10 Stores like Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is one of the best and most famous clothing stores in the US. The store was founded in 1975 by Daniel Lawrence and his brothers. Currently, the San Diego-based clothing store has some 560 retail outlets and e-commerce stores spread across the country where it meets the growing demands of its customers with trendy denim, dresses, accessories, and shoes at affordable prices.

Nevertheless, you may sometimes want to check out some other stores for the latest designs in your quest to adorn yourself with nothing but the best clothes. In this post, I will list 10 other shopping stores like Charlotte Russe where you can meet your fashion needs:

  1. Mango

Mango ranks among the best fashion store with affordable and trendy clothes. It is reasonable to conclude that the store has affordable and attractive clothes for grown-up girls than others.

Whenever you think of trendy styles, good quality clothes, cute jewelry, and high-quality handbags at affordable prices, Mango is the best store for shopping for such items.

You don’t have to worry yourself to death about your size. Mango has different sizes for customers of different sizes, up to size 22. If you are passionate about classic pieces and subtle dressing, shoe store like Charlotte Russe will meet your needs.

  1. ASOS

ASOS is another great clothing brand where you can buy cutting-edge fashion. The store has more than 80,000 in-house and branded products that will be delivered to your doorstep, especially if you live in the US, UK, China, Europe, and some other parts of the world.

As one of the best stores like Charlotte Russe, ASOS is a complete and versatile store that sells shoes, bags, clothing, sunglasses, activewear, and many other fashion items.

Since the store offers clothing for both sexes, rest assured of getting the best fashion items at affordable prices on this site.

  1. SHEIN

SHEIN offers its growing list of customers some classy and fashionable clothing that helps them make huge fashion statements wherever they go. The store has trendy styles from all parts of the world, and that makes it pretty easy for their customers.

From patterned blouses to boho dresses, graphic tees to chic swimwear, the India-based SHEIN has an abundance of a wide variety of clothes and ships to more than 80 countries such as US, Spain, the Middle East, Russia, Italy, Germany, and what have you with their website support. SHEIN is one of the best stores like Charlotte Russe in Canada.

Visit Shein

  1. Reformation

Reformation has been in the business for years and has gradually created a niche for itself in the fashion industry. The clothing store has an array of high-quality and trendy fashion styles.

A distinct feature of Reformation is its line of product. It only focuses on its own designs rather than on other lines. That is partially responsible for the affordability of most of the items in Reformation’s collection that include tops, accessories, dresses, petites, tees and tops, and many more.

However, Reformation caters exclusively to women’s wears. Among the best stores like Charlotte Russe, Reformation is a giant.

  1. Claire’s

This online store can easily pass for a boutique, and that makes it a perfect option for fashion-conscious individuals. The UK-based clothing store ships its collections to its customers around the globe.

Clair focuses more on tees fashion and small girls. The store goes out of its way to ensure that these groups of people have the trendy hair accessories, toys, beauty product, jewelry, and other fashion items.

If you are looking for the seemingly little accessories that your dressing will be incomplete without, Claire’s is the best store for shopping for such items.  It is one of the shoe stores like Charlotte Russe with a difference.

  1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is another alternative to Charlotte Russe. The fashion store offers celebrity-inspired and finely-tailored fashion that won’t run out of fashion shortly. As a part of its efforts to make the online store the go-to place for the best fashion items, Uniqlo has feminine skirts, sweaters, stylish, chic dress, class shoes, and other fashion accessories.

So, if you want a shoe store like Charlotte Russe, you should visit this site. It promises to offer you more than you can ever think of.

  1. Lulus

Lulus is one of the best online clothing stores that can stand as a good alternative to Charlotte Russe. Lulus is known for its trendy fashion and its awesome selection. The California-based clothing store sells a wide range of fashion items such as sandals, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, and many more.

To its credit, Lulus has an impressive styling info and return policy that makes it fun to shop at this store. You should endeavor to check out its return policy to give you an idea of what the online store has to offer you.

  1. Missguided

Missguided is known as an online store that can give Charlotte Russe a run for its services. The bold fashion store combines style with elegance. It is primarily for Women’s fashion where you can get all types of trendy clothes, shoes, and everything else that add some extra lustre to your fashion.

Whether you want to shop for party dresses, shoes, casual dresses, accessories, and others to make a lasting impression with your fashion statement, Missguided has the answers to your fashion questions.

Are you a student with a taste for good fashion? If yes, Missguided will help you achieve your dream by offering a discount to you whenever you shop at the online store. A visit to this shoe store like Charlotte Russe but cheaper will give you real value for your money.

  1. Dorothy Perkins

This list will be incomplete without a mention of this UK-based online shopping store. Dorothy deals in accessories, shoes, swimwear, clothing, workwear, occasion wear, and what have you.

Another distinct feature of this amazing store is its consideration of different women sizes. The store devotes sections to women of all classes: tall, short, slim, and plump. This makes it pretty easy for a shopper to have an easy access to whatever she wants to shop for.

What is more, if you make a purchase that is up to $50, you will get free shipping on this site.

  1. Love Culture

Every fashionable girl has at one time or the other fallen in love with this amazing store. A visit to this site that qualifies as one of the shoe stores like Charlotte Russe will give you an insight into why ladies fall in love with the site.

You can make your choice from its avalanche of swimwear, dresses, bags, intimate wear, accessories, shoes, and more. These are affordable and high-quality fashion materials that most ladies find irresistible.

If you place an order up to $75, the store will deliver your order at no cost to you. You can also get special discounts on some items as well, including a 20% discount on your first order.

These are just a handful of the cloth and shoe stores like Charlotte Russe. Rest assured of getting your fashion wears and other items from these great online stores. They rank high among the best stores like Charlotte Russe in Canada and other parts of the world.