, Dropbox, FTP, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Amazon S3)
  • Built in private (white) label solution with SQL Server for the customers

Key Features of SqlBak:

  • Backup SQL databases can be installed on several remote servers
  • Restore SQL backups
  • Send backups to FTP, folder, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Amazon S3
  • Keep track on your SQL Server Health
  • Send email alerts on success/failure on backup or SQL Server crash

How to Use SQLBak?

The user interface is very clean and user-friendly. It is as simple as using any desktop application.

The only problem is that you will need to have an online dashboard to backup over cloud and control anything you like from backup to restore. SqlBak is actually a free desktop application which should be installed on the machine first which is running the copy of SQL database. Later on, you should signup and fill the form at official website of SqlBak which takes only a few minutes.  You will get a unique secret key when you signed up which you need to enter in the SqlBak desktop application to connect it to the online dashboard. After that, you need to enter the SQL server’s credentials to connect your SqlBak application to your server.

Once connected, you can go to the online dashboard and create jobs to schedule the backup.

Add a new Job there in the dashboad and configure the rest of parameters to get things started quickly. You need to choose the desired database to backup and choose any cloud storage solution to store everything. Cloud hosting solutions are absolutely risk-free and safe. You will have around 6 cloud hosting sites to choose from Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, or Dropbox.

Keep in mind that you have to backup everything on external or local storage device. However, external storage may not be the safe option as it is fragile and vulnerable to virus or malware attack.

The best part of SqlBak is you can schedule backup to any days of the weeks or any time of the day. SqlBak conducts all the operations in the background. You don’t have to backup manually over and over again. You can also enter any email id and get emails about the status of the database.


You can get this tool absolutely for free and backup only two databases. To get rid of this limit, choose any plan that suits your needs and is affordable.
You can read more guides if you are still not sure how to use SqlBak:


SqlBak provides 128-bit SSL Encryption and it is 100% safe. You can easily secure your important database with it. No matter what action you conduct, it will prevent hackers against decrypting details.