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How to Stream Chromecast on Xbox One?

Google Chromecast is the easiest and cost-effective way to direct any video content from your Smartphone to your TV. Chromecast is super easy to set up and use. Just connect it to your TV, and it provides quick access to several streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, Google Play and Hulu. Chromecast can even throw what’s inside your browser to a large screen.

What is Chromecast?

In 2013, Google introduced world’s first Chromecast. It is the cheapest HDMI dongle in the market today to wirelessly cast to Xbox One or television. Actually, it makes your LED TV smarter. In 2015, Google launched Chromecast 2, which is more responsive, faster and affordable. It comes with upgraded Chromecast app to find specific content and compatible apps.

Google also launched Chromecast Ultra in 2016. It works similarly to Chromecast, but it can cast videos in 4K with HDR technology. On the other side, Chromecast can play video content of up to 1080p. Both devices work the same in channel selection. Google has also introduced Chromecast Audio to cast media to speakers wirelessly. In simple words, it turns your old speakers into latest ones to stream music from your Smartphone.


The small size of Google Chromecast makes it just portable so you can carry it along wherever you go. You can get the most of this small package. Here’s what it boasts –

  • Surround Sound
  • HD Video Streaming on the Cloud
  • 4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Compatible with iPhone, Xbox One, Android, Mac, iPad, Chromebook and Windows
  • Mirror from Laptops, Android Devices, Computers, and Smartphone

Now that we have checked out the specs, it’s time to know how to set up your Chromecast and how to use it.

How to Set Up Chromecast?

It is really very simple to set up Chromecast. You will need at least Chromecast dongle, a stable internet connection, an HDTV with vacant HDMI port, and a Smartphone or computer. Chromecast stick features USB cable for the power adapter and for power connection. If USB port is given on your TV, plug the cable just in. Otherwise, a wall adapter can easily be used. You may control device with any iOS or Android device, and Mac or Windows PC.

Chromecast serves as a transmitter between a video streaming provider and your TV, just like an antenna and cable TV. It means content from Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, or Google Play can be displayed on TV through this device. You can easily set up the dongle to work with your PC. All you need to have Chrome browser installed on your system and go to to install Google Cast extension.

Getting Started

First of all, you should know how to cast your device’s content to Chromecast dongle. Sometimes, you just have to choose content to play from your phone through Chromecast. Then Chromecast dongle retrieves the content through its own connection in best possible quality.  Suppose Chromecast Ultra is connected to your 4K UHD TV, it will automatically play your 4K video that cannot be played on your device.

Both Chromecast and PC or phone should stay connected when it comes to mirror your device on television or access a website.

Can You Cast to Xbox One?

To cast to Xbox One or TV through Chromecast, use Google Cast Chrome extension or Android App. You can check out “What’s On”, “Get Apps” which are compatible to Chromecast, and your “Chromecast Devices” with Google Cast app. Some apps come with inbuilt casting options, such as Pandora, YouTube, and Netflix. The app features a casting icon.

Chromecast Uses Internet Connection

Stable internet connection is most important to use Chromecast on Xbox One. Suppose you are at your friend’s home, traveling or just outside your home, and you have Chromecast device to use it on the go. This way, you need a stable internet connection. Rather than going through tethering process which is not always available, use a mobile hotspot from tablet or Smartphone. It is a cost-effective and convenient way to get a connection anywhere you go.

Benefits of Having Chromecast

One thing that makes Chromecast different among other streaming devices is that you can multitask on the web. You may cast any video from YouTube to TV while doing anything else on your device.

You may tell what your Chromecast should do. You may command it to stream a film on Netflix. Chromecast collects the required content from the web and sends the media to the modem, instead of your laptop, PC or mobile device, while using it from the browser. While casting to your TV, you can still receive and make calls on your device or just keep it in sleep mode. Another best thing about Chromecast is that it doesn’t come with a remote control. Instead, make your Smartphone, Tablet or browser your remote.

Guest Mode

What if your friend wants you to watch the latest Rap video on YouTube? On the backdrop of the screensaver, you can access a PIN shared by Google Chromecast. Give the PIN to your friend so you can cast their recommended video from their device to your Chromecast and your TV screen. Hence, it can save you from leaving your hotspot on and sharing Wi-Fi password to anyone. Just provide PIN, and it will build a connection to your modem.

Chromecast with Windows 10

When using Chromecast through Google Chrome installed in your Windows 10 PC, you can also extend your desktop screen, along with casting content. It is very handy and helpful technique when it comes to performing business-related or personal tasks, work on large projects, and make your working area bigger.

Chromecast on Xbox One

Is your TV lacking in extra HDMI port for Chromecast? If you have Xbox One, it would be great because it has two HDMI ports on its back. The “HDMI Out to TV” is the main HDMI here. It is used to play video games and display on the TV screen.

The “HDMI in from Sat/Cable” is the secondary HDMI. This port can be used to connect Chromecast and use it to cast content on the full screen, or just snap it on the right of TV to watch a show, play music while gaming.

Steps to Stream Chromecast on Xbox One      

  • Insert Google Chromecast dongle on the second port “HDMI IN Sat/Cable” on the back of Xbox One.

  • To supply power to your Chromecast, either insert USB part of the adapter into any USB port on the back of the console or connect AC adapter into a wall
  • Turn your Xbox One console on.

You are now all set to cast to Chromecast with your Sat/Cable port of Xbox One. You can play any videos on your Xbox One without having to switch to new input. It is great if you plug in your Chromecast to secondary HDMI.


Google Chromecast is an effective device to cast multimedia on large screens. Above guide will help you cast your videos from your Android phone or PC to Xbox One.